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Welcome Penny!

My wee family extended recently with the addition of a new industrial sewing machine!

Penny is a Juki 8700 with some extra gizmos and gadgets. For a long time I have been working away on my little home Singer, but I was really starting to put too much wear and tear on it with the amount of sewing I was doing for my business. I really like that little machine, and I was scared that I was going to blow out the motor. Plus, there were a lot of features that it didn’t have that could really save me a lot of time when I am producing 10 or 15 of the same thing at once.

So after what felt like months of research, and after finding a very good deal, I decided to go for it! With Laura in tow we picked her up on our way back to a visit to Toronto.

It has definitely been a learning curve; it’s basically like learning how to sew all over again. But to give you an idea of the power and speed this thing has: 1/2 horsepower motor (the same size that is in my husbands great big table saw), 5500 stitches per minute (my Singer probably does 700, if it’s having a good day), and a presser foot that drops down with enough force to really hurt a finger (did that once, never again). It will automatically trim the threads off for me, which is honestly my favourite part. It is saving me a HUGE amount of time. And the stitches! I can’t believe how good everything looks. So much more professional (to the trained eye I suppose). I can even control everything, presser foot up and down, trimming of threads, with my feet. It has a big wide pedal which allows me to rest both feet on it, which has left my back feeling much better at the end of a long sewing session. And I find my shoulder is feeling better too, since I don’t feel like I am forcing the heavy fabric layers through the machine. I am seriously in love!

The next research project is on industrial sergers. I can’t use a home one, as the cutter is not strong enough to go through what I need, but I am definitely starting at ground zero as far as knowledge. Anyone out there have any experience with industrial sergers?

The first round of box bags made with Penny are up in the shop today in case you want to check them out. And don’t forget to enter my giveaway below!


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  • joyce

    I learned to sew on my mom’s industrial Juki. Going from that to a regular sewing machine was like going from a Porsche to a Mini.

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