Sept 2004

Sept 30th, 2004

We tried to go to work yesterday, really we did. We got about a block from our house and realized that it was going to take us hours to get there, so we turned around and came home. Here is a pic of the wreck from the Toronto Star - my building is one of the ones in the background. Now TJ has a very important job and was able to work from home. Emails, conference calls, all those business type things. I do not have an important job. Which means that since there is nothing for me to work on at home, I have to use a sick day. While everyone likes a day off, I didn't really want to use any more sick days because it means that I will have to take unpaid time at Christmas. Oh well, what can you do. can knit

My first Sophie bag, waiting to be felted. I finished her last night at the SnB. However, this morning when I look at her, I think that the her I think maybe the handles are too short, since they will shrink a lot when she is felted. Some ripping may be in order tonight. Not bad, knitting a bag in one day, but man to I need to knit something other then a bag. So...

Time for a poncho. You heard me right, I have been dragged into the trend. This is the same type of baby alpaca that I used for my blue hat, so it is super soft. And it was pretty economical as well. But the two things that really convinced me was that it was really quite cool at the SnB last night and also walking home, and a poncho would have been perfect. That, and missbedora suggested that when the trend ends, I can always rip it out and make something else. This is a dangerous piece of advice that I had not thought of. This could enable many more yarn purchases. Bad bedora.

While I was at the SnB, one of the very skilled knitters there gave me some fibre for my thrum mitts.

I cannot believe that she gave this to me. So kind. I am definitely going to have to pay her back with something wonderful. I just have to figure out what that will be. She even told me all about how to dye it purple (it is actually lighter then the picture shows) and how to make it into thrums. It is a lot softer then the Fleece Artist roving that I bought, and I was going to incorporate the two together, but I think I like this better. So this will be my project when I return from holidays. Speaking of which, only two days until I leave. Whoopee!

Sept 29th, 2004 - Image heavy post

First as a side note - I live at Yonge and the 401. Read this article and you will know what I am exhausted this morning.

Yesterday ended up being a busy day for knitting, even though I did not get much real knitting done.

First though, Kim sent me some better pictures of Old Joe, so I thought I would post those.

This is a much better representation of how he looks. Remember, he is only two inches tall! (Now, go check Kim's Ebay listings. Do it...)

Kim also found a pattern for me that will use the correct amount of Linen Drape that I have to make a tank top

Isn't it pretty? I am going to do a little adjusting, but I think it is really sweet. I am going to use the light purple for the bottom little eyelets, and the dark purple for the rest.

I took everyone's advice and followed the pattern for my niece's bag, and I am glad that I did. Although I think it would have worked out either way

It still needs the beads on the bottom of the little triangles, but I will hopefully get those tonight in Kensington on my way to the SnB. Here is a close up of the triangles

Hard to see, but cute. The Lamb's Pride felted really well. I will definitely use this stuff again because it is really soft to knit, unlike Lopi.

I also felted my fourth booga bag last night

Ok, I know, silly picture, but it gives you an idea of the colours. I will get a better pic when it is done. This one is hopefully for my mom's neighbor.

And the best thing of all that happened yesterday was when I finally checked the mail!

Look at all this cool stuff that Lynne sent to me! This was for a little swap that we did for a pattern book that I was finished with. There is a skein of Cascade 220, a little sachet that says "embrace today", a cute little card and

a ribbon with all kinds of orange beads attached. Isn't that cool? Lynne panicked after sending me the package because she read on my RAOK preferences that orange is not my favourite colour. But I know exactly what this is going to be. I have a friend that loves orange, and really needs a Sophie bag. So she is going to have a Sophie bag for Christmas that has a cute little ribbon and bead edge. She will love it. Thank you so much Lynne!

I also did a swatch last night with the CWM yarn that missbedora lent to me for the Huntington Pullover, and she was right, my gauge was too big. But I also decided something. I don't really like this sweater enough to spend the time making it. It is 180 stitches around, fiddly two colour, and I don't like it that much. I am going to find another hoodie pattern though and use the wool from CWM, because I really like it.

Whew, busy night. Tonight at the SnB I am going to start my Thrum mitts, mainly because I think I am going to need help. I have never knit on double pointed needles before and I am a little nervous. It is good to have the support of others when you are trying something new. I will likely also start the Sophie bag too as a commuter project.

Sept 28th, 2004 - Do I trust my instincts....

...or the pattern? The cute little felted bag that I am making for my niece is knit in the round in stockinette stitch. The top of the bag is supposed to have a little roll. However, when you get to the top part in the pattern, it tells you that you need to switch to knit one row, purl one row (garter stitch) for 6 rows. This is my first attempt at two colour knitting, so no laughing

This will eventually be felted. Here is a close up of the top

Now, I have never felted anything that has to have a roll on the top. It seems to be against what I have learned about knitting to try to make garter stitch roll. However, I have noticed that when I make a booga bag, even though it is all in stockinette, it does not roll after felting. And it really does look like it is garter stitch in the picture that came with the pattern (you can see a little "ridge" where the purl row is). So what do you think: do I just trust the pattern and felt this bay boy (after I finish the last two rows) or do I trust my instincts and rip back the top and do stockinette?

Sept 27th, 2004 - Great Weekend

This weekend was excellent, and really ended up turning into one for the memory books. (BTW, sorry I did not post of Friday, my server was down)

Friday night I got home and had an email from Custom Wollen Mill in Calgary, and they let me know that the gauge of their mule spinner yarn is the same as what I need for the Huntington Pullover. This made me a very happy knitter, because CWM is really inexpensive. However, missbedora thinks I am crazy and I will never get that gauge, so she lent me some leftovers to swatch. We shall see tonight.

First thing Sat. morning I got up to head out to meet with Kim from Curlie Girl. The meeting was dual purpose, in that I really wanted to meet Kim before she moves into her new home, and also because I had won an item her husband made on Ebay

Meet Old Joe. This is a needle felted guy that is just incredible. I knew he was cute, but I had no idea how amazing he was until I saw him in person. I tried to take some pictures of him this morning, but it is too dark, so maybe more tomorrow. He is completely jointed and airbrushed, and as you can see is only a few inches tall. I just can't believe how talented Norm is. And HAVE to go and check out her site and her Ebay listings. Kim makes hand sewn old fashioned bears that are so full of character. They are absolutely amazing. And to top it all off, she knits too!!

Kim was also nice enough to show me how needle felting is done, since I just could not wrap my head around how it worked. You take a big pile of wool that has been sheared off the sheep and washed a little, card it slightly, and then you use a tiny little needle with itty-bitty barbs on it to repeatedly poke into the pile of wool. And believe it or not, this makes everything stick together. Now, the part that takes talent is making it look like Old Joe, not just a big lump of wool like I created. Yes, I was sitting in a Tim Horton's early Sat morning needle felting. There is a sight for you. :)

After I met with Kim, I took a quick trip to Village. (Sorry Kim, they don't have Lorna's laces - I will check at Lettuce for you!)

I picked all kinds of stuff, like black lambs pride superwash and some Fleece Artist rovings to start the Thrum Along with Yarn Harlot today (sorry Mom, these ones are for me ;) ) as well as some very tiny needles for said project. I also picked up a Fleece Artist Thrum Mitt kit that I am sending to someone for a swap. She is going to be sending me some Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille and some Cascade 220 (which I have not been able to find in Toronto).

After Village it was off to pick up missbedora, and a long trip out to Kingston for my friend Angela's bachelorette party. Needless to say, no pictures of that will be posted on this site, according to the unspoken bachelorette rules. But lets just say there was a garter - and a bachelor. That is all I am saying.

I did manage to get some knitting done before the party

Sorry for the horrible picture, but this will be a cute little felted bag for my 7 year old niece for Christmas. It will have all these cute little beads and things when it is done, which will hopefully be sometime this week.

Once I returned from Kingston, I discovered that I had a tonne of comments about my Klaralund. Thank you so much everyone, it made me feel wonderful! Megan even sent me an e-card. Knitters are amazing...I love you Man!

Thank you also to all those that have been trying to help me out with writing my own rss feed. Theresa from the Keyboard Biologist has given me the name of a person that writes her own rss code, so I am going to talk to her and see if I can get this cleared up.

Wow, chatty chatty this morning. Ok, I am off to get ready for work. I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

Sept 23rd, 2004 - Klaralund-a-done-a-long

There once was a sweater named Klaralund,

Made of silk and mohair and wool.

She draped and she flowed,

She hugged and she glowed,

That beautiful sweater named Klaralund!

Here she is, making her debut at Lettuce Knit last night (the SnB of course)

I think I am actually going to seam up the back just a little further, because the sleeves are a touch too long.

Here is a close up of the front.

I am really happy with how this turned out. It is such a flowy "flower child" sweater (as missbedora mentioned when she was so kindly taking all my pictures for me last night). I have heard some people say that Silk Garden is itchy, but they must be REALLY sensitive. Or have never worn 100% wool, because this stuff is amazing. It is so much softer after it is blocked.

Here are the pattern details:

Klaralund from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book #2. Made in Noro Silk Garden, Colour #8, Lot P2. I used about 7 balls, but I have a bunch of little ones left over from changing up where the colours fell in some places. I made the 36 inch size (my chest is about a 34). I started it Sept 1st, and it finished blocking on Sept 22nd. Would I make it again? Absolutely!

I also finished another booga bag last night at the SnB (pictures when it is felted). I also met some more new people, including the Yarn Harlot. I really like going out to meet with this group, I have learn a lot of things from them already.

I still have not totally figured out the RSS thing, but I think I understand what I have to do. Thanks everybody for your help (and also your comments on Klaralund!

Sept 21st, 2004

Ok, someone needs to explain this RSS thing to me. I have created an RSS file using a generator that I found on the web. I linked that file to this page. I still get a message from Bloglines when I try to subscribe that there is no feed on my page. But I want a feed. I want people to subscribe to me!! Somebody help me!

Sept. 20th, 2004

I had a wonderful and very productive weekend, because as you can see

Klaralund is almost done! All that needs to be done now is to weave in a couple more ends and block this baby. I really like the colours, but at the moment it is really fluffy. I know the blocking will take this out, so I cannot wait to see what it looks like when it is dry. It will be getting it's Eucalan bath tonight!

I am really hoping to get out to a LYS this week, because I would really like to pick up the supplies for the thrum-mitt a long that Stephanie over at Yarn Harlot is holding. It will be really satisfying to make something that comes from Newfoundland, since that is where half of my family is from.

I am also going to be starting another booga bag this week, and maybe the purse that I will be making for my niece out of the lambs pride I bought last week. Geez, it looks like I am going to be busy!

Sept 16th, 2004

My wrist seems a lot better this morning, and I think the knitting I did at the SnB last night actually really helped it. Or it could have been this stuff

How sweet are these? To give you an idea of the size, each one of these is about two inches long, or about big enough to fit on one finger. They had them at Lettuce Knit last night - they are apparently from Turkey. I could never knit anything this small, I would go crazy. I am absolutely in love with them though.

I also picked up some Lamb's Pride that I was eyeing a couple of weeks ago

My camera is crap, but the top ball is actually a nice grapey purple. This is going to be a felted bag for my niece for Christmas. The bottom colour will be the main part of the bag, and the purple will be the trim. I am going to use two strands of the worsted held together for the trim. (they didn't have any in the bulky).

I also picked up a small bottle of Eucalan. Why did I not know about this wondrous stuff before? It is a soap-ish stuff that is made with lanolin and eucalyptus (it smells wonderful) that softens up your knitting garments and does NOT need to be rinsed out. Did I hear that right? No fighting with a huge heavy sweater that is full of woolite suds? YEAH! And apparently the eucalyptus repels moths too. I am definitely going to use this stuff on Klaralund (don't worry, I will try a swatch first!)

And believe it or not, I actually got some knitting done

The second and last sleeve of Klaralund is on it's way! I have realized how warm this sweater is going to be even though it seems so thin and drapey. When I was draping the finished sleeve up over my arm, I could feel myself getting warmer. Which is good, because in the winter I am always cold.

It was a good night at the SnB last night, because people seemed to sort of come and go in rounds. Which meant that somehow there was always a seat for everyone. I got to meet some more people, like Lisa from Knitting Up a Storm (our GTA ring leader!), and see some people that I have met before. But I may have a slight problem. There were a few people working on beautiful ponchos, and I really like the pattern that Megan made. It is made with Rowan big (which is really expensive, but I could find something like it) and it is just so cute. Yes, you heard me right, the girl that hates ponchos wants to make a poncho. But I guess if I am going to do it, I should do it soon. Fall is coming!

I was RAOKed yesterday too!

Stacy sent me this UK knitting mag that I won in a draw. I love the little tank that is on the front. It is a definite must have for next summer. Good grief, I am already planning things for next summer! I think I should worry about finishing Klaralund first!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Sept 15th, 2004 - I am worried

Yesterday was a busy day at work as it was the United Way campaign kickoff, and the photography group that I run puts together a calendar to raise money. So there was printing and binding to be done, tables to be set up, and sales to be made. Also, I seem to have been typing a lot lately. And, Sunday when I was at the zoo, I was using the digital camera from work, which has the unfortunate disadvantage of being very difficult to hold. (Click here, you will see why - freakin huge lens) Oh, and I have been knitting a lot.

So what, you ask does this have in common, and why is it making me worry? My wrist hurts.

It is strange, because I was knitting a long in the car yesterday, stopped to turn my work, and something went *twang*. The actual act of knitting doesn't hurt at all (because I don't move my wrist when I knit) but any kind of twisting is sending sharp pain up my arm. I am pretty sure that it is from holding the camera, because when I try to move my hand into position to use it, that is what hurts the most. Oh well, I will relax it as much as possible, and take it easy at the SnB tonight.

I finished one of the sleeves last night for Klaralund

Here is what it looks like kind of "draped" across my arm.

Yum, these colours make me so happy. I have cast on for the second sleeve, so hopefully over the weekend (with two 3 hour car rides to Sarnia) I will be able to get it done. I should be wearing it within a week!

BTW, yes, there are two butterflies in the picture from my last post. A couple of people thought it was one at first, until they saw two sets of antenna.

Holiday countdown: 17 days until I leave for the eastern seaboard!

Sept 13th, 2004

Here it is, already Monday morning. The weekends go much too fast.

Thanks everybody for the comments on my sweater! It is good to know that knitters think it looks ok too.

I made some progress on Klaralund this weekend, although not as much as I had hoped.

I have started on to the extended garter stitch at the top, even though you can't really see it in this picture.

The reason I didn't get much done this weekend, was that somehow I seemed to be all over the place. Friday night my Ultimate Frisbee team had a BBQ in Woodbridge, Sat all day I was in Ajax for my friend Alison's engagement party, and yesterday I went to the Zoo with a friend from work. I did get some good shots while I was there though.

I will post more on my photography page when I get a chance to edit them for size in Photoshop.

I hope everyone has a good Monday!

Sept 10th, 2004

Lots of great things happened to me yesterday, which have made me a very happy knitter.

First, the garter band sweater made her debutante debut yesterday, and people actually commented that they liked it. And they were amazed that I had knit it. This, makes me very happy, and proud (making sure my huge head doesn't knock me over)

Second, a project that I did inspired someone. Cheryl decided to make her booga bag out of the same Lopi that I used, and she is also using leather straps. I don't think I have ever inspired anyone to do anything! :)

I went to the library on the way home and pick up 16 (yes I am a dork) books that I had on hold. Most of them were Maine/Boston/Cap cod books for my trip in a couple of weeks, but there was also the "Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook" and "Knitting Simple Sweaters from Luxurious Yarns". Oh, and a Dreamweaver book. (Ok, I know, I know, dork)

When I got home, this was anxiously awaiting me

Well actually, four balls of the dark purple were awaiting me (thanks for the swap Eklectika!), but I wanted to show what they would look like with the light purple I bought on the weekend. I know it is fall now, and I shouldn't be thinking of halter tops, but I am. So there. :)

I did a bit on the Klaralund sleeve too

AND, as if this all wasn't enough, I won the draw on the RAOK group for a UK knitting magazine. Isn't that cool? Thanks Stacy! I am going to work on my own RAOK to send out this weekend.

Oh, and I forgot, I found a new yarn shopping partner. Adele from Passioknit lives in my area (North York) and has discovered as I did a while ago that North York is devoid of all good things related to knitting. So next time I am heading out to shopping I am going to drag her along with me.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sept. 8th, 2004 - A front

One of the ladies in our Klaralund along mentioned that if Silk Garden was talk dark and handsome they would elope. I have to second that one.

*sigh* I love this yarn when it is knit up. Have I said that already? Oh well, I will say it again. LOVE this yarn. You can see the the colours of the front are quite different from the back, and I did this on purpose. I didn't really like this stripe that much in the back, so I omitted last night when I came to it. And I didn't want to have the back looking at all like the front. I think I succeeded.

I added a wish/swap list over at the sidebar there. It is also a shopping list for myself because I come across so many yarns that I like that I tend to forget what I have seen. I also added a 100 Things About Me link too.

Sunday night I joined the RAOK ring as well. I think this is just such a neat idea and I can't wait to start sending some things out. I need to take some time to read everyone's blogs though.

Thank you to everyone who left such sweet comments about my Klaralund. You are making me blush! And thank you to Cheryl for linking my site. I have linked you back!

Sept 6th, 2004

Sorry that I didn't post Friday morning, but I ended up only getting about 4 hours sleep after missbedora's flight was delayed. I just couldn't convince myself to get out of bed and post.

However, because the flight was delayed, I had a ton of time to work on Klaralund. Here is the completed back

I am completely in love with the colours and the feel of this yarn. And I have now felt Silk Garden after it gets blocked, and it gets *so* much softer. Which just means that I am really going to live in this sweater when it is done. The only thing that I am not sure if I like on the back is the grey stripe in the middle. I think for the front I may try to omit that. It is just a little too prominent for my liking.

I also got started on the front over the weekend

I have purposely made it so that the stripes will not match up. I didn't even want them to be close, because I thought then it would just look like I had tried to line everything up and not succeeded.

Thank-you BTW, to everyone who left such wonderful comments about my Garter Band sweater. It really makes me feel great!

I made a quick trip out to Romni this weekend to exchange the leftovers from the sweater. I managed to pick up this

The blue is to make another booga bag which will be a gift for a friend, but the purple is what I am really excited about

You probably know that Linen Drape is no longer on the market, so I was happy to find this. I have swapped with a fellow blogger for 4 balls of a darker colour of purple, which isn't quite enough to make a top, so I picked up a lighter colour to make a stripe. I am going to design a halter top I think, even though it will not be warm enough until next summer to wear it.

Something else that I realized over the weekend is that I really should have bought the Summer edition of Interweave knits, because I would really like to make a couple of the things that are in it. Does anyone have a copy that the would like to swap for something? Or that I could buy from you? Leave me a comment if you do.

Enjoy your labour day everyone!

Sept 2nd, 2004

My first S'n'B last night at Lettuce Knit was excellent. So amazing to be in a room full of people that enjoy the same art as you. I met some great people (so many in fact that I am having a hard time remembering everyone's names!) and a lot of people that had GTA knit blogs. I met Sandra from Fibersantric, Aven from Is it a Sweater Yet?, Laura from Cosmicpluto Knits, Kelly from marmalade, Elizabeth from Kitty Cafe, and Babette from Catchers Knit. I also met Jayne, Denny, Mel, Joyce, and more who's names I am having trouble with. Overall it was a great night. Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome!

Lest you think that I didn't get anything knit while I was there

I know, that is a sad and pathetic amount of progress. But in my defense, I was only at the S'n'B for an hour and a half, and I spend a lot of time trying to get the Silk Garden untangled. But I am *so* happy with the way this yarn feel knit up! It is so drapey and wonderful. I am really going to like this sweater. Some people on the knit a long have concerns that it is going to be too boxy, but I think that it what attracted me to it. It just looks like the perfect weekend sweater.

I also knit some of the purple purse thingy that I am working on, but it is a big garter band square, so I won't show you that.

Tonight I get to go pick up missbedora at the airport! YEAH! She is a comin' home! I should get lots of knitting on Klaralund done while I wait.

And now, just for your morning enjoyment, the sunrise out my window

Sept 1st, 2004

My first knitted clothing item!

You can click on the picture above for a close up shot. I am really happy with how this turned out for my first sweater. I really didn't like it before I blocked it, but I guess that is why you go through that process. Before blocking it actually made me look a bit like a football player. It was so thick and fluffy. But now it seems more proportioned.

When I went to pick out the wool, I naturally went to the greys. I have about 10 grey sweaters. But luckily TJ was with me and redirected me to some other colours. I am actually quite happy with how the brown looks on. It is definitely a camping/casual sweater. I made a detailed project outline here on my completed projects. I have updates my F.O. page quite a bit as well. Oh, and I finally threw a couple of my photos up on my photography page. One of these days I will actually upload everything properly. But right now I would rather knit. :)

Would I use this pattern again? Maybe - it was a really good beginner project. If I were to knit it again I think I would try something thinner. I would probably have to change the gauge/measurements, but maybe that could be a project for the future.

I also started working on a project to use up the last of the Mission Falls cotton that I used for my mom-in-laws towels.

Wow, I know, so exciting. What it will be is a little zippered pouch to throw in the bottom of my purse for some of the little stuff like chap stick, etc.

And tonight is my first S'n'B! I am going to meet Lisa at Lettuce Knit, and I think I am going to start my Klaralund! I just can't look at that wonderful Silk Garden in the corner anymore and not knit it! Does anyone else want to join us?


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