Sept 30th, 2005 - Not So Smart

I stayed up much too late last night in order to finish this

Realizing I could have laid it out better...

I am really happy with how it turned out, and I will be wearing it today to work. I am going to take modeled shots this weekend, when it is light out and I don't look like....well....arse.

I was happy to find that all the pieces fit together very easily, and it fits me well. I even made a little braided tie

I also have a chocolate brown ribbon that looks great with it too.

Have a great weekend everyone, and if you are in TO, enjoy the 25C weather, in October!


Sept 28th, 2005 - This is What I Have to Go Through watch a DVD

I am sure that you actually think that I am kidding, but this is really what was on the floor in front of me last night when I tried to watch my Pilates DVD (needless to say, TJ wasn't home). CD's that were in the way, dead batteries, a broken remote cover, and 5 FREAKIN' remotes. TV, Stereo thingy, cable box thingy, VCR (I think?) and finally after much frustration, the actual DVD remote. This is what it is like living with a techie. TJ is what we marketers call an "early adopter". He is part of that 10% of the population that likes to buy new products the second they are in the stores. Most of the time this is amazing - I can type here on the couch with my stereo playing the songs on my computer while I am printing something, all wirelessly - but the rest of the time it just makes me feel dumb. Because I cannot do something as simple as figure out how to play a DVD.

There was a bonus to this though, by the time I got the DVD working, I didn't need to workout anymore, as I was covered in sweat and cursing like a banshee.

You may have noticed that I have made a few small changes around here. Mainly, the Stashbusters now have their own little site here that will be updated as needed. I was finding that this page was getting too cluttered. So when you email me with an update I will post it there, ok?

And now, because my knitting progress is so boring, another Barbados pic

Send me back, I want to go back!


Sept. 26th, 2005 - UFO Busting?

I had a fair bit of time to knit this weekend, so I have made a good bit of progress on Iris

Finished right front and one sleeve, almost done

I decided to go with the 3/4 sleeves both because I was worried about running out of yarn and because TJ thought that they would suit me more. I think I probably would have had enough yarn for the long sleeves if I went by the pattern, but since I always have to lengthen the arms on things, I definitely would have run out. You would think that I would remember this when I was buying yarn for a project and buy an extra ball, but sadly, no.

Since it looks as though I might actually get my September project done in September, I have been thinking about what to do for October. Cleaning up the condo yesterday I came across all my UFO's languishing in the bottom of my knitting basket. So October has become UFO busting month. First the socks, then Princess Di, then Clapotis. I may not get all this done, but I definitely want Princess Di finished. It is sad to have had it sit there for so long.

And on that note I will leave you a picture of the pretty sunrise we had here last week. It may not be as nice as Theresa's pics, but hey, it is pretty good for T.O.


Sept. 23rd, 2005 - A Sweater for My Hubby

For a while TJ has been asking me if I would make him a sweater, and I think we have finally found a winner.

This is from Jo Sharp's Contemporary Knitting, and I think it will look really good on him if I ever get it done. But now a favour to ask - does anyone have this book that they would be willing to swap or trade something for? There doesn't seem to be too many of them available in Canada and I don't really want to pay expensive shipping charges if I don't have to. If you do have the book, and you would be interested in trading for something, or if I could buy it from you, could you email me at *dani warren at sympatico dot ca*?

Have a great weekend everyone, and for those of you in the southern states, our thoughts are with you! Stay safe!


Sept 22nd, 2005 - Sunshine

Yesterday I was having one of those discouraged days, where you just feel sort of, bleh. That was until about 6 o'clock. That is when I got to go downtown, have a little street meat, take my first belly dancing class (which is pretty tough, but so fun because you can't help but laugh at yourself - especially when you look around the room and see all the faces of everyone concentrating so hard), and come home to find these

A little sunshine

for our "three week" anniversary. What a cutie. Oh, and since I was home alone for a little while, I got a chance to finish the left front of Iris

Purdy little decreases

So a somewhat bleh day turned into a great one by the end of the night. You just never know.


Sept. 21st, 2005 - A Little Pearl Jam

First off, happy 31st wedding anniversary to my parents! I hope that I can apply what I have learned from you guys to my own marriage, so that I can have a happy long lasting marriage too!

Monday night four of us trotted off downtown to see Pearl Jam at the ACC. While the show was not the best I had ever seen, it was very good for an arena show. When it did become an amazing show, is when Bono came out on stage and sang "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World" with Eddie. Two of the worlds bigger rock stars singing a song by one of Canada's biggest rockers. Cool.

Because of the concert Monday and a mad cleaning fit last night, I haven't made much progress on Iris. But here is what I have so far.

One finished back

One started left front

Even though the Rowan pattern language is taking a bit to get used to, it is a pretty straight forward pattern. Hopefully tonight I will get the left front done and the right front started.

That may be hopeful though, because before the SnB tonight I am going to my first Belly Dancing class! One of the studios in Toronto offers a free introductory class, so missbedora and I are going to try it out. I have heard that it is a really fun way to exercise, and I feel the need to try some kind of dance. The solo kind of dancing is better, as TJ is not nearly as fond of the dancing as I am.


Sept 19th, 2005 - There is Knitting Here...

I just can't show you any photographic evidence. TJ is still messing around with the pictures on the camera, so there is no way I can offload the one progress pic that I took without offloading all 826 from the wedding too. So hopefully pictures tomorrow.

What I have been working on though is Iris from Rowan 35

I have the back completed as well as half of the left front. I am a little worried that I am going to run out of yarn if I do the long sleeves, so keep your fingers crossed. I am working with Calmer in a really pretty pink colour called Powder Puff

It is a little darker then that in real life, but it is a really fun colour. In any case, this week will be the return to regular blogging for me. Thank you all soooo much for your wonderful comments on my wedding. I had a fantastic time and I wish I was there again. Your comments take me back there!

By the way, I would like to do another Stashbusters update tomorrow or Wednesday, so email me with your fall or recently completed items! I promise that I haven't forgotten about you all.


Sept. 12th, 2005 - Ms. Miller!

I have moved my wedding story over to it's own page here.


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