May 30th, 2005 - Cables

This weekend was a good one with dress fittings, dancing, and shopping (not for me this time). I made some good progress on my Frieda

I had to rip back the first section of the sleeve a bit, because my row gauge is off and it was too long. It wasn't a big catastrophe though, since there is a 25 row St st section that can be adjusted.

I am really thrilled with the texture of the centre cable

It really does look as though it is braided. I hope that it retains this texture when it is tacked to the other part of the sleeve.

So since tomorrow is that last day in May, it appears that I am going to be a little late finishing my May Stashbusters project. That is ok though, since I didn't realize the work involved in getting the sleeves done. What about everyone else? Send me an email update (dani warren at sympatico dot ca) and I will post an update on Wednesday.

Happy Memorial Day to all my US friends!


May 27th, 2005 - Needle Felter Holder

...or why my hubby is great.

On Saturday I was flipping through the online Halcyon Yarns catalogue when I came across this (look about halfway down the page at the wooden 16 prong felting needle holder). I though, hm, this would be really handy for making the felt for the front of the book covers, but I was wavering a bit because of the cost (and wondering if it would get across customs). Next thing I know, TJ has whipped down to the basement of his mom's and comes back up with this

Needle felter holder, sans needles. It works by opening it up

and sliding the needles into the tiny holes that are still to be drilled (with our new Dremel *whee*) in the bottom. Isn't he the best? Now all I need to do is buy some needles in bulk.

Oh, and did I mention he also made me these?

A whole bunch of book spines. And he even trusts me to use the Dremel without killing myself. Sorry ladies, he's all mine. ;)


May 26th, 2005 - Interesting...

I made a good bit of progress last night on Frieda

Here is the front all finished, and

here is one funky looking sleeve. I had a bit of an "...uh....what?" moment at the SnB last night when I began reading the instructions for the sleeves. I didn't notice on the pattern picture that there are little tiny gaps between the sides of the sleeves and the thin parts of the cable. The sleeve is actually knit in three thin strips - one side, the cable itself, and the other side. When you are done, you tack the wide curved part of the cable to each side of the sleeve. At first I wasn't quite sure that this was a design element that I liked, but it didn't take me long to warm up to it. Plus it gives you little parts of the sleeve so that they don't seem so loooooong.

While I was out on my little shopping spree this weekend, I picked up a couple of other crafty things.

Some cool plastic bag handles and

the most amazing thread holder. I think the bag handles might actually go on a fabric bag design that I have floating around in my head - which is good, because look how freakin' organized my thread is! I of course thought that I had more thread when I bought this, but it just means that I need to go out and stock up. *grin*

Tomorrow I will show you the amazing needle felting needle holder that TJ made me. What a good hubby he is.


May 24th, 2005 - I Have a Problem

I shop too much. There is no two ways about it. I swear it is some kind of disease. But, at least I buy nice things. Like alpaca....yum

I picked this up in Sarnia this weekend at the Sarnia Craft Supply store. This store is owned by Gladys, who also owns and alpaca farm. There is only one problem with this yarn - there is no yardage. I looked at it with my Koigu, and it is about the same thickness, and they are 4 oz skeins. I worked out with my handy dandy calculator that if I had 4 oz of Koigu is would be about 260 yards - does that seem reasonable? Does anyone know a better way to figure it out?

There were other purchases this weekend, but I will leave those for tomorrow, out of guilt. I did get some time to work on the front of Frieda over my long weekend

Only a couple more rows and the front of this puppy is all wrapped up. And then off to sleeve island. Bring me my daiquiri cabana boy!


May 20th, 2005 - Today, the Click Part

Today I have an addition to the click part of my blog. If you are so inclined, you can go check out my pseudo marco shots from my photography excursion last night. These were taken at Black Creek in Toronto.

Thanks for the shawl suggestions yesterday. If anyone still has ideas, I am still happy to hear them. Have a great long weekend (for my Canadian friends) and a great weekend for all others.


May 19th, 2005 - Twisty Goodness

I started into the cables on my Frieda last night

I haven't done much in the way of cabling in my short knitting career, so I am still at that point where it amazes me that it works. And luckily I read about how to do cables without a cable needle before I ever started working with them, so that is saving me a lot of time.

At the SnB last night I bought the pattern for this. I am going to knit it out of the Fleece Artist merino that I bought a while back, and then use the leftovers to make a mini Clapotis. I have also decided that I need to make a pretty, white shawl for my wedding in August. So.....I would love any suggestions for a great elegant pattern and also a white yarn that would be appropriate for the warm weather of Barbados. Ideas? ( I know you've got 'em)


May 17th, 2005 - Mail!

Similar to most people, I love getting mail. So I was pleasantly surprised to arrive home from work yesterday to this

Mail from Stacey! (Excuse the blurring - there are weirdos out there you know). How cute is this sheep? And check out the back

Even the envelope for the card was done up so nicely. And to my delight, look what was inside

Isn't it pretty? Thank you so much Stacey, I will add this to my little collection.

Yesterday one of the books that I had requested from the library came in.

In the couple of sweaters that I have designed on my own (my cowl and my incomplete Princess De) the edging it the part that I seem to have a mental block on. So I am going to read through this to give myself some ideas. I flipped through it already, and it seems to have some very interesting fringe that I could use on scarves and things. This is one that I might have to add to my library of books.

And in other news, Adele and I are doing a little swap. Adele is sending me this

in trade for the duplicate Spring Interweave that I received (finally). Thanks Adele, I am looking forward to it.

Yesterday afternoon I was flipping around the blogs and I found not one, but two Dani's. I have never in my life met anyone who spells their name the same as mine, and now I have found two that knit - how neat is that? Hi Dani and Dani, thanks for reading.


May 16th, 2005 - A Dress

This weekend I trekked to Sarnia (and then over to Michigan) to go shopping for a wedding dress with three of my most loved family and friends - my Mom, missbedora, and TJ's Mom. And,

Success! This is a picture from the designers web site, which I know does not really capture the dress very well, but it was all I could find. The top has some very pretty embroidery and a bit of beading. The best part is the back, which has a corset style tie up. The skirt will be a little less full once I get it altered to take the train off (you can't have a train when you are getting married on the beach in Barbados - it might get wet when I am walking in the ocean! Hee hee!). I tried about 12 or 15 dresses on before I found this one, so I think that was fairly painless. Although, missbedora and I were asleep in the car on the way back pretty fast, so it did wear us all out. I will take a better picture of it once I get it fitted. * I'm gettin' married. In Barbados. Yippee! * I just hope that it is not too formal looking.

Ok, that over, I did get lots of knitting done in the car this weekend.

Thank you all for the suggestions on the instructions. It is so good to have your suspicions confirmed when you are in a situation you are not sure of. My only concern with this sweater is that there is no neck shaping on the back. There is some on the front, and then it has a turtleneck, but isn't it going to feel weird on the back of my neck?

Today, casting on for the front (and many many cables).



May 13th, 2005 - Help!

I was working on my Frieda last night, and I have come across a set of instructions that I have not seen before:

"Inc Row: (right side) K2, kfb, k to last 4 sts, kfb, k3. Cont in st st, inc in this way at each end of 5 foll 6th rows."

Can anyone help me with the part in bold? Does this mean that I should increase every 6th row, 5 times? I am just a little unclear.


May 12th, 2005 - Disaster to Pristine in 30min Flat

I stayed home from the SnB last night because when I looked around my condo in the morning, I realized that the mess was really starting to get to me. But since I was missing my weekly yarn fest, I thought I would organize my stash.

1) Look at the pile-o-stash (note Stephanie's article from the Toronto Star on top). Realize that the stash can no longer live at the side of the chesterfield. At least not all of it.

2) Buy bins.

3) Sort stash according to....what fit in which bin. Admire oneself for the nice little stash you have accumulated.

4) Stop to watch rainbow out window.

5) Dig a couple more bins out of storage (no mention of where their original contents are now) and organize knitting books and cool fuzzy bag of ends.

6) Make a nice neat stack of yarn, and....

...nice neat pile by the chesterfield.

7) Contemplate buying more yarn off eBay since your stash really isn't that bad.


May 9th, 2005 - Busy Weekend

This weekend absolutely flew by, and somehow I didn't get a chance to knit even one stitch. Mostly because I spend my weekend behind a camera at my lovely friend Alison's wedding. Here is one of my favourite pictures that I took. This one is actually at the rehearsal dinner.

This picture sort of summed the wedding up. Everyone was laughing, happy and relaxed. The happy couple is off to Mexico today, and we wish them all the best.

Now, you ask, did I wear the ballet wrap? With a day at well over 20C, there was definitely no chance to wear the wrap. But I did wear it out for Mother's Day breakfast yesterday, so all was not lost.

A return to knitting content tomorrow, with a little luck.


May 5th, 2005 - Welcome!

Welcome to my new site everyone! Since I started my site in July of last year, I have learned a lot about how things work. My site is done from scratch, and I learned using a fly by the seat of my pants method. This being said, there were a few errors with my other page, and my server only had 10MB of space. So I have moved over to using the DreamHost server, with my own registered domain name. I now have a whopping 2.4 GB of space, which is more then even I could fill up.

So, if you happen to be clicking around and find a link or something that doesn't work, please let me know via email or comments (dani at dani miller dot com).

So, with all of this site stuff, knitting has been minimal for the last couple of days.

I did start Frieda from the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk book last night at the SnB. I am using the Samba that TJ picked up for me at Artfibers.

Progress is also slowly coming along with my sock.

I am going to do a short row heel, as practice for the shoulders of my Princess De sweater, which is soon to be resurrected.

And, since I had a poopy day at work yesterday (do you ever have a day where you realize that it is still one big Boys Club out there?) I indulged in some retail therapy

Ah Rowan, the best kind of retail therapy.

Some of you have asked how my dress for the weekend is coming along. Hmmm....well....I caved. I found an inexpensive black dress at Winners (same as TJ Maxx for my US friends) so I couldn't resist. I will show you the complete outfit including the ballet wrap after the weekend. Thanks again everyone for the comments!


May 2nd, 2005 - Computer Work

I spent most of the weekend working on my new website, which I am planning on launching later this week. I am just waiting for bloglines to recognize my RSS feed, which I know takes a couple of days. So needless to say, I didn't get much knitting done this weekend. Just a few inches on my sock.

I wore the ballet wrap to work on Friday, and I was pretty happy with it. I got lots of comments on the construction of the sweater, which I liked. Sometime when I wear my hand knits I feel a little out of place at work, and spend the whole day fidgeting. But by mid day I had kinda forgotten about it. I don't think I am going to be able to wear it to the wedding, since it is supposed to be 18 C, but I will take it to use as a jacket at night. Tonight will be my trip to Fabricland to get my dress started. Lots of time! (Guh!)


May 1st, 2005 - New Site Test



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