May 29th, 2009 - Hey There

May has been a wonderfully crazy month for us with a lot of travel, thus the absence. I will be playing catch up on the blog for a little while, so look for more regular posts.

The weather has turned very warm here, which reminded me that I never posted the pictures of the summer robe that I made. I used Amy Butler's "Kimono Robe" pattern from In Stitches in a pretty fan pattern that I bought a while back.

There are a lot of little details that I like about this pattern. The sleeves have a nice wide cuff:

and so does the neckline.

I think my favourite part is the sizing though. It fits me just right, especially in the sleeves. Normally sleeves are much too short for me, as I have very long arms. But this sits nice and long onto my hands. Plus I will admit I feel kinda sexy when I wear it, even with bedhead. It is pretty short, so the hubby likes it too.

Overall a well written and very fun pattern.


May 4th, 2009 - Rainy Days

This past weekend was MSWF (I always thought it was shortened to MDSW, but I have been corrected) and I got a chance to go for a second time. This year's weather was not as good as last year, but I still had a great time and bought some really great stuff.

My first purchase is actually my favourite - a silver celtic ring from R. E. Piland

Isn't it pretty? I really miss wearing the one that I made (it has been lost forever sadly) so I am glad to have something new to wear.

I bought some gorgeous grey aran weight yarn for a simple raglan sweater from Carodan Farms.

I also picked up some yarn to make this vest (the long version though, not the short one)

I thought TJ deserved a gift too, so I bought some yarn to make more warm socks for him.

Grey socks with red toes, heels and a red stripe at the top. Just like work socks. I also got a cool plate from an old encyclopedia of a loom and it's parts. That will have to wait until I get it framed though.

And of course I enjoyed the animals too. Especially this guy.

What're you lookin at??

It was a great weekend with great friends, even with the rain. Next up, a couple of great gifts I have received.


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