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Riley Blake Challenge Quilt

Thanks everyone for your great response to my Wee Animal Quilt tutorial. I am glad that you like it and I hope to see some of your finished quilts!

A few months back the folks at Riley Blake Designs gave away a whole bunch of fabric to members of the Modern Quilt Guild. We each received a fat eighth of 6 different fabrics, and were told to use them as we liked. So long as we only used Riley Blake fabrics or solids with them.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, as the combination of fabrics would not have been a choice I would naturally make. At first I was going to make a clam shell quilt or pillow cover, but someone ended up doing that before I could. Then I thought I would try a cathedral window pillow cover – someone did that too. But then had an idea for another skill I had never done…free piecing!

I wanted to make a bunch of star blocks, slap them up on my design wall, in random order, and figure out how to make everything into a complete quilt top. It took a lot of measuring, a lot of math, and a few sheets of graph paper, but here we are!

FallingStarsQuilt 4

I am calling this one “Falling Stars”. I am really pleased with the outcome! A bit about the process:

The first thing I did was cut out the bucket. Then I made 7 different sawtooth stars (6 that were 4″ and 1 that was 6″). I plunked everything up on my design wall and started piecing in the turquoise.

FallingStarsQuilt 3 (1)

As I came to each wonk-ily placed star, I slid a piece of graph paper behind it and marked the corners, to give me the angle that the star was on.

FallingStarsQuilt 2 (1)

Then I drew a square that would be level with the top and the bottom of the quilt around the corner marks.

FallingStarsQuilt 1 (1)

Then I pieced in the turquoise bit by bit, cutting on the outside square lines as I went. Once the angled star was a square, I was able to add vertical and horizonal pieces to the quilt until it was one big top. You can see that in the photo of the design wall – I sort of worked in groups.

With everything pieced, I used a piece of chalk to mark off a handle for the bucket, and used a back stitch to embroider it on.

Once the top was done, I was really excited to do the quilting. I decided to do the bucket in straight lines, you know, like a bucket would be. Right?

Falling Stars Quilt

Then for the background, I decided to use a fluffy cloud pattern. I marked out the stars though so they would stand up on the quilt a bit.

FallingStarsQuilt 2

FallingStarsQuilt 1

The back is just a simple Riley Blake chevron, as I didn’t want to distract too much from the top, and I love this print.

FallingStarsQuilt 3

I used the leftovers from my fat eighths to make a pieced binding, stitched it down by hand et voila! Complete!

FallingStarsQuilt 4

I am quite pleased with the results. And while it may not look like it, I think this is probably one of the most difficult quilts that I have made. There was a lot of head scratching trying to make sure that everything ended up square in the end, which it thankfully did.

Thanks to Riley Blake and the MQG for organizing this. And thanks Lindsay for the use of Ursula! I am looking forward to our next challenge!



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