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Aug 21 / Dani

Magnetic Instagram Photo Display Tutorial

For a while I have been thinking about how I don’t see a lot of my Instagram pictures once I have taken them, and a few of them are some of my favourite pics I have snapped. I figured it was time to finally get some of them printed, and find a way to display them!

I sent a whole bunch of images to PicPlum for printing, and I was really impressed with the results. The cut edges were nice and clean but they didn’t cut off any of the fun IG borders. And the colours were quite true to the originals – if there was a filter on the picture it still looked like it had a filter when it was printed, rather than being colour corrected.

But once I had the prints, I couldn’t really come up with something to do with them. I wanted to be able to change out the prints frequently, but I didn’t just want to stick them on the fridge. Then it hit me – make the fridge mobile! Ok, not really, but what about a magnetic frame? I got busy this afternoon and made it, and I took pictures while I was doing each step so that I could do a little tutorial as well. Hope it works ok for you! (Note – I am definitely not an expert and there are probably much better ways to do this. Please be careful not to cut yourself on the metal, it is sharp! Do this project at your own risk šŸ™‚ )


Frame, without the glass (in my case, I had a broken ikea frame sitting around)
Stainless steel sheet from the hardware store big enough to fill the frame
Tin or Metal Snips
Scrap Wood
Optional: Foam core or cardboard the size of your frame


Remove the glass from your frame (if you didn’t already break it, ahem) and collect your other materials (click for larger pictures):

magneticphotodisplay 1

Usually frames come with a template piece of paper. Trace that piece of paper onto the BACK SIDE of metal with a marker:

magneticphotodisplay 2

Using your tin snips, cut off the extra. (Please note – my sheet metal working father is probably having a fit at the way I did this. I am sure it is wrong. But it worked. Do remember to cut from the back side though, as the snips will make small marks in the metal. I learned this the hard way but I am calling it character):

magneticphotodisplay 3

The snips will leave the edges quite craggy. Using your scrap wood and a hammer, bang the edges down flat:

magneticphotodisplay 5

Once that is done, you can slide your metal into your frame. You could also spray paint the metal a different colour at this point if you wanted to. I chose to leave mine au naturel for now, but you never know:

magneticphotodisplay 6

You may want to put a layer of cardboard or foam core behind the metal to keep it flat and secure. I did both.

Flip the frame over, wipe off the fingerprints with windex, and arrange your photos using magnets!

magneticphotodisplay 7

I used these teeny magnets that I bought on etsy. (Great seller btw, I ordered them Monday and they were in my mailbox Wednesday).

magneticphotodisplay 8

Et voila! An easily changeable display for your photos! Now if I could just decide where I want it to go in the house……


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