Whoa nelly

Just wanted to send a big “hi!” out to all the people that stopped by to visit the site through the Stitch Diva Studio’s facebook page. Thanks for visiting, I hope you can stick around. There sure were a lot of you! My site stats went nuts can I couldn’t figure out why until I logged onto facebook and saw that SDS had linked my last post. I really appreciate the shout out!

I have uploaded a whole whack (and I really do mean a whack) of photos from my trip to Sint Maarten/Saint Martin on the “Photos” page above. You can click on any of the photos to get a bigger version that includes a caption, and then you can click the little arrows to move through all the the shots. For my family and friends, make sure you check out all 5 pages! (there are little numbers on the bottom of the page below the small photos that will allows you to change pages).

A friend suggested that I take my wedding shawl with me for the trip. For those of you who haven’t been reading for 5 years – I married my husband in Barbados and knit myself a shawl to wear. So I took it out of it’s carefully stored spot, packed it up, and wore it for a fancy dinner we had at the resort.

I am happy to say it looks just like new still. I think I need more trips to the islands so I can wear it more. 🙂

I also bought a really cool little sewing doll while I was down there. One of very few souvenirs I purchased.

She will take up a special spot in the studio when it is all finished.

Hope you enjoy all the pics.


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