Nov 30th, 2004 - 20 Skeins of Purdy

Yesterday was so much rushing around that most of it seems like a blur, but one good thing did happen

My Rowan Donegal Tweed came from the UK. Under a week, pretty good huh? I am thrilled with the milk chocolate colour, but I was really surprised at how tiny each skein is.

And I have skinny hands (excuse the weird shadow thing - to early to fix it). 20 skeins will just be enough to make a sweater, but now the question is, which sweater? It is 26-28 sts/38--40 rows per 10 cm, knit on US 3. Any suggestions? Rowan's replacement for this yarn is their Yorkshire Tweed, but I haven't found any patterns that I like.

No other progress yesterday. Thanks so much for your comments about my tree and my scarf. I hope I get a chance to do a bit more on it tonight.

Nov 29th, 2004 - Christmas is Coming

One of my favourite times of the year is Christmas, but for the last two years (the first two Christmas' that TJ and I have officially been together) we have been moving. In 2002 we moved into our first condo on Dec 15th. Last year we moved into our new condo on Dec 6th. So this is the first year that we are not in the midst of packing and unpacking boxes, which means we actually get to enjoy the season. So guess what I did yesterday

You betcha. Normally I don't put the tree up until the first weekend in Dec, but we have every weekend booked up between now and Christmas. I think TJ was a little on the humbug side about this, but he will live. This is the first place that I have lived in seven years that I will be in for more then a year. Yup, I have moved 11 times in 7 years (mostly because of school). So that is what I am going to be thankful for this year.

I did get some knitting done this weekend, although not as much as I had hoped.

I made some progress on my second flower face cloth, and it is looking much better then the first one did (hmmm...I wonder if that is because I have actually been following the pattern??)

I also decided to make this for my brother in law instead of the convertible mitts

I have never done cables before, so I thought this would be a good one to get a little practice on. I have figured out how to do it without a cable needle, which I good because I don't own a cable needle.

I also went down to Lettuce Knit on Saturday to pick up two more skeins of Manos in the same colourway as before so that I can make the multidirectional scarf. But only after I finish these two projects. Really.

Thanks everyone for the comments on the Manos hat. It took just under one skein, and I just sort of made it up as I went along.

PS. Thanks for noticing Mom, I have fixed my link to the October archives!

Nov 26th, 2004 - Curse of the Manos Hat

Sorry about not posting for a couple of days. TJ has been on training all week which means we have to leave really early, and posting is tough.

I finished my manos hat on Wednesday night at the SnB, and then I finished it again last night. That is right, I have knit the silly thing three times. First it was too wide, then too short. I think it is ok now.

I wanted it long so that it would cover my ears. I wore it Thursday (before I re-knit it) and it was definitely not warm enough. Winter has once again arrived in Toronto, so it was a good day to check. Here is what it looks like from the front. Please excuse the *beautiful* picture of me in all my freckled glory.

It actually pulls down lower then that, but for the purpose of the picture I didn't want to look like I was waiting for a blizzard.

Tonight I am planning on doing some sewing. I have some chocolate brown corduroy that was originally supposed to become a jacket, but I think I am going to make it into another knitting bag. I still like my Fleece Artist Bag, but it is not quite deep enough if you have a larger project.

I am also hoping to start some leg warmers this weekend out of my Alpaca Peru (top left), or start knitting a felted bag with my Cascade. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends (slightly belated, but happy shopping day!)

Nov 23rd, 2004 - Froggin'

I was almost done the manos hat and discovered when I tried it on that it was much too big. I am not sure how this happened, because I did a swatch, I measured my head, and then I made it a little smaller for good measure. And somehow it was 18 stitches too big. 18. Yikes. So now it is back in it's little ball ready for another try. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some progress to show you.

I got a really good deal on some yarn yesterday. Well I think anyway. I bought 20 skeins of Rowan Donegal Lambswool Tweed (apparently it is discontinued now) on ebay for $40 CND with shipping. That's 2000m of yarn. It is a really really small gauge (knit on US 3's) so whatever I make with it will take forever, but I couldn't say no. And it is a really pretty brown colour.

I am thinking maybe a long knitted jacket with a hood. We will have to see what I think when it gets here. So much for trying to finish up knitting some of my stash. I am not even sure where I am going to put this. Must knit faster!

Nov 22nd, 2004 - Details

Sorry that I didn't post more yesterday, but the batteries conked out in my camera and I was only able to get the one shot in of my throw. Here are some close ups

Reclining naturally on my couch. This is one problem that I have encountered. I like the way it looks on my couch so much I don't want to give it away. But I will, because I am a good girl. I used one skein of Grand River Yarns Boucle and size 11 circulars.

Here is a close up of the fringe, and one of the texture of the yarn. It was surprisingly not that hard to work with, once I got a fairly blunt ended needle. I put it in the dryer on air fluff when I was done to get rid of the shedding, and it seems to be alright now.

As far as the challenge with missbedora goes, I just wanted to say thanks, because I probably never would have finished it without the challenge. So thanks hun. And the only reason I finished before her is that she has the most amazing social life where she hangs out in neat clubs with cool people, and I stayed home on Saturday night to knit. Hmmmm, who is the real loser here?

Saturday through the day missbedora and Heidi came over to make Christmas crafts.

Here they are attempting to make marmalade, which is now sundae sauce since it didn't set. But everything else worked out well. We made Santa's BBQ sauce, Hot Toddy Mix, and Nuts and Bolts. I will show you a picture of the great labels and stuff that Heidi and missbedora made once I get some daylight. Heather, please send me an email or leave me your email address in the comments.

I also started working on my Manos hat this weekend, and I am roughly following the pattern for the Silk Garden Beanie that Stephanie made.

I really love the colours of this yarn. It is a little bit richer in person and I think it is going to be a really warm hat.

Have a good Monday everyone!

Nov 21st, 2004 - The Underdog Comes From Behind

Two words. Ta Da.

Full post later.

Nov 19th, 2004 - 1 day until Christmas Crafts!

Tomorrow missbedora and our friend Heidi are coming over to work on some Christmas crafts. Well, I am not sure if you call them crafts, since they are so much more then that. We are making BBQ sauce, hot toddy mix, marmalade, and nuts and bolts. Each one of them is going to be wrapped up in a really cool package. I will take lots of pictures and post them on Monday.

Not at lot of knitting was accomplished last night because I was busy icing my hip. I have some weird thunking thing going on (the chiropractor gave it a much more technical name, but I don't remember what it was) so I have been getting a lot of work done on my hip flexor. In fact, I think the chiro is trying to kill me. But all this stretching an very painful massage seems to be making it better, so I will just suck it up.

Thanks for the comments about the yarn display. I actually cleaned up the rest of the condo this morning, and now somehow the yarn looks a lot neater. So I think I will leave it for now and see how I feel. And yes, some books had to be usurped in order to accommodate my yarn. The books are now on a pile on the floor. But they, how often do I feel the need to read about orgo?

Hope you all have a great weekend, wish us luck with the Christmas crafts!

Nov 17th, 2004 - Maybe I am!

I have been having trouble lately getting motivated about anything. I am just feeling really lethargic. So, Curlie Girl has inspired me to change my routine a little to see if that helps. I am going to try posting at night now so that I can get up in the morning and start jogging again. Hopefully this will result in me having a little more energy. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

In knitting seems as though missbedora is a little nervous as to the stage of my throw. Feeling threatened are you? And you are right, I am not posting a pic of it so that you can shake in fear that I may beat you in the challenge. And since you have been talking about starting up your blog again, I think we should up the challenge a little. The first person who finishes and posts a pic of the completed object wins. And the loser has to take the winner to her favourite yarn store and buy her something in the $10 range. Sound good?

I missed the SnB tonight because I wanted to try and get some things done at home, and I am happy to say I did actually get some things accomplished, including this:

Yup, all my yarn is on my bookshelf now. With my bio, biochem, inorganic, and organic chemistry textbooks. But guess what - I don't think that I like it. I thought maybe I could make it look artistic, but to me it looks like a mess. *sigh*. I think I need a shelf with cubicles or some pretty chrome baskets or something. Oh well. Maybe it will inspire me to knit. Or maybe it will end up back in the rubbermaid.

That's all for tonight - wish me luck with the running in the morning.

Nov 15th, 2004 - You're On

This weekend was a great one full of friends, wine, and food. Saturday my good friend Paul visited from Sudbury, along with another couple that we know. And last night at missbedora's we had another friend from University up that we hadn't seen in quite a while. So needless to say much wine was enjoyed and by the time TJ came to pick me up, he listed us as "supersonic". Our giggling, supersonic? Never.

I have been engaged in a little challenge with missbedora over my throw. She has been working on Rogue for quite a while and has lost her motivation to work on it, as I have with the throw. So she challenged me to see who could get their big fat obnoxious project done first. Can't turn down a challenge, that's for sure, so we will see how this one pans out. The only thing that we haven't decided on is what the winner gets.

I got my Peruvian Highland wool from Elann on Friday and I am very impressed with how soft it is, and how close the colour (or non colour in my case) is to what is on their site. I am really eager to get started on my sweater now. Only a few more Christmas presents to go! Pictures to follow soon. Have a good Monday

Nov 12th - A new lever of "knitter"

I think that I may have hit a new level of "knitter" this morning. Or rather a new level of stasher. I was archiving my October posts, and a picture of some purple yarn flew by. I though to me-self, "What on earth?". I have yarn that I didn't even know about. Don't get me wrong, I remember buying it now (purple cascade quattro) but I forgot that I had it. I forgot! This is a new level for me. It is not even on my list. Any of my lists! Wow....stunned. I seriously need to get knitting.

Since people have objected to my idea for Manos leg warmers (I really never thought about the fact that no one would see the beautiful colours. Thanks guys!) I am going to make a toque. A really warm winter toque.

I worked a little on my throw last night, but since it is the slowest project ever, I am not going to bother posting a pic (it looks the same as it did two days ago). I am getting eager to do something that is not a Christmas present, so I think I may have to satisfy myself by using my new found cascade for a bag. This is wonderful - it is like living in your own mini yarn store. Is this what people that have whole rooms for their stash feel like??

Nov 11th, 2004 - Productive Night

You will have to excuse me if my post is a little off today, the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night (for the second time in four days). For those of you who haven't lived in a condo or apartment, the building fire alarms are the most jarring, loud, blaring irritating sound on earth. I am a person that will wake up at the slightest sound, so when this stupid thing goes off my natural instinct is to hide under the covers in the fetal position and have a coronary. So needless to say, not much sleep last night.

But it is ok, because I got lots done at the SnB last night. First though, here is a picture of the finished mini booga bag.

I hope the person that is getting it as a gift will like it (it has 3 Lindt chocolates in it, so I am sure that will help). I also got my dad's Christmas present finished

I will take a picture of someone modeling it tonight, as I didn't figure anyone wanted to see my mug this morning. Eek. I also got one of the face cloths done

I forgot to take the pattern with me last night, so I had to kind of fake it. I am mostly pleased with the results, but I am hoping the second one turns out a little more even. I think the recipient will like it though. I am going to make some handmade soap to go with it I think.

I also bought some Manos to make some leg warmers

Isn't the colourway gorgeous? I thought the idea of leg warmers were neat, but I am not fond of all the younger kids wearing them over their pants, so I wasn't sure that I would ever wear them. They I realized that I could wear them under my dress pants at work. (I walk everyday for lunch, rain, snow, sleet, or shine, so this will keep the part of my legs not covered by my coat warm). And besides, there was only this one lonely skein left at Lettuce Knit last night. What is anyone going to do with one skein? You see, I bought it to take it out of it's misery.

On a more serious note though, remember to take your minute of silence today at 11am. While I didn't have any grandparents or family members that were in any of the wars, TJ's grandpa was a tank and ambulance driver, and landed at Juno beach. I know for him how tough the memories must be, because he will never talk about the war in front of a woman. Last year, when he was interviewed by the local paper before he traveled to Juno Beach for the opening of the monument, he actually made TJ's grandma leave the room so she didn't have to hear about the horror. So just don't forget why we are all here with our freedom.

Nov 10th, 2004 - Mini Me

Last night was cleaning night, so there was not a lot of knitting goin' on. However, I did manage to make this

It is a little ity bity booga bag that I made using some leftover Lopi. It is currently blocking on my box of chopstick holders. This is to be a gift, and it will have a little chocolate inside it. Here is something to give the size some perspective

Hey, it was all I could find. Once the bag is dry I have some tiny little leather laces that I am going to use for the straps. I figured not only would it be something fun to make, but it would give me some practice with the double points.

Speaking of dps, I picked up the size I needed for the hat/washcloths at the Enchanted Needle (an embroidery/knitting shop at Weston and Steeles) along with the newest Interweave at lunch. There are a couple of projects in there that I am thinking of. But more on that tomorrow.

I also finished 4 of the 5 petals for my second cloth done while I was printing calendars for the United Way after work. Hopefully after the SnB tomorrow (yes, I am really going this week) I will have at least one finished cloth and hopefully a hat to show you.

Nov 8th, 2004 - "Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays!"

This weekend seemed to just rush by. Last night, every time I woke up, I thought to myself, "it must be Saturday night. I can't possibly have to get up and go to work". Oh well, I got a lot accomplished this weekend.

Friday night I started working on the Flower Washcloths from Weekend Knitting

It is at this stage because despite by best efforts, I don't have the right size double points to finish it. It is the same reason that my hat looks like it does. I have also done another petal on the second one.

Saturday morning I dyed my roving for my thrum mitts

I am really happy with how it turned out. And it smells so grapey!

We also went to the Toronto Woodworking Show (TJ's passion) and he got a new planer.

He's co cute. I also managed to pick up some Patons Classic Wool for the convertible mitts I am making for my brother in law

Saturday night we watched Supersize Me, and I worked on my Big Fat Obnoxious Project

Sunday morning I ordered my wool from Elann for my sweater. Thank you all so much for your votes. I eliminated the blue and the pink right away, and then I had to decide between the purple and the white. I went with white for this project, but I am considering buying some purple for another project. We will have to see. Thanks to the person that left the comment about the Alpaca, but it is wool, not Alpaca. ps - your email address doesn't work!

That's all folks. Enjoy your day, even if it is Monday.

Nov 5th, 2004 - I caved

Well, sort of, but it is ok. When I went to the mail yesterday, there was a cheque from my insurance that I had forgotten all about. So today, I will be caving in and buying some Peruvian Wool from Elann. More on that in a bit.

Yesterday when I asked everyone if they had seen a neckline like the Delphine Wilson design that I saw, Eklectika (who I already know is awesome because she designed the logo for my site) sent me a schematic of how she thought the sweater should look

Seriously, this girl is a wizard. Seeing this diagram totally got my brain working, and now I cannot stop thinking about this sweater. I must make it. I must buy wool for it. Thus, my Elann dilemma. I can't seem to decide on a colour. Here are the ones that I have narrowed it down to:

Natural, Rose Pink, Victorian Violet, and Summer Sky. I thought that it should be a very "princess" like colour because of the style of the sweater, but I also want to have this sweater for a long time (ie I don't want the colour to be too trendy). For those of you that don't know me, I am very fair, have lots of freckles and reddish blond hair. Which colour should I pick? Hopefully this poll works. But if it doesn't seem to be, maybe you could just leave a comment. Thank you all so much for your help

The only part of the sweater that I am not totally sure how to do, it the cap on the sleeve. This is mainly because I have never made anything with short rows, so I will need to read up on that. Does know of a good book for that?

Have a great weekend all!

Nov 4th, 2004 - Almost finished

I decided not to go to the SnB last night, and went to visit missbedora instead. I think she needed some rescuing from her physiotherapy textbooks. I managed to get my Cotton Chenille all untangled, and I also almost finished the hat for my Dad

The only reason I didn't completely finish it last night was that I don't have the right size of dps. So I will pick those up hopefully tonight, and finito!

I will be moving on to the washcloths next. I can hardly wait to see how soft they feel. And I plan on dyeing the roving for my thrums this weekend. This should be interesting...

I looked around yesterday for more information on Delphine Wilson. It seems as though she only sells her completed knitwear, not patterns. So now I am on a search for a sweater pattern that has a neckline like this

If anyone knows of a pattern that has a neckline like this, can you leave me a comment? Or even if you have an idea of how to construct something like this so I can design something. I would love you forever.

Have a great Thursday everyone, it is almost the weekend.

Nov 3rd, 2004 - A tired day

It is going to be a tired day because of such a late night last night. Especially since there is no decision yet. If I am this anxious about the results I can only imagine what it feels like to wake up in the US this morning. But enough about that.

At the market research thing I was at last night, I managed to plot out the chart for my breast cancer scarf

Sorry about the blurriness. It is a bit like how I feel this morning. Anyway, now I need to figure out what I am going to do for edging and the general style of the scarf. I think it is going to be fairly thin and as long as I can make it. Mainly so it looks like a ribbon when it is wrapped around my neck.

Thank you Amy Lyn for your suggestion to look at the "booby" scarf on Knitty. I had seen it, and it is a really cute idea. I am just not sure that it is my style. And I think I would have a tough time explaining the concept to the people that I work with. :)

In other news, I am starting to get anxious about beginning a new project.

This pile of spaghetti looking stuff could only mean that I have yanked apart my Cotton Chenille in preparation for making flower washcloths from Weekend Knitting. Not....til.....I...finish...the....hat!

I have managed to restrain from buying the Peruvian wool on Elann, but it was tough yesterday when I saw the Holiday Vogue Knitting. Some of the cabled sweaters are beautiful, and the wool on Elann is around the right gauge. We will see if I make it though today.

Does anyone know if you can buy patterns somewhere for Delphine Wilson's designs? The are absolutely gorgeous.

I have another meeting today with the group of knitters that I started at work. One of the girls that I taught the basics to last week has already knit two scarves and taught herself the purl stitch. Nice eh? I think I may have created another knitting monster!

Nov 2nd, 2004 - An idea

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to tell you about my idea for the pink yarn. What I am going to do is print out some knitters graph paper, and design a scarf that has a repeating pattern of the breast cancer ribbon in it. I was thinking that if I can get the pattern perfected, that I might put it up on my site for sale by donation. Then whatever money I get I will send it right on to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Does that seem like it might work? Even if it doesn't, I would have a scarf that would raise awareness when I wear it, so that is good.

Speaking of which, I was remiss yesterday in that I did not mention the website for Jeanne's store: Country Yarns. She recently started online orders and she has a slew of patterns. And, she is one of the nicest shop owners that I have ever dealt with. You should go.

I didn't get to do much knitting last night because I was at a market research thing for work quite late. Thank you all for you comments on the twist problem, I am just going to be a little more conscious of my gauge and see if that fixes the problem.

Tonight, more market research, but maybe I can sneak in my knitting.....

Nov 1st, 2004

I had a great weekend, filled with visits, turkey dinners, and my cutie niece and nephews. Oh, and a little trip to a LYS in Petrolia. Petrolia is a small town near Sarnia, and it also happens to be the first place in North America that oil was discovered. And the place that first developed Kerosene. Believe it or not. But enough of the history lesson, onto the yarn

The store that I went to is called Country Yarns, and Jeanne, the wonderful lady that has the shop in her house made the visit worthwhile even without the yarn. I picked up some very soft Alpaca from Peru, which may become a "hoodscarf" that I am designing for a friend (more on that tomorrow). The blue is a self patterning sock yarn. I figured I have been knitting for a little over 6 months now, it is time to make some socks. And would you believe, as I was looking around the shop, Jeanne was kind enough to *give* me the pink yarn. Yes, for free. Apparently a sales rep gave it to her as a sample, and she thought that I might like it. And I do! It is an Elsebeth Lavold yarn called Silky Wool (65% wool, 35% silk) and it is wonderfully soft. There is 175m in this skein, so I have a secret little scarf project that I am going to design. What? You want details? Not yet, that is why it is a secret.

I also got started on the hat that I am making my Dad for Christmas.

K1, P1 ribbing is really really slow. But it is coming along, and with any luck I will be able to finish it up this weekend. I have a question - is it called 'bias' when you are knitting in the round and there is a tilt to the knitted product? I know it can be blocked out, but is this just an inexperienced knitter thing? Is there something that I can do to work on fixing this? I am hoping that it is common, because even the picture of the hat in the pattern that I am sort of using shows this 'twist'. Ideas?

Normally I wouldn't discuss my financial news on my blog, but I just had to gush at something that I am very proud of. On Oct 29th, 2004, I finished paying off my student loan!! Whoo Hoo! I am very proud of this, because I paid for school on my own, and it has only taken me two years to pay it off. TJ and I have made a lot of sacrifices to get it done so quickly, so now let the party begin! Or rather, the saving for a down payment, but hey, I need my moment of glory.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.


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