Organize Me! – Hall/Coat Closet

So, I know I said I was going to do either the linen closet or the bathroom cabinet next, but in reality my hall closet needed the most attention. As in, I was totally embarrassed to let anyone put a coat in there. Which is a bad thing, because it is right beside the front door. Fail. I can’t quite believe I am going to post this, but here are the before shots:

The worst part of this? Completely my own fault. Every single thing in this closet is mine. (Ok, the board games are a shared item, but the rest is my disaster).

The biggest item that I have trouble storing is my scarves. In yet another embarrassing photo, I took all my scarves, shawls and cowls out and piled them up.

Yikes. There are….wait for it….40 pieces there. 40. What is wrong with me? As I was going through them all I kept saying “this is insane. Totally nuts. Who needs this many scarves?”. I did pare down a little (ok, only 5) but for some reason 35 seems less crazy than 40. I really wanted to have a way to display them that I would actually see them all, so that I would have an easier time choosing what to wear. (I do actually wear all of these things). I had seen a lot of different scarf storage options on Pinterest, like hangers, towel rods, curtain loops, etc. But these didn’t solve the two problems I was having. 1) Not seeing what I had, and 2) Trying to keep my scarves somewhat un-wrinkled. You can see on the top photo that I had tried one of those sweater cube hanger things, but it just made a mess.

So I came up with another idea. A clear shoe hanger!!

I neatly rolled up my scarves and placed each one in the pocket of a $5 over the door shoe hanger. Colour coded, of course. I did have some scarves and shawls that didn’t fit in the hanger (mostly the hand knit, crocheted and woven ones) so those are now neat and tidy in the sweater cube to the left. The top two cubes are shawls and scarves, the next is mittens, hats and boot toppers, the 4th is handmade bags and the 5th is clutches.

I took all of the games out of the top and put them on a bookshelf in the basement, so that my largest and most used purses could sit nicely on the top. Oh and my gardening hat. Because me and the sun are not friends.

I also removed a few coats that I was not using to send to Goodwill. That has left enough space for guests to actually hang their jackets in there. Novel!

So there you have it folks, a $5 hall closet/scarf organization makeover. And for a little trivia? 17 of the 35 scarves/shawls/cowls are handmade by either me or someone close to me. That’s just about 50%, and that makes me happy.

Has anyone else found a good way to store your scarves? Anyone else with a crazy collection of things?


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