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January 31st, 2007 - Very Important Birthday

Today is a very very important birthday. It's missbedora's birthday! Here are the reasons that you should run over to her blog (even though she doesn't post anymore - ahem) and tell her to have a happy birthday:

1. She is the most honest friend a person could ask for. You want a true, honest, and caring opinion about something? Call her.

2. She laughs at my jokes. Even if they are not funny. And trust me, lots of them are not.

3. She has incredible taste. I have always looked up to her incredible sense of style that is so natural.

4. She is a good shoulder to cry on. 'Nuf said.

5. Her trips read like a story book. Seriously - go read them now. I will wait.

6. She taught me how to knit. Again, 'nuf said

7. She traveled all the way to Barbados to be my maid of honour.

8. She is good at picking out great books to read. At first that might not seem like an exceptional trait in a person, but when you are flying halfway around the world with only the books that your friend picked out to entertain you? Very exceptional trait.

9. She is so courageous. If you didn't pick that up by reading her stories about her trips, just know that this girl will talk to anyone. Anywhere. And it has helped her meet some amazing people, not to mention get her out of a couple of jams.

10. She just plain old deserves to feel special. So go, now, even if it is days too late and wish this girl happy birthday!

Each year I try to come up with a gift for my bestest of buds for her birthday - something that will show her how special she is to me. This year I decided to make her a book.

You can see that there are only two volumes in this book so far, and these are the two trips that missbedora has been on.

I took all of her blog posts and had them printed up in book layout, and then stitched the pages onto a spine and cover. It is not nearly as special as she is, but I think she got what I was trying to get across. I hope that I get to add lots of volumes to her book (start planning the next one girl! Italy here we come!).

Happy Birthday Chicky, I hope it was great!


January 24th, 2007 - Why Haven't I Done This Before?

Thanks everyone for the great comments on my site, and on my shelf/stash. I know how lucky I am to have a hubby that likes to work on these types of things for me and indulge my obsessions. Natalie wonders how long the shelves will stay neat and tidy - missbedora is laughing to herself as we speak knowing that my slightly retentive nature will be reorganizing once a week.

This is a busy time of year for me in the gift giving department, particularly with birthdays. But this year friends of ours have been lucky enough to welcome a new member to their family. Since we don't get to see them very often, I wanted to make them something small that I could send in the mail along with a gift card.

This is the umbilical cord hat from the first Stitch n Bitch book. I made it with some leftover Zara Plus that I had from a commissioned job. At the end of this project, all I could think to myself was "Why haven't I knit more of these?" Super fast, super cute, and gender neutral (even though I know the baby is a boy).

I also created a card to go with it.

Click here for the inside

Then I wrapped it all up in a little tin so that it could be safely mailed.

I have always loved getting things in the mail, so I am hoping they feel the same too. Although I have to admit I wish I could just give it to them in person.

Next post - I think I am going to be making a quilt!


January 21st, 2007 - New Year, New Look

So I was a little tired of the look of my site, and I decided to learn a little bit about web design. I code my page from scratch using Dreamweaver, and up until now my knowledge of site design was pretty much nil. Now I would say I have "limited" knowledge of what I am doing, but I am nonetheless happy with how things have turned out. Please have a good look around and if you find broken links, problems or missing items please let me know.

A big thank you to everyone that left such great comments about the spice rack. My dad was very touched, and so was I!

Since we moved into the house, TJ has slowly been working on a shelf for my studio out of some old barn board that his dad had around his shop. And finally, two weeks ago it was all finished.

An embarrassingly close look at my stash

Isn't it pretty? I feel like I have my own little yarn shop in my studio. I am hoping that this will help me to continue using up my stash like I have been.

I think one of my favourite things about this piece is the natural characters in it.

It has some lovely worm holes and knots that fit well with the feel of my studio. Not only that but it smells great too. It took TJ a lot of planing (machine and by hand), cutting, sanding and fiddling to make it look so great. Thanks again sweetie, I love it!


January 9th, 2007 - Generosity Abounds

Not only did I have the chance at Christmas to give some handmade items, I also received one. And it definitely one of the most sentimental handmade items that I have ever received.

Ever since I was a little kid, my Mom has had a spice rack just like this one in her kitchen. It was a gift that her father made and gave to her many years ago. And since TJ and I moved into our first house this year, my Dad decided that we needed to have our own. He took my mom's shelf down off the wall, made a pattern, and set about making it. But not out of any old wood. The kitchen table that my parents have had for years was made by my Dad's dad, and there were several extra leaves that did not get any use. So my dad used that wood to make my shelf! Isn't that awesome? I get a functional and beautiful spice rack, made by my dad, from a pattern by my maternal grandfather, out of wood my paternal grandfather used to make our kitchen table! Thank you again Dad for such a wonderful gift, I will treasure it forever.

As knitters, most of us have a person in our life that may not understand why on earth we knit so much, but "gets it" anyway. This person may think you are crazy to knit thousands of tiny little stitches just to make a sock, but they will support the habit whole heartedly. One of the people in my family that is like that is TJ's mom. I really can't see her ever sitting down to knit something, but she always gets me neat little knitting related gifts at Christmas.

Each year she renews my subscription for Interweave (and if you have ever had to deal with customer service at Interweave, particularly if you are from outside of the States, you know this is no easy task) but she also wraps it up with something neat. This year it was a very cool jar.

(Excuse the icky flash pictures, it is dark the entire time I am home)

Isn't that just a precious face? Inside the jar was my renewal (or my subscription for Martha Stewart Living, I can't remember) and some old crafty things from my MIL's past

A corking spool, rug hook, and 15 cent hooks and eyes

Thanks for being so crafty with my gifts and for "getting it"! And thank you everyone not just for the knitting gifts, but all of the great gifts I received this year.

Next time ....what this:

has finally morphed into, and the last of the Christmas pictures. It's about time.


January 3rd, 2007 - New Year

Well, suddenly the New Year is here and part of me is not even sure where the old year went. Our holidays were wonderful, but as usual they went by in a bit of a blur. My only resolution for the year is to try and post more often. I know that is a usual resolution from most bloggers, but mine is for a different reason. I have realized lately how many of my friends and family read my blog, and really miss it when I don't post. Now I hope that my regular readers that I haven't met in person miss me when I don't post too, but most likely you have other blogs that you read to keep you entertained. For some of my family (hi fam-damily!) mine is the only blog that they read. I feel very honoured by that, so I think that I should keep up my end of the bargain. Make sense?

So, even though it is late, I am going to give you a couple of days of holiday posts. First, what the heck have I been knitting lately? Here are all the knitted gifts that I made this year.

Mini stocking for my massage therapist, whose name is surprisingly AJ

A herringbone scarf for my mom made out of "Sublime" Cashmere Merino Silk Aran. If you have not knit with this stuff, go, buy yee some now. I am saving up to get enough to make myself a sweater. Amazing stuff. (Here is their website, which doesn't have much, but they can tell you which of your LYS has it. For those in the Toronto area, Unwind in Newmarket has it)

A pair of Trekking XXL socks for my mom. I have decided that this is the best sock yarn ever and that I need to get more of it. For me.

A pair of Cascade 220 socks for TJ. He has very cold feet in our house, but he doesn't like to wear slippers. So I knit these (in secret I might add!) as house socks. They turned out so well I think I might knit myself a pair.

And finally a Bronte for my neighbour's little boy. He just turned 6 months old at Christmas time. I spoke to my neighbour a couple of days ago and she said that it is the only toy that he has cried when she took it away from him to feed him, and that he has chewed on it since we gave it to him (he is teething). I always like hearing things like that - it gives me the warm fuzzies. Here is a close up of his eyes, which I embellished with yarn a bit to make him a little more friendly

So that is why there have not been a lot of knitting posts lately. Everything was pretty much a secret. Later this week: what I got, and I gush about barbequed turkey.


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