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May 17 / Dani

Cards A’Coming

II needed to make a whole bunch of cards recently, knowing that my studio space was going to be out of commission for a while. (As an aside – it’s getting there. Walls have been painted, floor install is starting. Once that is done we need to buy, paint and install trim and it will be done. A couple of weeks at the most I hope. I am starting to go a little crazy not being able to get at anything.)

I have added these to the gallery, but here are a few of my favourites.

A birthday card within a card

Mother’s Day

Masculin birthday photo card

Mother’s Day

We went to Ikea and the PB Outlet to get some cabinets and work surfaces for the studio. It’s almost done!!! Patience is a virtue I do not have.


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  1. missbedora / May 17 2010

    Love the cards! Where is that photo from on the one card, I really like it.

    Do you have a punch for that flower on the one card? I really like that too.

    You’re so creative!!!

  2. Pam! / May 17 2010

    PB outlet? Oh my … didn’t even know there was such a thing. I think I feel a road trip to Leesburg, Gaffney, or Dawsonville.

  3. Mom / May 18 2010

    Loved the card….am in amazement of the books. Have decided that one is going in my crochet bag, have used it about 5 time this past week!

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