July 2006

July 31st, 2006 - Return to Order, Sort Of

Well, the move was a huge success, most of which was because of the help we have received from our friends and family. missbedora and Craig were a huge help on moving day, which was some blazingly hot temperature like 32C and 40C with the humidity (104F for my US friends). All of our worldly belongings were packed up, moved piece by piece into an elevator, onto a truck and into the house by 1:30 in the afternoon Thursday. There is no way we could have done it without you guys, thank you endlessly. And I promise, the next time we are moving, we are hiring movers.

A huge thanks to my parents, particularly my Dad, for letting TJ and I shop at Warren-mart on Friday. It is handy to have a Dad that has a spare jerry can, paving stones, a hammer drill, threaded metal loops, a concrete drill bit, etc. These are things you just don't think you are going to need to use when you buy a house. Thank you also to my parents for letting me store half of my crap in your house for the last 4 (ok, 27) years. I promise it will all be out of there soon. Thank you also for our housewarming gift. It is going to be a HUGE help.

Thank you to TJ's mom too, an equally great housewarming gift.

I am telling you, TJ and I would have melted without this thing. As I sit here, there is actually sweat running down the backs of my legs. It has been a long time since we have lived somewhere without air conditioning, and this fan is a godsend. And, much like my parents, thank you for storing all of TJ's crap too. For those of you that don't know TJ, he is a wood worker. All of his tools have been stored in Mom's basement for 4 years. And there are a lot of them. Only one more week, I promise!

An overwhelming thank you to TJ's Dad, for helping to make all of this possible. We couldn't have done it without you. Much like last weekend when we were shopping at Warren-mart, this weekend we will be shopping at Pro-Mart for things like barn board, metal cabinets, butcher block, patio stones, and probably about 20 other things. And, TJ's Dad has also been kind enough to offer us the use of his cube van and his arms, to help get aforementioned tools into our basement. How can we thank you enough?

And finally thank you to all of you for your well wishes!

I am pretty much unpacked most of the boxes, except for my studio. You would think this would be the first room that I unpacked, but I am waiting for the barn board to arrive and TJ to build me a shelf, so that I have somewhere to put everything. But I am going to keep you all updated on the progress as I go. So, here is what it looks like from the door

And facing the door

Not much to see huh? Well in my head it is a beautiful inspiring space. Just give me a couple of weeks.


July 23rd, 2006 - Bedlam Breaks Out

So my normally organized little apartment, that this morning looked like this

Now looks like this

Ah, the bedlam that is moving. Much of the rest of the apartment, including the hall, bedroom and kitchen also look like this. I know however that it is going to be worth it very shortly.

My love for my new house was renewed and strengthened this afternoon when I had the last showing. The poor wonderful woman that lives there was a little mortified that I was walking my whole family through the house when it looks much like mine does above, but I tried to reassure her that we didn't care at all. I got to fawn over the space that in 3 short days will be mine. I can't believe it. And you know what the two most amazing parts of today were? First, I discovered that there is a GRAPE vine with actual grapes in the backyard, wrapped all around the deck. (Apparently they are quite good when they are ripe, which is supposed to happen in mid September). Grapes. I own grapes. I am going from not even having a lawn to having grapes, a raspberry bush, hostas, a bleeding heart plant, and a lilac bush. Grapes.

Second, my dad found a penny right outside the house on our way out. I am taking this as a good omen and I am going to make a little frame for the penny and hang it in my studio. I am not a very superstitious person, but I am sentimental, and I figure it will be a nice thing to look back on and smile about. Thanks Dad!

I will try to post once more before I move, but I may not have a chance before I loose my internet connection. I should be back up and running on Saturday though. And, because I found out that I don't have to paint the apartment back to white (the new people love the colours) I will have the whole weekend to unpack. Wish me luck!

PS - Thank you Meghan for the invite to Unwind, I just might join you!


July 20th, 2006 - Last Lovely Night

The heat finally broke here in Toronto last night, which added to the already lovely evening at the SnB. I wanted to go one more time on a Wednesday to say hi to everyone before the big move. Not only did I get to see everyone, but Steph spoiled me rotten!

Thanks Steph for the amazing photo card from Cara (you can see her beautiful cards here). I am going to frame it and put it up in my new studio. In addition....yarn!

Some King Extra Merino in a very pretty and very me blue. I think this is going to become Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style. (There are blue leaves, right?) Thank you very much Steph for making me feel so special.

I did get a bit more done on both my sock and my Gathering Intentions, but what I really accomplished was some photograpghs of the lily that is outside the store. Here is the one I was most happy with. You can click for a larger image

I have promised the girls that I will post more often now, to keep in touch. I will do my best to keep my promise ladies!


July 16th, 2006 - The Big Brown Lump

So the big brown lump is finally just about finished

Obviously it is still missing the zipper, and you may have been so adept as to notice that there are still little ends hanging out of the collar. That is because I am not sure that I am happy with the collar - I went down a needle size and I think I actually should have gone up one. I was worried when I tried it on unblocked at the SnB last week because the sleeves were about 4" too short. Luckily Cascade 220 really gains a lot when it is blocked.

So even though I wasn't totally finished the brown lump, I just had to get started on the Gathering Intentions sweater from Fiona Ellis' "Inspired Cable Knits".

Yes, it is actually this pink. I am waiving judgment on this colour until I am finished. If it is too bubblegum I am going to over dye it something darker, like purple or something. I cannot wait to wear this sweater, especially with the cute little ties on the wrist and waist. I am aiming to have it finished for the beginning of the fall weather.

On another note, it is only 11 days until I move into my new home. (side note - my email address has changed to dani at dani miller dot com) 11 days until my own studio, full of all of my yarn and my fabric and my sewing machine all set up permanently! Sadly however, it does mean that this Wednesday will be my last regular day at the SnB at Lettuce Knit. I am still hoping to get down there once and a while, although it won't be very often. I hope there is a SnB in my new neighbourhood, although it will never be the same as the Lettuce gang. I will miss all you guys!


July 10th, 2006 - Re-Entry

Wow, who knew traveling could take up so much time? I know, boo-hoo, you are all so sorry for me. Italy was great, other then the absolute nightmare that was the trip there. Let's just say I have nothing good to say about Air Canada. 5 flights, 2 which were delayed and one that was cancelled outright (but not until we had sat on the plane for an hour on the runway and done a big circle around the Montreal Airport). It took me 44 hours and an unexpected overnight in Montreal fraught with problems and issues to finally arrive in Naples 26 hours late. I miss a whole day of our business meetings.

However, despite the issues I did have a chance to see a bit of Italy between the meetings. I got to see Capri as well as Pompeii, and eat at a real privately owned Italian villa. There are some pictures over here on my new Gallery.

Yup, I now have a real gallery. I am going to be moving over all of my photos over there slowly, but I do not promise anything soon. For some reason I seem to be busier now then I have been in months. Maybe because I am moving in 18 days! Whoo-hoo! 18 days! Not that I am counting.

Even though I have been busy, a lot of driving has been involved so I am finally having some time to do some knitting. I am in the process of finishing off the brown blob on my one day off (I missed the long weekend). Tune in soon for pictures!


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