Quilt for my Favourite Customer

A couple of weeks ago I had a customer order a baby quilt from me. But not just any customer, my very favourite customer. Before you think, “wait, isn’t that me?” let me s’plain. No, there is no time, let me sum up:


None other than TJ’s wonderful 91 year old Grandma (I kid you not. She is 91. Ok in this picture she is 90, but jeez. I don’t look that good most days and I am 35!)

She knew she wanted something pink, but didn’t have any other requirements beyond that. So….off to my go-to baby quilt design!

030614 4

I call this one “Pinwheels and Piano Keys”. I came up with it a couple of years ago when I needed to use up a layer cake (40 10″ precut squares for the non-quilters). I like it because it is super easy to coordinate, easy to put together, but it makes a good sized baby quilt.

The fabrics in this one are mostly from “Vintage Baby” by Riley Blake, with a couple of others from my stash (Riley Blake layer cakes don’t have as many pieces as Moda layer cakes, so I added a bit in).

030614 3

For the quilting I went with Posies, as I thought it was girly without being distracting from the top.

030614 2

I’ve really enjoyed the few quilts I have been able to make lately with my new and improved piecing set up, which I talked about on my last post. Now I just need some more time to work on my own stuff!

030614 1

I hope both Grandma and the recipient like it and that it gets years of use.


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