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Thank you everyone for your kind words on my tartan scarf. I feel like I am starting to get my groove with weaving and I am really hoping that I will make time to do more in the next few weeks and months.

For Christmas this year I had made TJ a shaving kit, as he travels so often and his old one was…..icky. I used a roll of seat belt material that I stitched together to create a wide fabric. Then I made a basic box bag with it, and used waxed canvas for the inside. I changed how it was stitched around the zipper because the standard way that I make them wouldn’t have worked with the thickness of the seat belt material.

He really liked it, but he had an idea for a shaving roll to go with it that would hold a few of his things. So….

shavingroll (2)
Tada! It is vinyl lined to keep it clean, and uses the same waxed canvas on the outside. The little pieces of elastic hold all of his travel toiletries securely, and it means he is not rummaging around in the bottom of his bag for a sharp razor.

It rolls up neat and tidy and fits right inside the bag. The little pocket at the end even has a little bit of elastic to hold his collar thingies.

shavingroll 1
The seat belt material on the outside of this one was actually made from the original seat belt from the very old car that he has (he has had it since he was 16…it’s going on 30 years old now!). So I was excited to get to use that. And he even helped me a bunch! He figured out layout and came up with a few of the construction details, and even sewed a few things.

shavingroll (1)
It was a fun project to work on!

shavingroll 4

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