FO's 2004


Thrum Mittens for my mom for Christmas 2004, Made with less then one ball of Lamb's Pride Superwash, and some fleece that I dyed with koolaid. I used size 7 Denise needles and the magic loop technique. I learned that each of the thrums should actually be fairly small. Dec 2004.

Coffee cup holders. The idea came from MagKnits, but the pattern was cast on 40, k 2 rows seed st, k St st for a few rounds, k2tog at each side, k a few more, then 2 seed, bind off. The little handles are crocheted. Dec 2004

Irish Hiking Scarf made with 1 and a bit balls of Paton's Merino Wool. I really liked working with this wool, especially because it was not very expensive. This was my first attempt at cables and I think it went alright. Nov 2004.

This hat was made from a little less then one skein of Manos in colourway 107. I cast on 80 sts, did an inch in K2P2 ribbing, and then just sort of winged it from there. Nov 2004

This is a throw that I made from one skein of Grand River Yarns Boucle. It has a really soft texture and is big enough to cover your lap when you are sitting on the couch. Oct/Nov 2004

This is flower facecloth from Weekend Knitting, made with Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. Nov 2004. Made another one in Dec.

This is a teeny little booga bag that I made for a friend. It is just big enough to hold 3 Lindt chocolates. I used up some leftover Lopi for it, and use a leather lace for the handle. It is about 10 sts wide by about 3 sts deep. Nov 2004

This is a hat that I made for my Dad for Christmas 2004. I cast on 132 stitches in Galloway worsted weight, and just sort of knit from there in k1, p1 ribbing. Oct/Nov 2004

These are two scarves that I made for the kids of a lady that I work with. They are just a simple garter stitch, made out of GGH Esprit. Oct 2004

This is a wide scarf/wrap that I made out of Geisha that I picked up on my trip to New England. I made this over a couple of days in Oct. 2004

I made this felted purse for my niece out of Lambs Pride Bulky (pink) and Worsted (purple). I held two strands of the Worsted together to make up the width. I added some glow in the dark beads around the edge. This pattern is from Knit One, Felt Two. Sept/Oct 2004.

This is a little bag that I made with some scrap Mission Falls cotton to hold all that little stuff in the bottom of my purse. Sept/Oct 2004

This is a Sophie bag made with Cascade 220. This is a MagKnits pattern, and it is really easy. It only uses one skein, but I shortened it so that I could lengthen the handles. Oct 2004

This is another booga bag made out of Alafoss Lopi. Oct. 2004

Baby blanket made from Red Heart Baby yarn in yellow and purple. I started crocheting this in 2002, and finished it in Oct 2004. Sad I know. At least it is done

Klaralund from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book #2. Made in Noro Silk Garden, Colour #8, Lot P2. I used about 7 balls, but I have a bunch of little ones left over from changing up where the colours fell in some places. I made the 36 inch size (my chest is about a 34). I started it Sept 1st, and it finished blocking on Sept 22nd. Would I make it again? Absolutely!

This is the first ever item of clothing that I knit. It is the "My first cropped garter band sweater" from Berroco book #226. I used Alfa Maskin Vaskbar, which is 85% wool and 15% mohair, both because it is a little softer then straight wool, and also because it is really inexpensive. I used 10 1/2 US Denise needles, and the gauge worked out really well. This was a very simple pattern and would be good worked with a thinner yarn (with the pattern adjusted to the new gague). May - August 2004

These are a set of two towels and two face cloths that I made my mom-n-law. They are made with Mission Falls Cotton in a soft purple colour. Each towel took 2 balls, and each face cloth took approximately 1. I used US size 7 needles, and did a basket weave pattern on the towels and stockinette with 2 rows of eyelets for the cloths. The little basket was a bonus. :)

This is a very soft scarf, made with Berroco Plush, colour 1901, knit with size 15 needles. It is simply an alternation between 10 or so rows of garter stitch, with a yarnover thrown in between. For anyone that has not felt Plush must try this stuff. It is softer then a teddy bear. August 2004. I have made two of these now.

This is a knitting bag that I made using one skein of Fleece Artist Wool Slub. I used US size 11 needles, which meant it knit up quite quickly. I also lined it with a thich Chinese broadloam, and made pockets for all of my tools. July 2004.

Another booga bag, made with Alafoss Lopi. July 2004

This is a hat that I designed using Inco Gold Baby Alpaca. It is SO VERY soft and fuzzy. The pattern is as follows: Cast on 42 stitches (just make sure that it is a multiple of 3). Knit 6 rows (for garter band), P 1 row, K2, YO, K2 YO for next row. This is the part that gets interesting. I was trying to do brioche stitch, but I screwed it up. So instead of doing YO, Sl 1, K2 tog, I did YO, K2 tog, Sl 2. So do that for about 4 rows. Then switch to K1, P1 ribbing for about 6 rows, then plain stockinette for a couple of rows, then ssk to decrease. Run a piece of yarn through the last few stitches, and sew up the side. Not a precise pattern, but it is so stretchy that it is very forgiving. If I ever make another one I will try to clean up the pattern a bit. Mittens are soon to follow in the same yarn. June 2004

This is the first booga bag that I made. It is Alafoss Lopi wool, and I used leather for the straps instead of knitting an i-cord. It felted well, but it is REALLY hairy. So if you are thinking of using this wool, keep that in mind. May 2004

This is the first project that I ever completed. It is a very thick scarf, about 4' long, and it is made with Alfa Maskin Vaskbar, which is 85% wool and 15% mohair. It was knit with 7.5mm straight bamboo needles, and it is a K2P2 ribbing. I didn't block it, because I kinda liked the chunkiness of it. April 2004.


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