Big Red

My bedroom design was partially guided by TJ’s desire to have a quilt for our bed. It took a while for me to narrow down what it was about a quilt that he liked – was it the piecing? A specific colour? The texture? After showing him some examples, looking at store bought quilts, it turns out it was the texture and weight that he wanted. Something very crinkly without a lot of fussiness.

Once I had the colourway of the room decided, I started my very simple, but very large bed quilt.

From 8 different red and cream fabrics I cut 324 5″ squares. 324. Obviously I needed to change my rotary blade after that.

Then I managed to carve out a space (by moving half of my living room furniture) to lay out all the pieces. I wanted to make sure I didn’t get too many of the darker reds too close together.

I then sewed together strips of 9 squares. Then seamed 9 strips of 9 together to make 4 quadrants. With the quadrants sewn together, I headed over to Laura’s to quilt the beast. (Well, after I seamed together 9! yards of fabric for the backing).

Thank goodness for long arms. There is just no possible way I could have quilted this with my little Singer.

I did a tight-ish meander pattern to give it as much crinkle as possible. I machine bound the edge with one of the stripe fabrics I had used in the quilt. I used invisible thread – I figured it was never going to get done if I had to hand sew the binding.

With a trip through the washer and dryer (that was an adventure. I probably should have taken it to a laundromat to use the commercial sized dryer. It was completely creased when I got it out of the dryer. I ended up wetting it down and laying it out flat to dry where the creases were) Big Red was complete.

And as for weight? You got it sweetie – 6.5lbs of it. That is a lot for a quilt, and it is wonderful to sleep under.


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