July 27th, 2005 - A Pattern Appears

The wedding shawl actually appears to be knitting into a pattern!

I wish I could explain to you how shocked I am to see that it actually seems to be working. I can see how people get addicted to lace knitting, but for me I need to get over that initial "not breathing" stage. Not breathing? Uh, yeah. When I learn how to do something new (like when I knit my first scarf, made my first book, sewed my first skirt) I have a tendency to forget to breath. I sort of suck a bit of air over my lips, which are tucked over my teeth, but in general it is not quite enough to, you know, thrive. As time goes on and I get more comfortable with something, the whole need for oxygen kicks in, and things return to normal. Luckily for me all I have to do on the back side of the shawl is purl. Otherwise, who knows.

It is hard to see in the above picture, but here is a close up of the little beads that I am putting in the centre of the largest diamond

They are more noticeable in person, but they are very hard to photograph. I am happy to see that they seem to be staying where they are supposed to, and on the correct side. (By the way, I am usingEndless Summer Collection Lara yarn. Would I recommend it? Not unless you really like super splitty yarn.)

I do hope that as I get more comfortable, that I speed up a little bit. I am going to try to dedicate an hour each night to working on it, in hopes that I won't have to be knitting it in my hotel room the morning of the wedding.


July 25th, 2005 - Looky Here!

I lived up to my promise of finishing the Kyoto scarf on Wednesday night, but I am only now getting the chance to finally post it

It is *so* very very soft, and I think the herringbone pattern was perfect for the sheen of the yarn. The colour shown here is very true to life. I even added a really long fringe, which is a bit uncharacteristic for me. Thanks for the pattern Stacey.

And looky here! I made lace, hear me roar!

Yes, I did finally cast on my wedding shawl this weekend (good thing, since it is only five weeks to go, yikes!). I think some of you were beginning to get worried. You can see that I have threaded some beads on to the yarn. I am hoping to put one bead in the centre of each diamond repeat. Here again is a picture of the pattern

Very appropriately it is called "Evening in Eden" by Cabin Fever. It seems as though it is going to be a very simple pattern to follow, which is good since it is my first lace project.

I also started my August Stashbusters project, Clapotis, as carry along knitting. I will only be doing this until I get the chart for my shawl memorized so I don't feel as though I need to stare at it for every stitch. Wish me luck!


July 20th, 2005 - Thanks for the Reminder

I am *this* close to finishing my Kyoto scarf, and I am hoping to get it finished tonight at the SnB. Here is a close up that shows the texture of the scarf well

I am planning on putting a nice long fringe on the ends too, so that is has a very elegant feel to it.

A few of you have asked me if I have started my wedding shawl yet. All I have to say is, thanks for the reminder! I had actually kinda forgotten about it. So as soon as the Kyoto is finished, the shawl is next.

Stashbusters Update: Andrea has finished some "Stashbuster Spirals" socks from the Six Sox Knitalong. She is also just about done with Rogue, and a couple other stash projects, some pillowcase lace, a lace cowl, and an afghan. As she puts it, she has a bit of knitters ADD!

Diana has finished her sweater and is shouting as loud as she can!

Siow Chin is just about done a Rowan cardigan for her daughter.

Way to go everyone, it is good to know that people are motoring though all this yarn.


July 18th, 2005 - 3 Inches

From Wednesday thru Sunday I was away camping at the Pinery Provincial Park. This is an annual event that I eagerly anticipate, as it is a great anti-city stress relief.

The best part of the trip is when everyone was off doing one thing or another, and the Kyoto scarf and I got to spend some quality time

All by myself, listening to the bullfrogs sing to each other

And while the trip overall was good, Saturday was, well, a bit of a bust. Do you know what 3 inches of rain looks like?

30 seconds before this picture was taken, this is where our tent was. Notice that my feet are completely under water. This is a sand base, so a good portion of the water had drained away already. And it rained for three more hours after this. Hiding in a dining tent from 8 am-4pm was not quite what we had in mind when we packed 'er up on Wednesday. The really bad part of the weekend though was our friends that decided to go into town in the rain had a car accident, and totaled their Neon. Luckily though everyone including their 18 month old was just fine. It was certainly a shock to hear what had happened.

We did recover from the rain though, and I got some cool photos which I will post either tomorrow or Wednesday. May your day be without 8 hour long thunder storms!


July 11th, 2005 - Hourglass and Blog-iversary

Done like dinner!

I am happy with how the sweater turned out, although I am not sure that it is the right style for me. But don't you worry, I will wear it. :) For those that don't know, this pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and it is quite simple. I actually knitted the smallest sleeves and the second smallest body. I probably could have knit the smallest body and it would have fit better. Here is a close up of the fabric

Guess what? I have been blogging for a whole year! Actually, yesterday was the anniversary, but I don't usually blog on Sunday's. I started blogging just after I started knitting, and I am pretty happy with what I have knit in my first year. To celebrate (ok, it had nothing to do with my blogiversay, but hey, who cares) we had a little BBQ.

missbedora came over and TJ made up steak, corn on the cob, mushrooms, broccoli, potatoes and garlic bread. Ok, I am drooling again just thinking about it. All that with a little wine made for an excellent night.

Stashbusters Update: Elizabeth has finished up her May project, with April and June to go! And our newest member to join the group is Andrea, welcome Andrea!


July 7th, 2005 - Folks...

..I do believe it is starting to look like a sweater!

Not too much more to go, I should be done this weekend.

I had the afternoon off to run some errands yesterday, so I plodded around downtown and I picked up some beautiful clear beads for my wedding shawl. Which means, I can finally get started. I had better get a move on, only 8 weeks to go. Did I say that already? ;)

And in a Stashbusters update, Monica has finished her hemp t-shirt, and just has to knit the collar of her June project. Almost there Monica!


July 5th, 2005 - Coming Along

A quick stashbusters update: Eileen has finished her Soleil, which was her June project. She has also started her July project, which will be a Mission Falls skirt. Go check it out! Nadia has also almost finished her Soleil, funny enough. And she is determined to finish her Charlotte for July. And a big welcome to Wanda and Diana, our newest members!


This weekend was a brilliantly productive one for myself and the boy. Friday we did a fresh install on the hard drive of our computer, I read, knit, and didn't get out of my pj's all day. Saturday we pulled everything out of the kitchen cupboards, sorted, went to Canadian Tire, Ikea, and Cayne's. A BBQ at a friends house, a visit with my mom, and it was Sunday morning. We finished organizing the kitchen, the storage locker and all the closets, corners, and storage areas in the condo. I went to work yesterday finally feeling like I had accomplished something on the weekend for a change.

As I said, I did get a little knitting done

I have attached the first sleeve to my hourglass, and I am about halfway done the second sleeve as well. I will be a little late with my June stashbuster, but I also made a scarf and a half from the stash, so that is ok.

For July I have decided to finish up the Kyoto scarf, and also hopefully get my Princess De finished. No promises though, cause I need to work on my wedding shawl. Only 8 weeks to go, ack!


July 2nd, 2005 - Stashbusters

So, here we are at the end of the three planned months of the Stashbusters. A lot of people have asked if I would be willing to keep it going, which I am more then happy to do. But here's what I was thinking - I think it should become more like a little club then a KAL. Anyone who wants there name on the list of Stashbusters can continue to email me and I will add them to the list. And everyone can have a copy of the button for their site. But, at the end of each month, rather then me going around to the ever growing list of sites to check up on everyone, I will just post whatever updates have been emailed to me.

So, if you finish your July project on the 19th for example, email me and I will post your progress and link right away. Does that seem like a good idea to everyone? I think that will make it easier for me to keep track of everyone.

In the new club spirit of the Stashbusters, here are some updates:

Jody is *this* close to being finished her raglan short sleeved top. I can't wait to see this one!

missbedora has been on a bit of a knitting hiatus, but promises to get back into it soon

Stella is our newest member, welcome Stella. Stella gets paid in yarn; isn't that everyone's dream?

Aven, who is a knitting machine with almost NO stash, has finished her "W" top. Oh, and a flower basket shawl. And some dinosaurs. Gah! We can't keep up girl!

Kim is working away on her Salsa, as well as her Cozy. If you want some super cute doggie pics, head on over and check out her latest post!

Lynette has also finished her June project, which was Sitcom Chic is a great purple-pinkish colour. You can check it out in her 2005 Projects link.

Ok, so that is everyone that sent me an email. If you have anything you want me to update, just send me an email or leave me a comment, k? Thanks everyone for your great participation. It is really helping me to plow through the yarn that has accumulated.


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