September 2006

September 27th, 2006 - Blankie

Well, some have wondered what the heck I have been knitting (and doing) lately. Here it is folks. missbedora (btw - she is leaving on another trip to an exotic place - go check out her blog, I will wait) and I have been busy. What started as this:

moved on to a little bit of crochet confusion:

(notice the "crochet for dummies" on the screen)

This progressed into this:

and finally onto this:

A one of a kind blankie made for our one of a kind friend Alison, who is soon to be a mom for the first time.

missbedora and I knit up each of the squares, without telling each other what we were knitting. Not so strangely, as we seem to know each other pretty darn well, we both knit a basket weave square. In green. We then got together for a little blanket joining mojo session and started to put everything together. I finished off the crochet and sewed on a cotton backing, and knit some washcloths out of the leftovers. I think and hope that the mom to be liked it!

I will definitely be knitting with this yarn again (Knitpicks Shine worsted) as we were able to put the whole thing in the washer and dryer, with the only after affect being that the patterns and the colours popped out a lot more. It is so soft that TJ has asked me to make him a couch blanket out of the same yarn. I just hope baby likes it!

Alison, missbedora and I are so happy for you, and we can't wait to meet the baby. You are going to be such an incredible mom, and your son or daughter is going to be an incredible person (who just happens to have really cool aunts!)


September 21st, 2006 - Hey Mom?

That hibiscus you gave me? It's yellow.


Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, I hope you get a couple of minutes to relax!


September 12th, 2006 - Purple Puppies

My favourite socks that I have ever stitched are done

and I am never ever taking them off.

And look ma, no holes!

I think I finally made a short row heel that I am completely satisfied with. Trekking XXL is my new favourite yarn.


September 5th, 2006 - It's Easy Being Green

Well, in a matter of a weekend I went from this

to this

Much better eh? I am super happy with how the colour turned out. It is exactly what I wanted and it is very soothing and inspiring in there now. And my ever sweet parents brought me a little gift too

A new bookcase! (Actually they brought two - the second one is in the office waiting to be filled up with our old textbooks). Now the only things I need for my studio to be complete are the shelf that TJ is working on, an old table I am picking up this weekend, the cork board that I am building, and maybe a bit of artwork. Happy Happy!

Thank you all for your anniversary wishes last week. TJ and I had a lovely dinner out on the town, and look what he sent me at work

Aren't they lovely? They smell almost as good as they look too. I think he is a keeper.


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