February 2007

February 5th, 2007 - Another Very Important Birthday

Today is my niece Brooke's 10th birthday. Do you all remember your 10th birthday? The day you finally entered double digits? *Sigh* Can I go back?

To help celebrate this special milestone, and because she lives quite far away, I decided to put together a little package for her. I knit a scarf and an ear warmer, but rather than just packing them in a box I took the opportunity to make a fool of myself.

In the name of a little "Aunt Dani" humour, I took a whole bunch of pictures of myself wearing the scarf in different ways and put together a little birthday book

Inside I had all the silly pictures of myself along with instructions on how to wear the different styles.

She phoned me last Thursday to say that she had received it, and couldn't wait until her birthday to open it. I don't think that she has ever received anything in the mail like that, so I hope that it was special for her.

Happy Birthday Brooke, you are growing up so fast!


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