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Nov 19 / Dani

Double Wedding Ring Quilt, Complete!!

Whoo hoo! I thought for a while this might never get finished! (Click on any pic for a bigger image)

You might remember waaay back in February that I took a Double Wedding Ring quilt class. (You might also recall that I had grand ideas of getting 6 quilts done in 12 months, but we are not going to talk about that).

After cutting out so many pieces, piecing, the applique, and putting the quilt top together, I was super excited to quilt it. That is when disaster sort of struck.

I chose invisible thread for the top of this quilt, because I didn’t want the colour of the quilting to interfere with the rings. I had not worked with filament on the longarm before, and didn’t notice as it whipped along that it was skipping a TON of stitches. Like, huge stretches. So much did I not notice that I did an entire row of quilting (~18″ tall x the width of the quilt) and then looked back only to realize I was going to have to pick every. single. stitch. out. Guh. There are no photos of this because I was busy ugly crying.

After about 4 hours of picking, let’s just say I was not eager to try again. So the finished top hung on the back of my studio door for months while I tried to figure out what went wrong. Turns out (as I discover through some mad Google-fu and some forum chats) that you basically have to turn the top tension off (and for any longarmers out there – only loop around the second tension disc from the bottom – not up and over like you usually do) to keep it from skipping and breaking.

Several tense hours later…..redemption!

The backing I chose is voile (Pastry Line) in a bright magenta. I thought it was the best choice to compliment all the crazy colours on the front.

The quilting is a modernized version of a feather pattern, and the bobbin thread I used is dark grey.

For the binding, I auditioned quite a few choices, but I ended up doing a scrappy binding, just like the top. It fit perfectly, I think.

I really wanted this quilt to be a combination of modern and traditional. Traditional pattern with modern colour scheme and fabrics. Traditional feather quilting done in clear thread and in a slightly modernized shape. Applique (traditional) done on the machine with filament (modern).

I am super pleased with how it came out, and I have been using it every night on the couch. It’s soft but heavy, and nice a crinkly. Perfect quilt for me. My favourite part though, is looking at all of those little scraps and knowing what each came from – friends, different projects, my shop. It makes me happy.

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