December 22nd, 2005 - An Actual FO

I can't believe I got it finished

Click for a larger view

Done like dinner folks! I finished sewing this up yesterday morning, and I am going to have a hard time giving this one away! I am not going to give any pattern details yet, because I am going to knit another one and then write up the pattern.

I really hope that this is appropriate for a 16 year old. I will take some daylight pictures with the recipient to get a better grip on the colours, but the picture of my ironing board below is much more accurate. For anyone that is curious, Manos felts really well.

One more sock to go.


December 19th, 2005 - Strange Objects

TJ made a comment to me last night that he thought the things on our ironing board were a little odd

Nothin' odd here

A tomato, a sheep, two greeny things, and a big black square. I told him he should wear something to work today that he didn't need to iron. What this really is, is most of the parts to the felted bag that I am working on. I am just finishing up the 100" of i-cord, which needs to be felted, and hopefully I can start sewing the odd pieces together tonight. My mom's socks are also coming along well, and I should have them done for Christmas morning.

Lately I have been occupied by other things, such as my upcoming business trip to Dubai, and I have not had nearly enough time to knit. I actually find that the only time I really get to think about it, is when I have finally laid down to bed. And then when I start thinking about everything I want to be working on, I can't get to sleep. Do you ever have that problem? Other then quitting my job, any suggestions on ways to sneak in more knitting time? What do you do to extend that precious time that is just your own?


(BTW - Mary had asked in the comments what my steeked shawl was made of but you didn't leave an email. It is Fleece Artist Merino, in the giant 250g skein)

December 9th, 2005 - Remember Me?

Wow, time gets away from you so quickly. I have been working out in the mornings which has severely cut into my blog time. (BTW, that whole thing about exercise giving you more energy? Load of crock. I am exhausted.) Also, I got a promotion at work and things have been nuts. Good nuts, but still.

So I thought today that I should give a good little project update to get everyone back up to speed.

Malabrigo Set: So, despite my "knitting for others", I am still working away at my Malabrigo set (hat, mittens and scarf). The hat is done

Excuse the wonky colours

and the scarf is well on it's way to being done. Next I need to look for a mitten pattern that I actually like. All of the patterns that I have found so far have really pointy tops. I would like something quite rounded, which I think I will end up making up myself.

Mom's socks: One just needs the toe decreases, which will get finished up tonight, and then it is off like lightning for the second one. I promise Mom, you will have them for Christmas morning.

Christmas Knitting: This year I am only making one Christmas project, yet still somehow I feel as though I might not get it done. Perhaps it is because it still looks like this

Big green and black manos brain

Yeah. I am designing (yes, you heard me right. Designing a pattern for a Christmas present after the 9th of December. I must be on crack) a felted bag pattern for a new member of my sister-in-laws family. It is going to be really cool, but I need to get going on it ASAP.

Fleece Artist Shawl: Thank you so much everyone for the comments on my shawl. I have decided to leave the fringe as is, and I have been wearing it pretty much non stop since. I was at Steph's book signing the other night (which was a riot by the way) and another Steph recognized me by my shawl. That is the first time I have been blog recognized, which was neat. And for those of you that were wondering, it was made with the Fleece Artist Merino, one giant skein, and I still have some leftover. More finished pictures coming, if it ever stops snowing.

Princess De: *Sigh*. Crystal was nice enough yesterday to remind me about Princess De. She was banished to the bad knitting box. Can you see why?

No? How about now

Yeah. Apparently in the last year, my ribbing gauge has changed completely. This is why you should never take this long to knit a sweater. So I need to rip back and do the front ribbing on a smaller needle, and I just haven't had the khonas to do it yet. But I have a week off between Christmas and new years, so my plan is to work on it then. I think I am going to actually properly write up the pattern for this in the new year.

Other Stuff: The new Knitty. Why do they torture me? I need a new project like I need another hole in my head. But I must make this. Out of something. Anything. And these are also too cute for words, I just need to decide who to make them for.

Did anyone else get the Jordana Paige email this morning? Did you see the new bag? I really, really want this bag, but I have a feeling I am going to have a hard time getting it in Toronto. I have sent a rather direct email to TJ, so keep your fingers crossed!

So, I think that is all the news. I might actually have some time to knit this weekend, and with a little luck, some time to blog next week. Thanks everyone for reading.


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