June 30th, 2005 - Four Day Week

Thank goodness tomorrow is Canada Day and we are off work, because this week is draaaaging. I think it is the heat (not complaining, it is just that 40C, 104F slows things down a little). I have declared this weekend "The weekend of the books" whereby I am finally going to read the pile of books and magazines that I have been languishing beside the couch. But of course I will break that up with knitting on my too many projects.

I picked up my teeny tiny so cute little 12" Addi Turbo last night at Lettuce Knit. I feel like I am knitting with a little doll toy, or that I have giant hands.

Knitting with the Turbos also has the unfortunate side effect of reminding me how smooth they are to knit with. Don't get me wrong, I love the practicality of my Denise set, but mmmmm, Addis. Must refrain from buying all new needles......

I also picked up a couple of notions (driving poor Megan crazy as I ended up being rung through three times). The needle points seen above I realized were a necessity if I wanted to get home with any stitches left on the needles, and I also got one of those "katcha-katcha" counters. Ooo, and this finally arrived last night, while we were at the shop:

Yes I have been bad, I have been knitting Hourglass from a photocopy. But only because I have been waiting for the original to come in at the store (it took 6 months!). So as soon as it was in I cleared my conscience and bought one. Now I just have to go print the huge errata page.

Progress, albeit slow, has also been made on my Kyoto scarf.

The herringbone is really showing off the texture and sheen of this yarn. It is also slowing me down a bit, which is allowing me to enjoy the yarn. This is one of those projects that is just going to hang around in my bag to use as "break" knitting (when you just can't stand to look at the same sleeve/sock/shawl any longer).

A quick update for those of you asking about our barking dog issue (see below). It is still barking like crazy, and Property Management called yesterday and said there is nothing that they can do because the people are never home to receive the call (duh, it wouldn't be barking if they were home). But they also mentioned that their mailbox is full, which means the aren't home ever. So now my concern is for the health and safety of this poor thing in the heat. I called Animal Services, and they are sending someone over. Poor dog, why are people so irresponsible?

Stashbusters update tomorrow, so leave me a comment or send me an email to update me ladies!


June 27th, 2005 - So Silky

I whipped off another FO this weekend, to further add to my quicky satisfaction

I used up some of the baby alpaca that I had left from this, in order to make a set. I think I even have enough left to make a small pair of wrist warmers or fingerless mitts.

I also decided finally on what I wanted to use my beautiful Kyoto from Artfibers for.

Here is the beginnings of a "My So Called Scarf" (Stacey's pattern over at Sheep in the City). It is showing off the silkiness of the yarn very well. I am not sure if I will get it done before Wednesday when I get my smaller needle (for Hourglass) but that is ok. It is a good size for commuter knitting.

Speaking of Hourglass, Chauntel suggested that I could use the magic loop to make my sleeves. I had thought of that, but because I use a set of Denise needles, I knew that the cord would be too thick to work properly. I had also considered knitting the sleeves flat, but that would get awkward when I picked up the stitches for the yoke (being a raglan and all). So I decided to wait for the smaller needles instead.

Thank you to all those that continue to leave me comments about my Frieda, you are making me feel all warm and fuzzy! I must have done something right with this one. :)


June 23rd, 2005 - A Quickie

Last night I was hoping that Megan would have the 12" circular that I needed to do the sleeves of my Hourglass. Unfortunately she needed to order one for me, and I didn't bring any other knitting with me. Not wanting to buy more yarn, I searched through the sale bin to discover one lonely (and cheap!) ball of Rowan Cotton Tape. So....

Ta Da! A quick drop stitch scarf that I will probably give to my niece for Christmas. And since I will be waiting until next week for the needle to come in, I thought that I might go through my stash and knit up a bunch of little projects with my leftovers. I am in that kind of mood - quick and dirty. Hmmm, I can only imagine the kind of google hits that will give me......


June 22nd, 2005 - The Other Side of the World

I am so excited, I have a reader all the way from Hong Kong! Siow Chin emailed me the other day to ask if she could join along with the Stashbusters. It is so neat to know that someone from that far away has found me. Welcome Siow Chin!

I wonder where else I have readers from?


June 21st, 2005 - Your Mother Was Right

Here is why you should not follow closely on the highway

This was right outside of my bedroom window yesterday morning. Luckily no one was hurt.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions for the dog problem. I talked to security and property management here a couple of times, and they must have talked to the owner. It seems that they are keeping the dog in an inside room now, so at least when it is barking it is not quite so loud. I was having a doosey of a morning that day.

Here's my latest progress on my Hourglass

I am all done the body up to the armpits, and I have stalled because I need to buy a smaller circular for the sleeves tomorrow at the shop. I didn't feel like using the magic loop for fear that they would have either a ladder or a crease.

And a further thank you to everyone that continues to comment on my Frieda, I really appreciate it!


June 14th, 2005 - Again

I debated whether to post today, because here I am again with the big black blob. It is going to be a little reduntant for a couple of days, at least until I get to the arms.

But here is a more interesting picture of the texture of this wool

It has brown, green and blue flecks through it, which gives it a little bit of punch. Or at least keeps it from completely looking like boring black. Fortunately the yarn is super soft, so I don't mind knitting it one bit.

Thank you all for your yarn colour suggestions for the Lopi Jacket. I am going to use the Light Heather Berry for sure, and probably something like Vanilla. But the Light Heather Berry is for sure (in fact I think I have some of it left from this bag......hmmm, isn't that funny?)

A short rant - stop reading here if you don't want to hear me whine. Why are there so many inconsiderate people living in condos? And why are they all my neighbours? Above - drills into the floor all day. I think they build birdhouses or something. But at least they do it through the day. Down the hall, is the two year old that screams RIGHT OUTSIDE OF MY DOOR. Not crying, screaming. Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but keep them in your own unit. Not outside my door at 6am. But the one that will eventually drive me out of my own home, is the people that have moved in directly across from us. With a dog. I am a huge dog person, and I cannot wait to have my own. But I would never own one in a condo. Because, when you leave your dog alone all the time to BARK CONSTANTLY, your neighbours will think they are loosing their minds. Yip yip yip is all I have heard for the last three weeks since they have moved in. I can hear it in the kitchen, I can hear it with the TV cranked, I can hear it in my bedroom with the door shut and my head under the pillow (*word of warning - new condos have very thin walls*). I have told security, and they told me as long as it was a little dog (our condo rule is you have to be able to carry your dog in the halls) there is nothing that they can do about it. We are actually looking to move it is that bad. It is worse then someone dragging their nails on a chalkboard. Anyway, end rant, unless anyone has a suggestion. Guh.


June 10th, 2005 - Big Black Blob

First of all, I can't thank you enough for the great comments on my Frieda. No one ever wants to admit that they love compliments, but I do! And the knitting community is so good at giving them. So thank you all very much.

Second, I made a huge boo boo yesterday when I forgot to link Rachel's site (when I was doing the "Rachel"). I have fixed it now, sorry 'bout that.

You might have noticed that I have changed my June Stashbusters again

There it is folks, the most thought provoking, artistic and entertaining WIP shot in history. A big, black, blob. What this will be someday soon is the hourglass sweater. I figured that it was a good, quick knit that is going to use up a lot of the yarn that is in my stash. Although, summer has arrived in T.O., so I am not sure how long I am going to want to knit with wool. Eh, that is what A/C is for.

I was also very impressed yesterday to come home and find this in my mailbox

I ordered this book on Tuesday from Wool-Tyme in Ottawa, and it arrived on Thursday. Now there is a turnaround time. Not only that, but they overcharged my credit card $2 and change, so they taped a toonie to the inside of the package. How cute is that?

So now some advice from my loyal readers. I am going to knit this

with this

as the main body colour. What colours would you choose for the two accent colours? Here is a list of the colours available. Mine is 0032, Heather Berry


June 8th, 2005 - Frieda

She's done!

The slightly cut off "Rachel". I am not sure that the photographer quite understood the concept. Oh, and my new haircut.

Here is a closer look at the sleeve detail

And there is a close up of the front detail here.


Pattern: Frieda from Debbie Bliss' Alpaca Silk Book

Yarn: 10.5 balls of Samba (80% extra soft wool, 20% Brazilian Silk) from ArtFibers

Needles: Denise 6's and 8's, as called for in the pattern.

Modifications: I took out 10 rows of stockinette in the sleeve to account for my longer row gauge. Once you get over the initial "huh?" of the sleeve instructions, it is a very straightforward sweater.

Timeframe: May 2005

I am really happy with how this sweater turned out. TJ even thinks it looks store bought, which from him is a compliment. I think of all the sweaters that I have made, this is the most "practical", if that makes sense. It is sort of the most traditional, rather then artsy. I should get lots of use out of it.


June 7th, 2005 - Wedding Shawl and a Favour

A little package arrived from Elann last night containing this

Some beautiful white shiny cotton yarn for my wedding shawl. I have decided to make this

Pretty eh? It is the Evening in Eden Shawl (how appropriate) from Cabin Fever. I just don't think I will be doing the fringe. At least not until after the wedding. The pattern seems really straightforward too, which is great, butI am not going to be able to resist it's siren call for long.

Now a favour to ask; does anyone have the Alafoss Lopi Book Number 12? I would be willing to buy/trade/borrow it. I have decided that I would like to make this with the Lopi I bought from Jane

Minus the hideous hideous headband. Does anyone have this pattern? Pretty please? *she says with fingers crossed*


June 6th, 2005 - Splish Splash

Frieda is taking a bath, as we speak. I got up pretty early Saturday morning and plugged away at her over the weekend until I completed her. I was at that stage in the sweater where it just needs to get done, or it is liable to get stuffed in a basket and never completed.

So as promised, here is a little picture story of how I did the sleeves.

First, I used the tails that were leftover on the sleeve from joining the new yarn for each strip to sew up. This meant less ends to weave in, and since I spit spliced each ball throughout the sweater, there was very little weaving to do at all.

Then I pinned the side sections to the cable section like so

Here the first side has already been attached.

Then I carried the yarn in behind the side piece for a few stitches. Make sure that you don't use two or three stitches in a row, because the yarn will show from the front. Pick up one stitch, skip a row, pick up another, like so

Then, where at the point where the cable gets "fat", stick the needle through to the front

Using mattress stitch, pick up two stitches in the fat part of the cable, and then repeat the process. It actually didn't take all that long, because you get to carry the yarn in behind for so much of the length.

Tomorrow or Wednesday, finished shots!


June 2nd, 2005 - It's All Jane's Fault

Before I start into my ramble on why it is all Jane's fault, I wanted to let you know that Kelly and Jody have joined the stashbusters over here. Welcome ladies!

Also, here is my progress shot on the Frieda sleeves

A lot of people seem to have been deterred from Frieda because of concerns with the sleeve construction. So when I get to sewing up, which will hopefully be this weekend, I will be sure to document everything as closely as possible. I don't think that it will be too bad.

Now, Jane, who is sadly blogless, is one of the sweetest attendees to our SnB. (You are all sweet ladies). Jane is an excellent knitter who, according to her, has much too much stash. Jane knows me well enough to know that I am weak, weak I tell you. I cannot resist when someone comes to the shop with stash that they are selling off. Cheap yarn? I am on it. Jane knows this because it is not the first time that I have bought off some of her stash.

picture is a little darker then real life

Yes, I bought 10.5 balls of Lopi from Jane last night. As soon as she pulled it out of the bag, a couple of people (darn you Joanna) said "Oooo, it is the perfect colour for you Dani". And then of course my brain started wandering into...I could make a great coat from that......guh. I need about 3 months off to just knit. But seriously, thank you Jane, it is beautiful yarn. :)

You may have noticed that I have changed what my June stashbusters project is going to be. I want to finish up Princess De so that I can get all my Denise cords back, and I am not quite finished Frieda, so I needed something a little quicker. And since it is summer, I should knit some summer items. Sounds like a plan, huh?


June 1st, 2005 - Stashbusters

I have had a few requests from people to continue the Stashbusters beyond July, and I have had an idea. Rather then having a finite time, I will leave the stashbusters up permanently, and anyone can join at any time. Think of it as a way to encourage yourself to use up your stash. So, if you would like your name added to the list, just send me a quick email. Sound good? Just remember to save the graphics to your own server, k?

And now for an update on the current stashbusters

Aven This girl has made the most INCREDIBLE felted vest for her husband Mark. She is just finishing up the edgings and what not, but you must go over to her site and see it. I am still shocked that it worked out perfectly (not that I had any doubt Aven!)

Chris has finished her April stashbuster, which was a cute little flashdance top. Check out her May archives.

Dawn has finished her April Lucy, and all she has left for her May scoop is too attach some buttons and weave in some ends. Go check out her post where she *casually* states that she cut off the sleeve because it was too long. Yikes!

Eileen has finished both her April projects and her May Shrug? What a cute name....Shrug?

Elizabeth is working along on her NBaT which is her April project, as well as Gatsby which is her May project. For a laugh, go check out her funny doggie story too.

Jennifer has finished her A-line cardigan, but I am not sure if that was a Stashbusters project or not. Go check out her modeled shot.

Jessica has finished Branching Out for April, and the Leaf Lace pullover for May. And while you are over there checking these out, go give her son well wishes, the poor guy broke is hand.

Kim is knitting the 15th-15th of each month, and has finished her beautiful lacey shawl. But Kim, we still haven't seen a modeled shot yet! :)

Lynette has jumped ahead and started her June Sitcom Chic, since she wasn't feelin the love with her May project. Go check out all the pretty purple colours!

Lu has her April NBaT done, and has started on her A-line Jacket for May. That is one big project for a month!

Monica has finished her Monika sweater, all but the zipper. It looks great Monica!

missbedora. I love you to death hun. But seriously, when was the last time you knit? Just joshin. You can be our mascot. ;)

Nadia needs some comforting. Go over, visit, cry a bit over Charlotte. Send some encouragement that she can still rescue the suicidal stitches. It will all be ok.

Nancy is knitting the NYU Naughty Knitter Baby Blanket for April, and Baby Booties for May. How is it going Nancy?

I hope I got everyone. If there are any other updates, let me know!


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