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Wee Baby

Of the yarn variety only. No surprises here! My friends A + B will be welcoming a little boy into the world in the next few weeks, so I decided to knit up a little present for them. When I was at TNNA earlier this year I met Cid Hanscom at the Skacel booth when she was signing her book – Purl the Little Knit Girl. Of course I fell in love with how adorable the whole thing is. You knit the little doll, an outfit for the doll, a home for the doll and a hat for the baby. Genius! I picked up some yarn from my LYS and got to work knitting up a little boy version.

Is that not the cutest pattern ever? And you know what? The actually pattern is BRILLIANT. It is so well written, the shaping is amazing (seriously, there were points when I just had to trust Cid because I had no idea what was going to come of some of the directions) and the finishing instructions are perfect too. I mean, he has a nose! And ears! And eyebrows! And a belly button for goodness sake!

And of course, bum cheeks (with rouge!)

The absolute killer for me though was the thumbs. Thumbs people!

Dying. Once the wee doll was knit up, I started in on his little pea outfit.

A perfectly shaped little hat and jumper. I think I might have squeaked when I finished it. After the outfit came his little felted home.

Oh hi there! I almost kept him for myself. I really did. I might have to knit myself a little studio mascot or something.

Once all the doll parts were finish, I made a baby hat to go with it. The one that came with the book was sort of a hood, which I knew would not be mama’s style, so I went with the good old standby umbilical cord hat.

I am glad I can finally blog/IG about this one, because I so wanted to do it while I was working on it. But now that the gift has been given, blog it is.

Good luck A+B, I know you guys are going to be wonderful parents!

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