October 2008

October 15th, 2008 - We're Being Invaded

There are some great insects down here, things I had never seen at home

Leaf man here, and his autumnal cousin,

dried up Leaf Man.

But then, there are some not so good bugs, the kind that are taking over my house.

Stinkbugs. They have been around all summer, stuck to my screens, in my house etc, but I am kind of used to them now.

The ladybugs however, are new over the last couple of days. They are literally everywhere.

There are lots of spots:

No spots:

And everything in between. Without a word of a lie, there are at least 100 stuck to the back of my house.

I have removed several dozen from inside the house too. I would imagine it is going to get worse on Friday, when the weather goes from the 80's to the 60's.


October 13th, 2008 - Steps to Enlightenment

1. Go to the Pottery Barn outlet on your way through Ohio. Buy a wall lamp with a plug for $17.99 because hey, even if you don't use it you can sell it for more than that

2. Get home and look up lamp online to discover that it is $179.00 regular price. Dance with glee because you just saved 90% on something from Pottery Barn. Realize that Pottery Barn's regular prices are ridiculous

3. Decide that the lamp would be a great replacement for this ugly beast, which cost you more than $17.99 many many years earlier

Damn I hate that thing

4. Convince husband that you can cut the plug off the lamp and hardwire it into the empty switch on the wall (after you have spent some time researching on the internet to prove this is possible)

5. Figure out how empty switch is wired

6. Test lamp on switch before cutting hole in wall

Whoo hoo, it works!

7. Go to Lowes and buy the required wall mount electrical box and some wire twisty things which you learn are called "mares"

8. Determine lamp positioning and cut hole using wife's Dremel

9. Cut hole in the back side of the wall, which is luckily in the basement stairwell, in order to easily and securely mount the electrical box

10. Connect wires - white to white (live), black to black (neutral) and ground to ground

11. Take stupid pictures of yourself while you are trying to stay out of the way

No more sugar for me

12. Mount a brace in wall and attach electrical box to brace (blue thing)

13. Securely fasten light to wall

14. Patch back wall

15. Enjoy your enlightenment!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving all!


October 10th, 2008 - A Trip Home

A couple of weeks ago TJ and I made the 13 hour drive to his Mom's place for the weekend. We had a friend's wedding reception to go to and we wanted to see as many of our friends and family as possible.

So in keeping with yesterdays list feel, here are 10 great things about our trip, in no particular order.

1. Bridges - T and I have always like to take pictures of bridges while we drive, and there were dozens along this trip, particularly through the mountains in West Virginia

2. Tunnels - To go along with the bridges, there are some crazy long tunnels through the mountains as well.

3. Company - 13 hours each way, plus a 3 hour shopping trip on the way home, means T and I got to spend 29 hours of time together. We had our usual great chats about cars, politics, education, family, our history together and many other things. I love driving with him. When we first started dating we drove 27 hours straight to Florida and never ran out of things to talk about. It is still like that now.

4. Tim Horton's tea - I miss Timmies a lot down here.

5. Time Horton's doughnuts - did I mention I miss Timmies down here? Mmmmmm, Vanilla Dip.....

6. Cheap road food - We ate dinner at Bob Evans during the drive back. I think it was the cheapest meal that I have ever eaten.

That was for two. And we were stuffed silly. Scary, really.

7. Fun camera pictures

8. Seeing old friends - this is T's group of friends that all ran track together in high school (minus the little one, of course). I think it is incredible that they are all still great friends many years later.

9. Seeing our families. That is the only thing that has been really tough about this move, is not being able to see our family and friends very often. My parents drove down to T's Mom's for the weekend and brought missbedora with them. It was amazing to see them, and the time passed much too quickly and before we knew it, it was time to leave again.

10. Canadian Food! - Knowing full well that when I got home I was going to be homesick, I brought back some favourites that I can't seem to find down here.

Plus we went to Swiss Chalet while we were home, which is simply a requirement.

It was a fantastic trip, and I hope we are able to do it again soon. Well, maybe without the sore bodies from being in the car for 26 hours. :)


October 9th, 2008 - Whew

My gosh, how is it October 9th? Things have been happily busy around here, so today is going to be a random catch up by means of searching through the photos I have taken over the last couple of weeks.

1. PJ's

I made these for my friend Nikki who was going to a fundraising pajama concert earlier this month. She found the fabric and I did the sewing. It was a good pattern for me to try out some new skills; the neck edging is a bias tape made of the original fabric, the set in sleeves (I had never done sleeves), and some slits that I made on the sides at the bottom of the top piece. It was a nice easy fabric to work with too, because it is flannel and it sticks together so well.

2. Cards

A good friend of TJ's from high school was getting married at the end of September and then having a dinner reception afterwards. The asked for donations to Heifer International rather than gifts, but I still wanted to make a nice card for them to have as a keepsake. The tuxedo is a scrapbooking sticker, but the dress I made from scratch.

The inside had a stamp and another sticker from the tuxedo set. I hope they liked it!

3. Music

At the dinner there was they had the most amazing band play - Running Red Lights (if you are from either the Sarnia or Toronto area, go check them out, they rock). Seriously, everyone there danced almost the whole night. They played everything from Johnny Cash to Kayne West, and every age group at the party loved them.

4. Christmas

Yes folks, that is all but two of my Christmas presents finished and wrapped. In September. Whoo hoo! Truth be told I had to take them home with us when we went for the wedding to avoid the shipping costs. The adults in the family have decided that we aren't doing gifts this year, because it is just must too expensive. Time time together is really the gift. So this leaves me with just two gifts to sew and mail back home closer to Christmas.

5. Knitting (that is what you came here for, isn't it?)

Yup, that is Rogue in the car with me on our 13 hour drive home. I am now past the split for the armholes and I am working up the back. I have taken a short break for the moment though because there a few small time sensitive projects I need to do in October. But in November I am all over finishing this one. Really.

Some pictures from the trip home next time.



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