Oct 29th, 2004

So the starting of new projects didn't go so well. As our faithful Yarn Harlot says, I had a date with Mr. Washie last night. That is one definite problem with living in a small condo; when you have a ton of hang to dry stuff, and all the door knobs, shower curtain/window blind rods, and flat spaces are full of damp clothes, you begin to feel like you are living at a dry cleaning shop.

However, I have my knitting all packed up for my trip to the inlaws this weekend (don't groan, my inlaws are awesome) so I should come back Monday with some good stuff to show you all.

Have a great weekend, and a safe Halloween!

Oct 28th, 2004

TJ's birthday went well, and you should have seen the man's face when I gave him his Home Depot gift card. Like a kid in a candy store I tell you. Thanks for those that wished him and I well.

Yesterday was our first needlework meeting at work, and more people showed up then I expected. I started teaching two girls to knit, and I think it went well. Hard to teach much in 45 min, but I think I covered some of the basics.

Tonight, I am going to start some new projects. Probably the hat that I am going to make for my dad for Christmas, and maybe some mitts. So pics tomorrow!

Oct 27th, 2004 - My cutie's birthday

Yup, my hubby turns 26 today, so we have a nice night out planned tonight, and I am letting him sleep in as long as possible this morning. It was on his birthday three years ago that we had out first sort of night out too, so it is kinda an anniversary as well. So Happy Birthday Sweetie! I don't know what I would do without you *kiss*

With that said, there will not be a lot of knitting tonight, but I did manage to get the scarves I was making finished and wrapped.

Here they are, reclining on the couch,

and here they are all wrapped up like piece of candy. Thanks so much everyone for your ideas. I loved Lisa's idea for the Christmas cracker, so I sort of adapted it for a non Christmas gift. I also played around with photoshop last night to make a sticker from the part of my logo at the top that has the yarn. Once I print these out I will take a picture with them on the gift. I am also going to attach a gift card with "handmade for you" and the washing instructions. Thanks again all for your help.

Today is the first meeting of the knitting group that I am trying to set up at work. I am going to be teaching one of the girls how to knit today, using some leftover wool and a couple of my needles. This is scary, me teaching someone how to knit. Hopefully I will create another knitting fanatic to add to our wonderful growing community.

Oct 26th, 2004 - Sleeve Island...sort of

You know how everyone complains about being on Sleeve Island? Well, I am stuck on Scarf Island.

One down, a little over half of one to complete. I shouldn't complain, they are going really quickly, but instead of moving onto more challenging knitting, I seem to be moving backwards. Oh well, soon enough.

Being the rather anal retentive person that I am, I started thinking about how I wanted to wrap my knitted gifts that I am giving this year. Yes, you heard me right, it is not even Halloween yet and I am thinking about how to wrap my Christmas stuff. I think I may have some issues that I need to deal with. Nonetheless, I was thinking about making up some stickers and tags that have my blog logo on them. Would that be weird? I have been flipping around on some of the other blogs looking to see if anyone has any wrapping ideas, but I haven't found much. What do you all do to wrap your knitted/crocheted/sewn etc. gifts? (I know you are all hiding out there in blog land....)

Oct 25th, 2004 - Back to the regular schedule

Last week I must have been in post vacation mode, because I seemed to be very out of my routine (which if you know me, is odd, because I am a very routine person). So this weekend I seemed to manage to get myself back into the swing of things. And I even managed to get some knitting done.

I decided with the throw that it will start with a few rows of garter, then just go to plain old stockinette, and then the last couple rows in garter. On the non garter edges there will be fringe.

Not the most exciting to knit, but I tried a whole bunch of different stuff and because of the texture of the yarn, a plain stitch works much better. I am such a bad knitter, I didn't even finish my row...

I am really happy with how the colours are turning out. It looks a little more....muddy in the cake, but once you start to knit it the colours really spread out. I also made a little shopping trip this weekend to pick up some yarn needed for projects.

One of the ladies that I work with has commissioned me to make some simple but fuzzy scarves for her two girls. I hope to get these done by Wednesday or so. I made my first trip to the Knit Cafe this weekend as well.

Some Cascade Quattro to be made into another felted bag. This one will be my design. The Knit Cafe was good and the people that work their seem really friendly. Just a note though....don't bother winding your yarn at the shop. The swift/winder combo is not the best. I ended up rewinding it at missbedora's house. I was glad to see that someone in Toronto had Cascade stuff though.

I am getting really eager to start Rogue. I feel like I need something more challenging to keep me from getting bored. I have to finish up a couple more Christmas things (you didn't think I was going to post those here, did you?? :) ) and then it is all about the cables baby.

Oct 21st, 2004

First off, my trip pics are done! Check them out here.

Wow, this week seems to have gone by in a blur. I think I must be in post holiday dulrums. The Cake concert was awesome the other night, and wouldn't you know that I saw one of my fellow knitters from the world of the SnB just 6 seats over. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.

Last night I skipped the SnB because I was just so tired. I did pop by missbedora's for some tea and a bit of knitting though. Poor missbedora is stuck in the house studying for her physio midterm on Friday, so she decided to knit Rogue for some stress relief. Yikes.

I started to knit up the boucle yesterday and learned a couple of things. 1) this yarn is not very stretchy. I was trying to do this little wave pattern that involved a bunch of K2tog....not going to happen, and 2) I needed needles with a blunt end. I have tried a couple of patterns for the throw, and I just can't come up with anything that I like, and I really don't want to do a whole throw in garter stitch (even though this yarn really would look best that way because of it's texture). Any ideas? Maybe I will just work on it a bit at a time so I don't get bored.

I also made my first real attempt at knitting with double pointed needles last night.

The bottom is just St st, and then I switched to K2 P2 ribbing. I guess this is sort of a swatch for my mittens which I am making up as I go along. I don't like the ribbing, so I may make the cuff just out of stockinette. Would that be weird? Knitting with double points seems SO akward. I just haven't figured out a way to hold them so that I don't feel like Edward Needle Hands. But missbedora is right...knitting itself seemed akward when I first started. So I will plug along and see how it goes. Geez....I could have flattened out the swatch for the pic....sorry...blech.

A few people have been asking me where I get the leather for my booga bags. I got it from Heritan Leather and Crafts. Very nice guy at the store in Scarborough.

Other then that, not much going on. More knitting tonight though. Maybe even some progress.

Oct. 19th, 2004 - Poor blog..

...I swear I haven't forgotten about you. I am so close to finishing the pictures from my trip I can taste it. Hopefully I can get them up tonight. That may be tough though, because I am going to the Cake concert tonight.

I left the RAOK ring yesterday, because I couldn't really dedicate the time to it that I should have. I felt bad that there were people waiting to get into the ring, when I wasn't doing enough with it.

Since I don't have any knitting progress, here is a picture of me and the bride Angela from this weekend

Oct. 14th, 2004 - Lotsa pics

I didn't get a chance to post yestersday, because I had a little finishing party. But first, I got RAOKed!

Heather sent me some black worseted weight yarn, some hot cocoa, and a pattern for a hat from Knitty. This is very shortly going to become a hat for my dad for Christmas. Thansk Heather!

I also got a package from a friend I was doing a swap with.

This is some Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille that I am going to make into some flower washclothes from Weekend Knitting, some candy (it is already eaten!) and a skein of Cascade 220. Not quite the colour that I was looking for, but I think I am going to make something for my little nephew (like a knitted frog?)

After getting my packages, the finishing party began. Here is a baby blanket that I started crocheting (yes, you heard me right) 2 years ago.

I still cannot believe that it is done - this thing has been my nemisis.

I finished another booga bag that is going to be a Christmas gift

I also put the zippers in a couple of things that had been sitting around.

Yeah, ok it is ugly, but it is just to hold stuff in the bottom of my purse and use up some scrap cotton. I also finished my Sophie bag

It even got a fun yellow zipper

Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions for my poncho. I decided against the fringe, and I steamed it yesterday, and it lies flat now, so I am happy. I even wore it out last night.

Once I was done these, I decided to head down to Kensington to Courage My Love to get some beads, and then headed over to Lettuce Knit for an early SnB. Here is the result

The little hearts glow in the dark, and I think my 7 year old niece will love it. I also managed to finish off the baby blue scarf that I started the other day

This one is for me, and it really makes me look like a Muppet when it is on. It is so fuzzy and soft. My goodness though this was a boring knit. I am glad to be done.

While I was at Lettuce, I picked up some beautiful boucle

This is going to become a throw as soon as I decide what stitch pattern I want to use. I also picked up a set of double pointed needles to make mittens for myself.

Whew! If you are still reading, thanks, that was a long one. I won't be posting until next week now because I am going to be the maid of honour in my friends wedding this weekend. But I will see you all Monday! And I will potst my trip pics ASAP.

Oct. 12th, 2004 - I'm back

I have returned from my wonderful trip to New England, tired, relaxed, and happy. We had a great time, and saw a tonne of new places. Rather then trying to outline everything on this page, I am working on a page that is just for my trip, and as soon as I get it done I will post the link with all of my pictures (we took 426 pictures in 8 days, not bad eh?)

I will however show you all my fibre-y goodness from my trip.

I wanted to make sure when I was away that any of the yarn that I bought was either a lot cheaper in the States then in Canada, or from the State that I was in at the time. This is from my trip to Halcyon Yarn in Bath, Maine. It is 5 skeins of Bartlett Yarns worsted, in a really nice purple colour. Here is a better picture of the colour.

This wool is native to Maine, and is very "natural" in texture. Kinda rough, and very full of lanolin. When missbedora and I were winding it yesterday we could both feel how soft our hand were from the oils. This is very shortly going to become Rogue. I can't wait to start.

I picked up a skein of the undyed bulky version of this yarn too, so that missbedora could play with some dying. We have a dying party scheduled for next weekend. Hopefully we don't wreck anything.

I also picked up some more yarn that is a lot like Plush by Berroco (the stuff that I made my scarves out of).

This yarn was a lot cheaper, and the eyelash length is much longer. It is becoming a wide scarf/shall for myself.

But the best knitting part of my trip was that I finished my first poncho

It is really soft, and the pattern was amazing (thanks Megan), but I am not sure that I love it on me. It still has to be blocked (that is why the corners are curling funny) but I just don't think I can pull of this look. It looked great on missbedora, but there is something about it that does not look right on me. TJ thinks that it needs some fringe. What do you think? Fringe or no fringe? Does it look funny?

I will leave you with a picture from my trip, just cause. Hope you like it (Kennebunkport, ME, sunset on Ocean Ave.)

Oct. 1st, 2004

First off I would like to thank everyone that helped me out with my little rss problem, cause guess what? It works baby! Whoo-hoo! You can now subscribe to my blog on Bloglines and all should work well.

I felted my first Sophie last night

This is a pretty accurate representation of the colour. Now I know you are probably thinking that this doesn't really look like the picture on MagKnits, but that is because I shortened it. I thought that I was going to run out of yarn. I was wrong, I still have some left. I think I have a pattern trust issue, no?

I am going to add a zipper to the top of it because unfortunately it does this

While this little thing that looks like a Muppet beak is cute, it is not so practical for a purse. So zipper it is. And I decided against using the beads, as the shinny ribbon looks a little funny against the matte wool. They will get saved for another special project.

Adele asked in the comments yesterday where the green yarn for my poncho was from. It is Luxury Collection Baby Alpaca, and I picked it up from Lettuce Knit the other night for a very good price. And this stuff is so soft your hands wouldn't even believe it.

I took a book out of the library yesterday called "1000 Sweaters" and it is one of those books where you pick your sweater body on the top half of the page, and then the sleeves using a coding system on the bottom half of the page. It is really neat. There is a little wrap cardigan in there that I matched with flared sleeves that they suggest to knit out of Kidsilk Haze. This may be one that I save up for, to knit later on in the winter. I have heard wonderful things about Kidsilk Haze.

Well, this will likely be my last post for a while because tomorrow morning I am off on my holidays for a couple of weeks. I am going to keep a little offline blog while I am gone, and anything of interest I will post when I get back. I will miss you all! Have a good Thanksgiving!


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