July 2007

July 24th - Need Your Good Thoughts!

Or should I say no yarn for you?

On my way home from Vienna, I decided to stop over in the UK for a little personal vacation time with the hubby. TJ met me in London and we rented a car to head off to Swansea (in Wales).

TJ driving our wee Fiat - notice he is on the right!

When I was in high school I did a short exchange with two girls from Wales, my family and theirs have remained close in the decade since. TJ had never seen Wales before so I was really stoked to have him see why I love it.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by two of the greatest people - Helen and Byron

Helen and Byron, at Joe's Ice Cream - Yum!

These two lovely people not only let TJ and I crash in their house, they showed us all around my favourite place on earth, the Gower Peninsula.

Worms Head

This place has the most incredible greens you can imagine. I just love it, even if it does drizzle a lot.

Our hosts spent the whole week touring us around, taking us out to eat, bowling, shopping, you name it. We had a fantastic time and we so grateful to them for their generosity. Helen and Byron, you two are the best!

After our stay in Wales, it was time to head up to England for more visits. First, a quick stop in Cheltenham to visit with some of TJ's family

TJ, David and Mary, in an incredibly old pub

David and Mary drove us all around the Cheltenham area, checking out Stow on the Wold, and a whole bunch of small villages in the area.

Now David and Mary had just met TJ and I for the first time about a month before this (in Canada) so you can understand how thankful we were to them for touring us all around all afternoon! Thanks again David and Mary!

From there it was off to Evesham, where Rhian, the daughter of Helen and Bryon, and her partner Mark live.

Rhian and I, who had not seen each other in 5 years

We spent most of the weekend hanging around Stratford on Avon (when we weren't in the pubs drinking).

Shakespeare's House

Again, the hospitality was fantastic, and it was so great to catch up with Rhi, who was the person I originally exchanged with. I am so glad that we have been able to keep in touch over all of these years. Thanks guys, especially for the curry!

Overall we had a fantastic trip, and arrived home feeling tired but rested at the same time. However, everyone over there needs your good warm fuzzy thoughts. There is a ton of flooding happening right in the places we stayed. David, Mary, Rhi and Mark, I hope that everything is dry in your places and that there hasn't been too much damage. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for you!

Next - no sheep for you!


July 16th - Phew!

So June whipped by at this incredible pace filled with airports and hotels. I will start with Vienna and go from there, to stretch out the blogging as much as I can.

I was in Vienna for work, so I spent the majority of my time standing in a booth. But I did get a couple of hours to see the city.

Vienna is a very pretty city, with some of the most ri-donk-ulous prices for things I have ever seen. Plate of schnitzel? $48 CAD. Not kidding. It does however have St. Stephen's Cathedral, which was beautiful inside and out.

However, upon departing St. Stephen's, I discovered this:

Do you see it?

Yup. Pouring pounding rain and marble sized hail. This could only happen to me. After standing in a cafe doorway for an hour, the hail finally let up and I headed back to the hotel. After drying off an getting a nap in, I did manage to see a few more minutes of the city.

Overall, lovely old European city, but don't go with an empty wallet!

Tomorrow, a personal vacation in my very favourite place!


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