January 2008

January 24th, 2008 - The Month of Birthdays

In my group of family and friends I seem to have an abundance of January birthdays. So I have been working on a few cards lately that I thought I would share.

I made this little money holder for my Dad's 60th birthday last week.

This one shows the inside and how it was folded:

While I know money for your Dad's birthday sounds a little cold, he is saving up for some seats for his old Datsun. I also fixed up a picture of my Dad from the 1960's that was originally printed in the Toronto Star.

He is number 34. Cool shot eh? I also found the original page that it was from.

I blew both of these up and framed them. Although I wonder if he liked them as much as his dessert....

I also made a card for TJ's grandma, who celebrated her 85th birthday last week.

I made up a certificate on the inside of this one as a gift.

She has been trying to find the shams that go with the set that she bought, but to no avail. So we can hopefully find some fabric that she likes and make something! I will hopefully have some pictures of Grandma next week, as we are going to be having dinner with her on the weekend.

One of these days I am going to set up a page with my cards so that I make sure I don't duplicate any when I give them. I don't have a lot of stamps yet, so many of my cards are similar.

Next birthday up, missbedora!


January 10th 2008 - Birthday Stash

On boxing day Wendy had a great sale at the shop, and I got to spend the birthday money I got a little early.

I had a thing for white that day, and picked up some Sublime DK as well as some Cascade 220 (at $3 a ball, how could I not?)

I also may have fell for the purple sublime too

I have specific projects in mind for all of this, so it is not just random stash expansion.

TJ also gave me Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts for my birthday, and I am absolutely in love. There are so many projects in here that I can't wait to make. I might just have to do some fabric loving this weekend.

Work is also continuing on Lady E, and now that the holidays are over I should get a time to finish this soon.

I know, not much longer than the last time. Christmas kind of got in the way. I think I am going to have enough yarn left to make the EZ mitered mittens (ravelry) to match.


January 2nd 2008 - New Year, Times Two

Today and yesterday herald two new years for me - the calendar year and a new age. I took the day off work today for my birthday, and decided that I would work on cleaning up my blog a little bit.

I don't usually do resolutions, but I this year I am going to aim to post on my blog once a week. I am going to try for Tuesdays, and I am going to post whatever I am working on. I think sometimes I get picky about what I put on he blog, but I think most people (particularly my family and friends) just want to see what I am working on.

So on that note I have tidied things up around here a bit. Have a look around and let me know if you see anything (broken links, missing pictures or graphics, spelling mistakes) that need to be fixed.

For Christmas this year I worked on a few crafty projects, one of which will get it's own post because I still need to take finished pictures. I made these little mini sweaters for my knitting ladies at work.

I used floral wire to make the little hangers and embroidered some red yarn for the letters. I also reused some Tetley tea containers by rolling some wrapping paper around them. I have so many tea containers that I thought they had to be reusable somehow.

I also made a really fun project for my good friends little boy. His nickname is "monkey" so I thought this was rather appropriate.

I used some cotton blend work socks I found at a discount store and the general patterns that are available online. I also decided to put baby's initials on the bum, just to be cute.

I had a lot of fun making this one, and even though there was a lot of hand sewing it didn't seem to take very long. I have some sock monkey fabric that is going to become a quilt soon, and I think I will make another monkey to go long with it. (My dear husband may have also hinted that he liked this one a lot, so there might be one in his future too).

In addition to the mini sweaters, I also worked on some mini mittens this year.

I chose to make these into little cards for a couple of people that I work with who have helped me out so much this year. The mittens are of course removable so that they can be used on the Christmas tree. I hope the recipients liked them.

And finally, I exercised the baking skills a little this season and made a banana bread that turned out so pretty I just had to photograph it.

I don't even like banana bread and I think this looks good!

It was a great holiday this year and there were lots of great gifts given and received. I think that next year I am going to try to take the handmade pledge and either make everything that I need to give or buy handmade items. I did pretty well this year, but I know I can improve.

So with that long rambling post here we are. This year is going to be an interesting one and I will do my best to keep you all apprised on the what-happenings. Thanks for sticking around.



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