Designing My Own History

I have been involved with a weaving study group for almost 2 years now. There are 9 of us in the group, and we have all learned so much from each other. (Alright, I have learned much more from them than they have learned from me, but that’s ok!).

For our current course of study we all had to choose our own topic to explore, and then present to the group. Last year about this time I took a tartan weaving course, and then just two weeks ago I took a Scottish District Checks and Tweeds class, so I decided that I would do a presentation on tartans and Scottish cloth in general.

My grandpa was a Cameron, and I have woven a Cameron scarf in the past. I love it, and have worn it a lot, but I really wanted something that was a bit more my colours. So I designed my own! I used this site to roughly come up with the sett (the colours and numbers of each thread), and then wove off my very own Warren-Miller tartan.

tartanscarf 3

Project Details:

Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr (Wool/Silk blend)
Sett: 30 epi, 15 dent reed sleyed 2-2-2
Warp: 3 yards, 352 ends (8 selvedges)
Loom: LeClerc Fanny II 45″
On Loom Measurements: 82.25″L x 10.75″ W
Finished Measurements: 74.5″L x 10.25″ W
Fringe: 4″ each end

tartanscarf 1

This one is quite a bit softer and has more drape than my previous scarf, as I used a 50/50 wool-silk blend. I have basically been wearing it non stop since I finished it.

In addition to doing the actual weaving, I did a presentation to the group on the history of tartans. Did you know basically most tartans are completely made up? I absolutely loved learning all about the history, reading about some of the major Scottish battles (particularly important to tartans is the 1745 rebellion) and doing the actual presentation to the group. I am doing another tartan class this summer at MAFA so I am hoping to continue my study on this. Eventually I would like to make a modern kilt, but that requires a massive amount of fabric so we will see.


In the meantime I will continue wearing this one endlessly, or at least for a couple of weeks before the weather gets crazy hot here. I am pretty chuffed with the outcome. 🙂


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