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I miss blogging, I really do, but as anyone with a blog knows it can be tough to fit it into an already tight schedule. So I am trying a couple of new things to see if I can make it work. So here I am!

TJ’s mom was here visiting for the month of July, and while she was here we took a trip over to Monticello. I had been before, but it is a really neat place and I certainly don’t mind going again. One interesting thing I noticed this time? Not a lot of textiles there. Maybe because Mr. Jefferson was on his own for a long time he didn’t have anyone working on needlework or quilts. Or maybe they are just all lost and not in the museum. Just thought it was interesting in comparison to other homes-turned-museums that I have visited.

It has been a wild summer for weather here. We have had a bunch of absolutely gorgeous days, perfect for grilling, after what seemed like an eternity of rain. We had so much flooding! Our backyard was like a pond. And a lot of the storms have come with some really crazy clouds. But I am glad that lately it has even been nice enough to open the windows.

And finally, I have been running. A lot. Or at least it seems like a lot for me. I am up to 4 times a week, for a total of about 20 miles. This past Sunday I ran my longest run of my life, at 7 miles/11.3 km. It feels really good to be doing something, but I am still waiting for it to give me more energy. Mostly it just makes me tired! I am planning on running a 10k race this fall.

Ok one post down, let’s see if I can keep this up!

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