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About 6 weeks ago it was my little nephew’s first birthday. (What? How is that possible?) I was lucky enough to get to go home for a week or so to visit, so I didn’t have to miss the party! I knew he was going to get a ton of stuff for presents, so I decided to make him something that would hopefully be a bit different.

I made my first sock monster many years ago now, and it was well received, so I thought I would play around with making another. I made the legs and arms really long and skinny my nephew could easily crawl or walk with him. And the tooth? Well, that was just for fun.

Even though it was way past his nap time, he liked it! I did have to do a bit more sewing to permanently attach the eyes (he had those pulled off in about 2 seconds, should have figured that). I hope he is still enjoying it!

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