FO's 2005

This is unfortunately the only picture I have of the Lorna's Laces socks that I made for my Mom. They were a Mother's Day gift in 2005, but I didn't get them done until Christmas 2005.

This is my own design, called the Allsorts bag. It is made from two different colours of Manos, and it is felted. This was a gift for a family member at Christmas 2005.

This is a shawl that is of a similar construction to the Melody Shawl. I knit a great big tube, with a coloumn of two twisted stitches about 18 stitches apart. Then when I was binding off, I dropped the 18 stitches between the twisted stitches, and cut them in the middle to make the fringe and open up the shawl. This was made out of Fleece Artist Merino and was completed in Nov 2005.

Mohair Singlet. This is from Jo Sharp's Contemporary Knitting 2, and I used US 8's. The yarn is from Wellington Fibres and I used just over 1 ball. I knit this in 4 days in October/November 2005.

A quick belt made with some leftover Silk Garden #8. I cast on a whack of stitches, knit in the round on US 10's for a few rows, twisting a stitch mid-way, knitting 16 more, and then twisting another one. then I cast off everything except the stitches between the twists, dropped those stitches, and cut. Et Voila! October 2005

A pair of Koigu KPPPM socks with my first short row heel. I used Addi Turbos in US 2.5, cast on 56 stitches, and used 11 stitches over the heel. Started who knows when, and finished in October 2005.

This is a tiny little scarf that I knit from hand spun that Megan made. One day in October on size 15 needles.

Iris from Rowan 35 knit with 5 balls of Rowan Calmer in Power Puff. This little bolero took me 15 days to knit, and I love it. Such a practical little knit. I didn't make any changes to the pattern, but my row gauge was off so it is a little longer then the schematic calls for. Sept 2005.

This is a lace shawl that I knit for my wedding. The pattern is called "Evening in Eden" from Cabin Fever. I knit it with Endless Summer Lara which is a cotton yarn. I also placed a bead at the center of each larger leaf. July-August 2005

This is my Kyoto scarf, made from 3 balls of Artfibers Kyoto, a silk, wool and mohair blend. I used Stacey's "My So Called Scarf" pattern, which is a herringbone stitch pattern, perfect for showing off the sheen of the yarn. I used US 8's, and added a very long fringe at the bottom. June-July 2005.

Hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. June/July 2006. I knit the smallest sleeves from the pattern, with the second smallest body. I used Hayfield Traditional DK Pure Wool Superwash.

Blue drop stitch scarf, made out of Inca Gold Baby Alpaca (left over from my hat, below). I used size 13's for this, and finished it over a couple of days at the end of June, 2005.

I knit this in one night at the SnB, June 22nd, 2005. It is one ball of Rowan Cotton Tape, knit on size 15's (drop stitch)

Pattern: Frieda from Debbie Bliss' Alpaca Silk Book

Yarn: 10.5 balls of Samba (80% extra soft wool, 20% Brazilian Silk) from ArtFibers

Needles: Denise 6's and 8's, as called for in the pattern.

Modifications: I took out 10 rows of stockinette in the sleeve to account for my longer row gauge. Once you get over the initial "huh?" of the sleeve instructions, it is a very straightforward sweater.

Timeframe: May 2005

Ballet wrap from the Spring 2004 Interweave. I knit this over about 3 weeks, using the recommended Merino et Soie and size 6 and 7 US needles. The pattern called for 12 balls, and I used more then 14. I made the sleeves about 1 inch longer then the pattern called for. April 2005.

This is a shawl that I made after I ripped out my poncho. I just cast on 3, and then increased on each side and in the middle on each knit row. Then I blocked it and attached some fringe. It really warm and really linty. I love it! Knit on US 15's. March 2005 (It only took 24 hours)

This cowl neck sweater is made with less then 2 skeins of Fleece Artist Kid Silk that Laura gave me for Christmas. The sleeves are just straight, which gives them a belled look. This is my own design for which I will post a pattern someday. Knit on US 10 1/2's. Feb/Mar 2005

My first pair of handknit socks. Patten sort of from as follows: Cast on 56. Rib a bit, then knit. 28 rows on 28 sts for the heel flap (sl 1 k1 repeat to end, purl row). Short row heel cup. Pick up heel flap sts, knit around, decreasing one st on the heel flap sts each round until back to 56 sts. K until 2" shorter then your foot. Decrease for toe.

These were made with "OnLine" sock yarn, and US #2 Addi Turbos (magic loop). these took exactly two weeks to make. Jan/Feb 2005

One 8 foot long multidirectional scarf knit with two and a half balls of manos. I knit it in 5 days! Jan 2005

Purple felted purse made with one skein of Cascade 220. the button is from Lettuce, as usual. I made this pattern up as I went. It has a flap and two twisted i-cord handles. Dec 2004/Jan 2005

This is an Irish Hiking Scarf that I made for TJ. It is the first thing that he requested I knit for him, right after he asked me to marry him. I used my Denise needles, size 8, and a skein and a half of Patons Classic Merino wool. Dec 04/Jan 05.


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