June 2007

June 6th, 2007 - Off I Go!

Today I leave for Vienna for a business trip, and on Monday I will be traveling from Vienna to the UK to visit some very good friends of mine in Wales. I am super excited but also nervous, as I always am before I travel for work. So many things to think about, and something it bound to be forgotten. I just aim to make sure that the forgotten item is something minor.

If anyone knows of any good yarn stores or things I need to see while in Vienna, let me know, because I have Sunday night all to myself!

I will post lots of pics when I get back. See you in two weeks!


June 2nd, 2007 - *Shrug*

This past weekend I got to spend some time down in the big city with the lovely missbedora. On Saturday while I was trucking around town to all my favourite places, I popped into Lettuce Knit. Megan is a smart marketer, and has a lot of shop samples around. It was freezing on Saturday so I threw on the Dream In Color Shrug that was casually on one of the chairs. Less than a week later.....

One completed Dream In Color Shrug.

This was a fantastic pattern that didn't take much time at all. The lace pattern was easy to memorize, and there is no shaping.

Modifications: I seamed the sleeves a little farther than it called for, as I think overall the shrug was about an inch longer then it was supposed to be.

TJ was having a lot of fun taking silly model shots

This is the perfect little item to have at work to throw over your shoulders when the AC is much too high. It stays right where it is supposed to and it looks good with a lot of different tops.

It called for two skeins, but I ended up using about 1 and a half. And since this is the greatest yarn ever, I will definitely use the other skein for something.

And there you have it! My first decent finished project for myself in almost a year!


PS - missbedora? You might have noticed that I am wearing your belt in this photo. I will bring it with me on Sunday.

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