April 2006

April 30th, 2006 - Training

I am off this afternoon to Mont Tremblant QC for the week, for some work related training. Unfortunately I will not be able to blog while I am there, but I will have some travel time to knit productively. I will hopefully be turing these lovelies

courtesy of missbedora, into lovely knee socks. Mmmm, Lornas Laces. See you on Friday night.


April 28th, 2006 - The Haul

Last Saturday I tempted myself by going to the DKC's Knitter's Frolic. I have never been to an event like this before, as I always seem to have something else coinciding with the dates. Off I went determined not to spend too much money. I think I actually did ok.

My first purchase was some beautiful black JaggerSpun that I am going to use for a lace stole of my own design. This stuff just feels like air knit up, and there is a reason for that.

Threateningly thin stuff. I am just going to start knitting with it and pretend that it doesn't scare me. I also found the AB Originals booth while I was there and fell in love with John's work.

These were some beautiful ebony buttons, which I can just see on a Lopi Jacket that I am planning, or something chunky.

And these I believe are rosewood. They are very tiny, about the size of a nickel, so I am going to use these for a more refined cardi somewhere down the line.

I also learned what a nostepine was, and was so enamoured by it that I had to buy one (even though I already have a ball winder)

I believe this is also rosewood. So all and all I think I took home a good haul, without overspending too much (especially since everything I bought from John, 12 handmade, hand tumbled buttons and a handmade nostepine were only $30). I am definitely looking forward to the Kitchener-Waterloo Fair now.


April 27th, 2006 - My New Love

So I mentioned a while back about my suspicion that I was going to fall in love with weaving. I suppose that my suspicion was accurate

I bought a 6"x6" Weavette Loom a few weeks ago, and I made my first square the other night. It is super easy, very quickly, and satisfying. And, I doesn't use a lot of yarn. This is a bit of the leftovers from TJ's socks. I am hoping that another ball comes into the store soon, (does anyone have any leftovers of Trekking XXL colour 102 that they would like to trade?) because I would like to sew a bunch of these squares together and make a little throw Maybe with a thin fabric backing. Something about weaving seems a lot more condusive to producing home accent pieces then knitting does.


April 26th, 2006 - Love Shown in a Hat

Back in February I took a crochet class with my Mom at Lettuce Knit. It was actually mr Christmas present to my Mom, as she had always wanted to learn how to crochet. What did I learn from this class? I am never going to be a crochet-er. My Mom? A natural. So much so that she made me a very cool hat.

Dorky-est face I could muster

This is also out of Malabrigo (I have passed the love onto my Mom) and I will definitely wear this one a lot in the winter. It is thick and warm, and I can roll down the flaps to keep my ears warm. Thanks Mom!

Oh, and yes, that is a Mr. Bubble T-shirt I am wearing.


April 25th, 2006 - Love Shown in Socks

I should have mentioned yesterday that I have a ton of emails that I need to respond to, as well as comments, so if you have left me one and I haven't gotten back to you, I am sorry! But a big congrats to one person in particular, who knows who she is!

While I was gone, I did manage to finish TJ's socks. He had been walking around with one sock on, so I think he was pretty glad when I finished the other one

Happy boy feet

He told me he was going to wear them to work the next day, and I warned him they would be too hot, but he didn't listen. He came home and told me he felt like he was walking in a puddle all day. That's what happens when you wear a sheep on your feet! So I don't think these will get much wear now until next winter, but that is ok.

Oh, and Trekking XXL? Best sock yarn ever. It is soft but it doesn' seem to pill, and I love the gradual gradiations in it. There is a purple colourway sitting in Lettuce Knit with my name on it.


April 24th, 2006 - I'm Back!

Hi everyone, did you miss me? A few weeks back I had a catastrophic meltdown on my iBook, and I couldn't get it to do anything. I was just surfing around, with no problems, and bam - screen freezes and on restart - nothing. Turns out that the logic board was fried, so I had to buy an all new computer. Not exactly something that I had planned on when we just bought a house. But the new iMac arrived today, and luckily everything transferred over from the old hard drive just perfectly (insert huge sigh of relief from the girl who had never backed up her files/pictures). I will be spending a lot of time over the next few days burning CD's of all of my stuff, that is for sure.

So, regular blogging will resume this week, as soon as I learn how to use all the new cool things on my pretty little computer!


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