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A while ago Whitney and I created a quilt for the beginner quilting class that she teaches at the shop. Using a lot of Moda’s Simple Abundance fabric, this is what we came up with:

Pinwheels, 4 in 9, saw tooth star, HST’s and borders. That is a lot of knowledge learned in one set of quilting classes. When we were finished making this one, I had a lot of bits and pieces left over. I decided to make another quilt to use up what was left, while trying not to cut any new fabric.

This is what I managed to come up with, and I only had to cut additional fabric for the borders. I really like the strong diagonals made by the 4 in 9 blocks.

For the back I used up the strips I had left from the 4 in 9’s to make some more interesting diagonals.

One of my favourite things about this quilt though is the little brown strip between the border and the blocks. It is a folded over piece, so it is actually only attached one side. Sort of like a little flap (there is probably a proper name for this, but I don’t know what it is).

Because of this little flap I could not do edge to edge quilting on Laura’s Statler, so I did separate borders and individual blocks.

I did a different quilting for each block. Some daisy blocks, some leaves – generally florally. You can see more of the quilting if you click on the picture of the back of the quilt above.

I was really happy to be able to use up so many of the pieces that were leftover from the first quilt. My first foray into somewhat scrappy quilting.

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