July 17th, 2009 - Thank You

Thank you so much everyone for your great comments on my blogiversary and for your support over the years. I used a random number generator and came up with Jill as the winner to my little contest! Congrats Jill! I have emailed you for your contact info.

To answer a couple questions from the comments - the sky photo is actual a sunrise that was outside my front door last winter. I did not doctor that picture at all, it really did look like that. It was funny; as I was standing outside in my housecoat with an early Saturday morning cup of tea watching the sky, the neighbours slowly began to emerge to their porches, clad in housecoats with their morning tea/coffee. No one said anything, we just smiled and gazed at the fleeting beauty in this sky. I have never seen a sunrise quite like that.

If you are still having trouble getting my feed to update in Google Reader, please use this link. It should work (I hope!).

Thanks again everyone, here's hoping for 5 more years.


July 10th, 2009 - 5 Years

It is amazing to think that 5 years ago today I started this little blog. I partially started it as a way to document my knitting, and also to learn some more html (I code my own site). Both of those things have happened, but of course it is so much more.

I have met people through the blog both in person and strictly in the online community. It has helped me keep in touch with people I am physically far away from. It certainly has made me a better crafter all around.

I hope the blog has helped you all get to know me better, and maybe occasionally been a small source of inspiration or instruction for some. The blog world has changed vastly over the last few years, but I still enjoy it and hope to keep it going for a long time.

As a thank you to you all for being great readers and commenters (I love the comments just as much as every other blogger does - I'm not ashamed to admit it) I am going to do a very small little giveaway. Leave me a comment and I will pick a random winner week. Thanks everyone for 5 years of fun!



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