November 2006

November 29th, 2006 - 'Tis the Season

Things are busy here around KSC Designs and haven't lead to much time to blog unfortunately. But I can say that I am now well on my way to being organized for Christmas, which is a big change from other years. In fact (you can hate me for this) I am done my Christmas shopping. I still have some handmade items to finish off, but the shopping is all done.

I have been making a bit of progress on Gathering Intentions also

As many people have already mentioned, sorry for the crappy photo. I don't see daylight in the hours that I am home from work and I haven't set up a light tent yet. I actually have to pull out the cap on the sleeve on the left, because I messed it up, but the other sleeve and the back are done. I am hoping to be able to wear this Christmas day, but that might be a little lofty.

I also made a pair of mittens for Lynne's charity mitten collection

The outside two are obviously store bought, but you can never turn someone into a Leaf's fan too early.

The other great thing that happened recently was that missbedora returned from her adventures in Central America. And she brought me a prezzie!

Thanks hun! This is the most beautifully shimmery cotton yarn that was all dyed with plant material. Isn't it pretty? I have to decide what small project to make out of it - any innovative suggestions? I would love to have a loom so I could weave it, but alas.

Speaking of which, I am looking to take a weaving class. I know of one up in the Mt. St. Louis area, but is there anyone in the Southern Ontario area that knows of another? I am looking for a fairly thorough class.

More updates soon, I hope.


November 4th, 2006 - A Different Kind of FO

After a bit of a neck strain this week that didn't let me do much of anything, I have a new kind of FO to show

I finished my very first beaded bracelet. It isn't perfect, and I imagine that is due to me getting used to the tension, but I am very happy with it. I used the tubular peyote stitch, which was very easy to pick up.

I wanted it to sort of have the look of pearls, and I think I accomplished that.

Lest yee think however that I have not been knitting, I have some actually progress to show on Gathering Intentions as well as the brown cardi. But not until later.


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