December 2008

December 16th, 2008 - Christmas Cross Stitch

A while back when one of the LYS's was closing down, I picked up a little cross stitch kit. I didn't think I was going to get into this whole stitching thing, but I do like it. It seems I need to be in the mood to work on it though.

Luckily this little kit was super quick.

This is not a permanent mounting for this, just temporary until I find another frame I like.

I think my favourite part of this kit was the quality of the materials in it. The floss is hand dyed so it has a little variation in it which gives the piece some depth. And the little gold felt is actually wool.

I liked working with the linen too, it was a lot nicer than the other white stuff (aida? is that what it is called?).

I have an idea in my mind for a cross stitch I would like to do for the kitchen, so we will see if that happens in the new year.


December 11th, 2008 - Home Improvements

For a long time the state of our office was that of makeshift organization. Things got a little better with the addition and organization of our bookshelves, but we still needed something proper to hold files and office supplies.

TJ drafted up his own plans for a credenza to solve this dilemma. Something with filing drawers, a place to put the peripherals for the computer, some supply storage and a place for the shredder. With his careful planning and many many long hours spent in the garage, he created this gorgeous piece.

Isn't it beautiful? My husband is so talented. Each drawer or door serves a specific purpose.

The two right drawers are for hanging file storage. I spent two days sorting through a sick amount of paper in order to get this organized. I had 2! large green garbage bags of shredded paper when I was finished, and a shredder that is on it's last legs.

The left drawer holds the paper shredder/garbage can. You can also see inside this drawer there is another small drawer at the top for holding pens and other small supplies.

The centre drawer holds the wires on the doors and the supplies on the shelf. The printer is now hooked up the computer wirelessly using our Airport, which also has the wireless modem hooked up to it. On the bottom left you can see the charger cable for my camera as well, so it can be tucked away neatly while it charges.

All of this in an amazing piece of furniture that fits into our office decor so well. It just tucks right under our travel map that shows all the places that we have been. This one shows the colour of the piece accurately (sorry about the other photos, winter = need for the dreaded flash).

I am so proud of him for the amount of work that he put into this. He painted and removed all the paint three times just to get it perfect. Perfectionist? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. Thanks sweetie.


December 9th, 2008 - Passing Along

When I was a kid I was the proud recipient of a couple of used bikes. They may not have been the flashiest, newest model, but I was darn happy to have them. Usually with a good wash and some time you could get them looking almost new.

So last week I decided that I would clean up TJ's old bike from when he was a kid that was sitting in our basement so that I could donate it. It was a perfectly good bike, just really dirty and need of some minor repairs.

I got out a bucket of hot water and Hertel (greatest stuff ever, which I had no idea was Canadian until just now) and went to work washing off layers of dirt, mud and sawdust. It had been stored in the same place as T's woodworking tools, so this was no easy task. Then I went to work on the seat, which you can see is literally crumbling. I used some heavy fleece that I had here and some contact cement to cover it and make it usable.

A final inflation of the tires and a check to make sure everything works, et voila!

New-ish and fancy looking. There is a charity Christmas Store here in town so I took it over to them last week, and they were very grateful for the donation. I hope it means that someone will have a happy Christmas morning!


December 6th, 2008 - Christmas Cards

This year I was lucky to have enough time to make almost all of my Christmas cards. I did about 65 handmade cards in total, with a bunch of different looks to them. Most of them were blue and silver, with just a few in green and red.

I had a bunch of the Roanoke crew over on a Sunday and we pooled all of our supplies and stamps. It made it a lot more fun to play with a group, and allowed me to use a lot of different stamps (thanks Jenn and Pam for all the stamps I commandeered for the afternoon!)

I hope to keep up the tradition of making handmade cards, but I know in future I may not have the luxury of time. If I think about it maybe I will try making a few each weekend starting in the early fall. Yeah, right.


Also, for those of you that remember this event, and even those who don't, today is the 19th anniversary of the École Polytechnique Massacre and thus the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Light a candle in your window and take a moment to hug a woman that has influenced your life. (Mom and missbedora, I am hugging you from afar!)


December 1st, 2008 - Random Craftiness

Thanks all for the comments on the quilt tutorial. I have added a button to the side where I will add this tutorial as well as any others in the future so that they can easily be found.

A few weeks ago I made a patchwork elephant for a friend using the Peanut pattern in Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts (I seriously love that book). I used some quilting cotton I had in my stash for the body, some yarn for the tail and some felt for the eyes.

I think she, or he, turned out quite cute. It is a well written pattern and wasn't too hard to work with.

I think the recipient enjoyed it, and that is what matters.

I also have a couple of new cards as well.

This one I forgot to post when I showed the baby gifts for my neighbour. The clothing pieces are made of a thicker foam, so they stand out from the card.

This one is a thank you card a made a few weeks ago for a friend using some new stamps I picked up for a ridiculously low price at Joanns.

Something I have realized over the past few weeks is that I really need to build myself a makeshift light tent for taking pictures of some of my FO's and my cards. I will have to see what I can scrounge up in the garage.



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