Jan 31st, 2005 - A Long One

First and foremost - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSBEDORA! It is my best friend's birthday today, and she has just started blogging again. Go. Bug Her. Harass her with comments. She'll love it.

My weekend was a busy one, that is for sure. First, Friday night in the car I got the heel flap of my sock done

Friday night and Saturday morning I was working on missbedora's birthday gift.

This side of the bag is a corduroy material that can be used as a knitting bag. But when you turn it inside out, and change the handles...

Viola! A silk bag for a night out. Her is a close up of the handles for the cord side, and the beaded handles on the silk side. And a close up of the sheep, because that is my favourite part. I am quite happy with how it turned out, and it was nice to do some sewing for a change.

As the other part of her gift, I gave her this bracelet made by the amazingly talented Brenna

Isn't that gorgeous? Brenna makes these all by hand, and they turn out stretchy so that they go over your hand. You likey? Go see Brenna at Lettuce Knit.

And, because everyone needs a little softness in their lives -

a little cashmere. I suggest that she make gloves with this (which also has a little blue in it), but of course it is totally up to her (and the knitting muse).

Sunday I recovered from our night out in Downtown T.O. (gettin to old for this) and picked up a new coat for TJ. Tomorrow I will tell you all about the hells that were my web site this weekend. Have a great Monday all.


Jan 28th, 2005 - Thursday Night Sock Knit

As suggested last week in the comments, Thursday night is now officially knitting/Apprentice watching night for myself and missbedora. I am not watching the Apprentice by choice, but only because my boss is making me. He says that I need to be involved in the Friday morning conversations. So I used the time wisely last night to work on sock 2

Two more rows and I turn the heel. missbedora was blocking her Ribby Cardi last night, which has inspired me (even though mine will never been as well knit as hers). While at the SnB on Wednesday, I bought 14 balls of this yarn from the lovely and talented Jane

for a very good price. I love grey, and I love tweed, so I decided that I needed to have this (hey Mom, this is what you got me for my birthday - thanks!). It will become in short order a ribbed cardigan, will all over rib, and with a mock ribbed turtleneck collar. This is a superwash wool, but I am shocked at how soft it is. Some superwash seems to feel like acrylic, but this feels very natural and I think it will have lots of stretch when it is worked into a 2x2 pattern. Hopefully it won't take me long to knit, as I really want a new sweater.

Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for all the comments on my sock.


Jan 27th, 2005 - One Warm Foot


I now understand why people love sock knitting so much. It is so satisfying to have something made out of these *tiny* little stitches. I am pleased with the fact that this one fits so well. In fact, like a dork, I am wearing it now. One sock. But it is ok, cause one foot is warm. I have started the second one, so it won't be long until I have a pair.

Thanks everyone for the comments on my photos. They were taken at the Toronto Zoo last summer. I take one trip to the zoo each year with some other photo-friends.

In other good news, my other skein of yarn for Rogue came from Halcyon, so I now feel safe starting it. After the sock.


Jan 26th 2005- Click

I worked on the sock a little last night, but not enough to show you. Instead I thought I would indulge the Click part of my blog with a couple of photos I took

Regular knitting content will return tomorrow. Promise.


Jan 25th 2005 - Well...

...ok I am not quite done the sock. But I have a good excuse. Secret Present Time! Only a few more days and I can show you what I have been working on. And missbedora, here's a hint - I didn't need knitting needles to make it. Hee hee, I love surprises.


Jan 24th, 2005 - So Close I Can...Wear It

This weekend was one of those times where you look back over it and you are proud of what you managed to accomplish. There were so many things around the condo that needed attention, and lucky for me, this happened on Saturday

We did not get it nearly as badly as the East coast, but badly enough that this girl was NOT going outside (it was -17 C!). So instead I ripped everything off the book shelf and reorganized it, hemmed the curtains that I made a year ago (that have been 6 inches too long ever since) scrubbed the whole place top to bottom, and even cooked a little bit. Oh, and of course, knit.

I (somewhat) successfully turned my first heel! Lemme tell you, Friday night there was some cussin' goin on in knittin land. I was very frustrated because I was having trouble reading the pattern that was designed for double points (I am using the Magic Loop). I could not figure out why I had to keep purling around the rows. Was it a problem with the pattern you ask? Why no, in fact it is just that I missed a row in the heel flap. Duh. Anyhoo, once I figured that it was off like a prom dress. I was hoping to have the first one done by the end of the weekend, but my other cleaning escapades stole all my time. And I am ok with that. Tonight perhaps, 1 warm foot?


Jan 21st, 2005 - I Am Such a Heel

For two reasons. First, I meant to post a Happy Birthday to TJ's Grandma here yesterday. Happy Birthday Grandma! My knitting partner in crime. Remember these? Yeah, she rocks.

Second, it is heel time in sock land

I worked on this during the Apprentice last night. I don't normally watch these shows, but my boss (I am in marketing) told me that I had to. But it provides time for sock knitting, so I am happy. I really like how the middle grey part has turned into zig zags. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have a sock, and one warm foot.

I also have joined Alison's February is for Fix-Ups. What is on my list to fix? My poncho. It is either going to be longer, or it will become a very thick fuzzy wrap. I am currently leaning towards wrap, but we will see.

Have a great weekend everyone, and if you are in the Toronto area, keep warm. This morning it is -33C (-27F) with the wind. I am moving, this is ridiculous!


Jan 20th, 2005 - This Is So Exciting

My first sock!

How fun is this? I can see why it seems like everyone in blogland is making socks. Oh, and the Addi Turbos? Yum. This is a sock yarn that I got from Country Yarns called OnLine.

I also bought some stitch markers from one of Lettuce Knit's wonderful employees, Brenna

They are so sweet, hand made, and they are purple. I couldn't resist. You like? You go to Lettuce. You talk to Brenna. You buy, k?

I also figured out what I am going to use my birthday money for. The lovely Jane has some great dark grey heather-y wool that she is selling, very cheaply I might add, so it will become a sweater for me. Isn't this breaking the resolution you ask? No! It is a gift. As such it does not count. (It will of course bring the total number of sweaters that I need to knit to 6.) At least I have started my swatches for Rogue.

Speaking of which, thank you to everyone that commented on places that I might be able to get more of the yarn that I need. Thankfully Halcyon Yarn rocks, and by 8:01am yesterday morning they had replied to say that my yarn was going to be in the mail yesterday. I might end up with too much, but I would rather have that then not enough. Especially since I am going to have to make the sleeves longer. Missbedora, I might just beat you to the end of Rogue yet.


Jan 19th, 2005 - *Blush*

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments about my scarf. I wore it to work today, which is good because it was -33C this morning. Stephanie has a great post about it today. Guh.

So....my next project....well, I have started swatching for Rogue. However, in doing so, I have realized that when I bought the yarn for it on my New England trip last fall, I did not buy enough. I bought it from Halcyon, and I have sent them an email begging for another skein in the same lot, but I am pretty sure there is not much chance of that. Any chance that someone has 1 skein of Bartlett-yarns, worsted, in Lupine? Dye lot 598? I realize that is a slim chance, but I thought I would try.

So Rogue may have to be on hold until I find out if I can get more yarn.

Thanks also to everyone for encouraging me to spend the money I got for my birthday. I am thinking of getting a skein of this. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do with one skein of hand dyed cashmere? I don't think I want another scarf. Deny was knitting with this stuff last week at the SnB, and it is just like air when it is knit. Suggestions?


Jan 18th, 2005 - I Lied

I told a couple of people that the Manos scarf was 7 feet long. I just measured it. It is 8' 1".

Yeah, I am trendy! This took a little less then two and a half skeins of Manos. I really enjoy working with this yarn, because it changes as you knit so much. Thick, then, purple, pink. Yum. Great stuff!

Hmmmm, what shall I knit next?


Jan 17th, 2005 - Quickie

While it seemed to fly by, my weekend was very productive. The filing was completed, the *gasp* storage locker was cleaned (pictures to come, just because I am so darned proud of myself) and then there was this

What the heck is that, you ask? That is all the Manos (including the ends) that I have left after finishing my multidirectional scarf. A photo shoot should occur tonight or tomorrow, as my lovely is still blocking at the moment. Happy Happy!

The other good thing this weekend? There was a joint birthday party for me and my dad at my parents house last night. When I opened my card from my parents, a very pretty little bill fell out. My Mom said one word to me.....stash. Heh heh heh. Does this mean that I can break my resolution?


Jan 14th, 2005 - Happy Birthday Daddy!

First and foremost, Happy Birthday Dad! My Dad is one of the most amazing people I know. He has a great sense of humour (trust me, I have endured my fair share of teasing and all of us have used the word *groan* often), he is caring and kind, adventurous (I have been white water rafting 3 times, all of them with my Dad) and an all round great guy. My Dad is one of those people that has an amazing wealth of knowledge when it comes to working with his hands. No only does he know EVERYTHING about cars (just ask my Mom, she never sees him because he is always in the garage working on his Datsun) but I always remember him being the neighborhood"fixer" when I was a kid. Calls at all hours from a friend that the garage door wouldn't stop going up and down, the sink is leaking, the furnace doesn't work, etc etc. People that have an ability to just know what to do in these situations are few and far between. I think my Dad's favourite times when I was a kid were when I used to come home with a physics project that I had to build. I always had the highest mark in the class for those - I wonder why?

Dad's and daughters have a often very special bond that only they understand. I am lucky to have a bond so strong with my Dad that other people can recognize it. Fishing trips, working on the car, tobogganing on a sled so waxed up it was probably dangerous, and sitting on the couch every night watching sports may not have seemed like much at the time, but it meant everything to me, and to my Dad too. Thanks Dad, and Happy Birthday.

Ok *wiping tears* knitting. The real thing that you come for. I did a couple of repeats on my scarf

I think this is just such a neat little pattern. It just flows well. I am workin' through the Manos very quickly though, so this may not be a very long scarf after all.

I didn't get started on my socks like I had hoped. Wanna know why?

This was the scene in my living room. More filing and papers then I could handle. TJ decided to pull apart our filing last night and get it organized. This I thought was so sweet, because it is something that I have been trying to do for a while. When I went to bed he was working away and I though, what a sweety. He didn't get far.

This was the living room this morning. I guess I know what I am doing tonight, sigh.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Jan 13th, 2005 - Mmmm, I Love Manos

Thanks all for the comments on my purse yesterday. I used it for the day and I am happy to say that it is just the right size.

While I was at the SnB last night, I decided to cast on a project from my waiting list.

A multidirectional scarf in the same manos that I used to make my hat. I was happy to find out that this is a really easy pattern, because for some reason I thought that I was going to mess up the short row sections. I am making this very thin (about 4") because as I said to Aven last night, I need a scarf, not a damn it's freakin' cold outside and if I don't wrap up my neck in something the size of a bed sheet my head might fall off. In other words, a nice trendy long thin scarf to be worn indoors and on warm days.

I also picked up some stuff:

Some more alpaca to extend the size of my poncho I made last year, and something very special. My very first pair of Addi Turbos to start my socks, which I will probably cast on tonight. Luckily Megan had just one left in the size size and length to use the magic loop technique. Who would have thought last April when I started knitting that I would be making socks. Hee hee!


Jan 12th, 2005 - Pretty Purple

Thank you all so much for the comments on sock patterns yesterday. If I haven't sent you a personal email yet, they are on their way, I promise. I am not sure yet which pattern I will use, so I might just have to try them all.

I broke out the sewing machine last night and finally finished this

The purple purse, complete with button. Sorry for the blurry picture....this is an impossible shot to take of yourself, and TJ is less then enthralled with taking pictures of me posing with my knitting. I am happy with the size of this bag as it fits the essentials - wallet, keys, hairbrush and chapstick. (Ooo, what a beauty regime, brushing my hair and putting on chapstick. Look out Paris and Milan, here I come!!) Here is a more accurate picture of the colour.

Details: Cascade Quattro, 1 skein, my own pattern (which was kinda made up as I went along.)

I also started working on a secret project which will keep me busy for a little while. I would love to post about it, because I am really happy with the results so far, but the recipient reads my blog every day. Hmmmm, now who's birthday could be coming up?


Jan 11th, 2005 - Socks?

Can anyone recommend a good simple first sock pattern? The gauge of the sock yarn that I have is 30 sts and 42 rows/10cm, on 2.5-3mm needles. (I think that is fairly standard). Any suggestions for something easy for a beginner? If it makes any difference, I have very skinny very long feet (10 AAA).


Jan 10th, 2005 - I Can Knit for Me!

Over the weekend on our long drive to Sarnia, I finished TJ's scarf

I was surprised last night how excited he was to get to wear it. It is still a little damp, but tonight I will try to take a model shot. I am always shocked by how much the Patons Classic Merino softens with a good Eucalan bath, which is good, because this scarf would almost stand up on it's own before.

So now I finally get to knit something for me! I think that I am going to start two projects as one. Some socks, because they are small enough to take to work, and a sweater with my Fleece Artist Kid Silk. I will swatch for that first thing tonight. I am going to sort of make up the pattern, so wish me luck.

Over the weekend, missbedora threw a great board game birthday party for me, and gave TJ and I this as an engagement present. How cute is that? I can't wait to read it. I am sure that it has lots of great ideas. Anyone up for a trip to Hawaii?


Jan 6th, 2005 - Scarf Progress

I got a fair bit of TJ's scarf done last night at the SnB

I am very ready do be done this project and move on to something else, but I am happy with how it is turning out.

I know it is a little late, but I do actually have some resolutions this year.

1. Knit the 4 sweaters that I currently have yarn for. (Cowl neck, Rogue, Princess Pullover, and Phildar Cardigan).

2. Do not buy wool for another sweater until I am working on the third of 4 sweaters.

3. Make an inventory of my stash so that I know what I have.

Pretty simple resolutions, but I tell you, number 2 has already been tough. That is the only thing about a SnB in such a wonderful store, I am SO tempted every week to buy more yarn. And everyone is so creative that you get some great ideas. But I am going to stick to this one. Hopefully.


Jan 4th, 2004 - Holiday Gifts Part 2

While I of course enjoyed the gifts that I got over the holidays, but I am really a person that enjoys the giving more. Before Christmas my friend Alison got her Sophie bag, which was the first knitted item I had ever given as a gift. Christmas Day four of my knitted gifts were given. Paul got my first ever knitted item. My mom got a scarf and these

Yes, you only thought the thrums were for me. I am so sneaky. They look a little small on my hands here because, well, they are. My Mom's hands are quite tiny. She actually squealed "THRUMS!" when she opened them, so I think she liked them.

I gave my dad his black hat that I had made, and quickly discovered that my sense of the size of my Dad's melon is grossly oversized. I had to re-knit him a new one.

The one on the left is the one I gave him at Christmas. Seriously, did I think he had an elephant head? I also gave him some reprinted pictures of me as a baby wearing one of these types of hats, which I think he liked.

On boxing day we did TJ's side of the family.

My niece opening her bag that I made.

My sister in law with her scarf, my nephew (it is amazing he is in a picture at all, he is a bit shy) and my brother in law with his irish hiking scarf. And just for completeness, and just because they are all so darned cute, here is my other nephew

Who knew that the world's three cutest kids could belong to one set of parents?

My mother in law also got her throw, but I didn't get a picture of that. Apparently she had been checking my blog (I didn't know!) and coveted the throw a bit, so it is good that it was actually for her.

Shortly after Christmas, my friends Angela and Jenn got flower washcloths with a bottle of homemade milk bath.

I only have one more thing that I am working on for other people

TJ liked the scarf that I made for my brother in law so much that he asked me to make him one. Wider and longer though. This will be the first thing that I have knit for him, and I am still sort of shocked that he asked.

Tomorrow, back to normal!


Jan 3rd, 2005 - Holiday Gifts Part 1

Whew, it is has been so long since I have posted, I hope that everyone is doing well. After all the traveling over the holidays, I will finally be getting back to regular posts. I thought that I would split all my holiday knitting into two parts; gifts I received (today) and gifts I gave (tomorrow).

As usual, my family and friends spoiled me rotten. This year we had a lot to celebrate; our engagement, Christmas, and my birthday yesterday (BTW, I found out that I share my birthday with Wendy. Happy Birthday Wendy!). A lot of gifts have been exchanged over the last week, but I figured you only wanted to see the knitting related ones.

We had a great time on Christmas day at my parents house, and my mom gave me some money (along with many many other things) that she told me to "spend on yarn". Isn't that a great phrase? Thanks Mom! I am still not sure what I will buy with that, but I am looking at a couple of different pattern books. Or maybe Freida? Has anyone knit with DB Alpaca Silk before? Is is worth the money?

On boxing day we headed out to Sarnia to visit with TJ's family.

TJ's Mom gave me some pins, a row counter, the fall Vogue (which I didn't have) and this cute handmade card. Inside the card it said that I would be getting a years subscription to Interweave Knits. My first knitting subscription! How neat is the bag that it was all wrapped up in. I am using to store some of my wool. TJ's grandma gave me the sock pattern, as well as this sock yarn. I am really getting the itch to knit up some socks, and this yarn looks like it will make a very cute pattern. Thanks Mom 2 and Grandma!

One of the two guys that I work with gave me a nice present as well. He called it a "pre-fab holiday scarf". I thought that was really sweet.

I also received some money from different people over the holidays, so I splurged a little at the SnB on Wednesday.

Megan had Rowan 35 at half price, so I snapped that up in a hurry. There are several different patterns that I like in this one, including Audrey. Too bad that I learned how to knit a little too late for the knit along. I also picked up a Chibi and some more Eucalan. And I got a great button for my purple felted bag

I still have to sew it on, but here is a close up. Megan picked it out and everyone convinced me that it was the way to go. They are right too, I think it looks great. I plan on sewing it on tonight.

Best of all at the SnB, was that the printed bags were in

This is a serious sized bag, and could totally hold a couple of sweaters and ever needle you own. Run out and get yours, there are hardly any left!

I also bought this while I was down in the States on New Years day. There are a couple of patterns that I can't wait to make, like the letter bag and the laptop bag.

For my birthday, missbedora spoiled me again with this

My very own ball winder! I used it first thing to wind up this yarn that she gave me for Christmas. I told you I was spoiled.

Tomorrow I will show you some pictures of the fam with things I knit for them, and I will show some actually knitting progress. Imagine that, knitting progress on my knitting blog!


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