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A Little Redo

A few weeks ago it was my friend Lindsay‘s birthday. She had been having a rough couple of months dealing with her diagnosis of Graves Disease (you can read about it here, here, and here). So I really wanted to do something to try to make her feel a bit better.

Lindsay has a great studio space for her long arm machine in a part of the building that houses her husband Greg’s screen printing business, but it needed a little perking up. So I called Greg and asked if it would be ok if I came in and did a little work.

lstudio 2 copy

One wall is all brick, so I took a big risk and picked a pink paint colour for the walls. I knew she wanted pink because those samples had been up on the wall for a while, I just wasn’t sure which one. I ended up going with Benjamin Moore Hearts Delight in matte Aura paint. (As an aside, Aura is seriously amazing. This stuff covers like NOTHING ELSE. It is flat out my favourite paint. It is spendy, but sometimes you can find a $5 off coupon, and you end up only needing to paint one coat in a lot of cases, so you use less paint. And it is totally worth it for the time you save.) I was very thankful I ended up only having to do a coat, as it took quite a while with the doors, rough brick, and other mechanical items that I needed to paint around.

Once the painting was done, I did a couple other things to tidy up and fix a couple of things. Greg had been storing some things in the room, so he moved all of that out, and what was staying I tidied up in the corner. I fixed a table that was a bit wobbly, painted the door, did some cleaning, and picked up a new cutting board and rotary cutter on Greg’s behalf. I also hung a quilt that I had made for her, but I will do another post about that later on.

Overnight Greg printed a little sign for the door, and installed a doorknob. He also reassembled Vada’s teepee that had been in the corner, but had sort of been flopped around a bit. My friend Amanda made an amazing red velvet cake and we called a couple of friends.

The next morning we all snuck into the studio and Greg schemed to get Lindsay there. Turns out Vada let a bit of the cat out of the bag, so she knew that I was going to be there, but she didn’t know why. I think she was still surprised!


lstudio (2)

lstudio (1)

Thank you Greg and Amanda for helping me to put this together. Somehow it still managed to be surprise even with me pulling into the parking lot behind Lindsay by accident (not once, but twice!) and a toddler starting to spill the beans.  You are a great friend Lindsay and you deserve to have a space to work in that you love <3 🙂

Later this week – more details on the quilt!

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