May 6th, 2008 - Re-entry from MDSW

Wow, what a great weekend. This was my first time to MDSW, and I will certainly be going back. I had a great time both at the festival and with the lovely ladies I traveled with. A little photo montage, if you will:

All 5 of us (Laura, Jen, Nikki, Pam and I) packed ourselves up and booted off in a GPS lead convoy,

armed with enthusiasm and tiny rolls of toilet paper. (Thanks Nikki!)

Friday night we narrowly avoided a total mayonnaise disaster, with the only casualty being Jen's purse.

We got there very early on Saturday morning and it was dead,

but it quickly filled up.

There were sheep,


and more sheep.

Jen was kind enough to teach me lots about sheep and how they are raised and farmed. I am sadly a true suburb girl, but I am always eager to learn about farming and 'country living' for lack of a better phrase.

We saw beautiful pieces of art, such as this rug hooking (truly incredible, the picture does not come close to doing it justice),

and this needle felted bear (the picture also does not do this one justice).

There was also fairgrounds food, which I didn't think I was going to eat but got sucked into. How could you miss out on one of these?

Yum, funnel cake.

There was a sheep to shawl competition, which has inspired me to get back in front of my loom.

But I think the best part of the show itself for me was a couple of vendors that took the time to really make the trip memorable.

Ann and Eugene at the Philosopher's Wool booth spent some very quality time with myself, Nikki and particularly Jen, who up until now had not knit a sweater (gorgeous lace shawls, but no sweaters).

Jen got to try on the sweater she thought she would like, and had many questions answered by Ann.

Both Ann and Eugene even humoured me by listening to me ramble about how I am originally from Ontario and recently relocated to Virginia. We talked about traveling, customs (the post 9 11 kind) and how there is nothing that they would rather be doing. The were so inspiring that Nikki went back and bought a kit on Sunday!

And finally there was Sheila and Jonathan Bosworth. I knew on this trip that I really wanted to get a drop spindle. I did not want to buy any yarn (and didn't) but I wanted to see if I had a hand for spinning. Sheila gave both myself and Nikki a great lesson - even though Nikki is an expert! - and I got a chance to watch Jonathan use a Charkha.

Best of all though, is that I went home with my very own Bosworth Midi!

Isn't he pretty? I have been spinning away since Saturday!

I am planning to use my first yarn out of this purple roving for a small woven scarf. I am sure it will be rather slubby, but I think I am getting the hang of it. I still need to do a little research on plying methods though.

So that is the whirlwind that was MDSW. I can't wait until next year.


May 1st, 2008 - Tote Me Off to MDSW

I am so excited I could spit. Tomorrow I leave for Maryland Sheep and Wool! Yippee! A definite benefit of living down here is being so close to Maryland. I have always wanted to go but I could never justify the trip. Now though it is only about 4 1/2 hours by car, so totally worth it. And the best part is, when I introduced myself to the Roanoke Knitters and Spinners on Ravelry before I moved down, they offered to take me! So there are 5 of us in this group going, sharing two hotel rooms. I have met a couple of the people who are going, but the others never in person. I can't wait, this is just like Christmas!

I thought about what bag I wanted to carry around for the weekend, and decided this deserved a new bag. So $14 in fabric later, I have a new fancy bag.

Modeled for us by the lovely Charlie. I used this tutorial, which was very easy to follow. It is quite a simple bag. It is reversible, and the inside lining has a pocket

So if you see this bag when you are at MDSW, stop me and say hello! I will likely be wearing a pink t-shirt too, as Laura (the lovely lady who is organizing the group - thanks Laura!) is making us all shirts too. I love fibre people!

So will I see you in Maryland?



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