April 2007

April 6th, 2007 - Little Prodigies

Each year for half of their March break, our niece Brooke and nephew Zack come and stay with us in "the big city". This year we did many of the usual activities, like swimming, bowling and tubing, but this year...

I taught them how to knit! My niece is 10, and caught on very quickly and puttered away on her piece here and there.

Ny nephew is 8, and he caught on just as fast. I was surprised that he wanted to learn how to knit at all, but he was more gung ho then his sister

I swear he is having fun here, just concentrating

I didn't have enough to send them home with decent supplies, so I am going to mail them a little kit I think with some instructions.

Brooke and I also played around with some beads that I had leftover from when I was a kid

So overall it was a very crafty half week. Corrupting them early, I know. The next one to corrupt is my neighbour, who just finished her first piece of knitting. Ah, that innocent knitting stage. Little does she know what she has started....


April 1st, 2007 - Mom's Quilt

A little while ago it was my very special Mom's birthday. Since I have been on the track of making gifts for people lately, I thought my Mom's deserved something special as well. Enter, the birthday quilt

I used the same type of pattern as I did for Paul and Kate's quilt, it is just a little bit smaller so that it can be used as a lap quilt.

I tried to pick out some colours that would go with my Mom's living room, and the border ended up matching exactly.

I have started to get into embossing and stamping for cards too, so I tried my hand at both for her card

Hard to see the embossing in the photo, but it is there.

Happy Birthday Mom, I hope you had a good one!

BTW - Janice and Perry (the couple I made the baby blanket below for) had a happy healthy baby boy on Thursday. Congratulations you two!


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