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Feb 22 / Dani

Shuffling Cards

I finally got around to doing some proper galleries of my finished objects. If you refresh you should be able to see them all along the top of the page. Have a look, poke around, and let me know if anything is wonky. If you click on one picture, it will let you scroll through them all. Or you can just click on the picture again and it will take you back to the gallery.

It is good to see them all on this page and organized so nicely. Lets forget the fact that I have been at the computer all day doing this when I should be doing things like cleaning and finishing 20,000 other crafting projects I have on the go.

I also have updated the card gallery to include a whole bunch of cards that I have made over the last little while. Here are a couple of my favourites.

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  1. Mom / Feb 22 2010

    WOW! You have made a lot of cards..Hallmark is not pleased! They all look great.

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