Quilt For My Little Sister

My little sister got married this past weekend. I thought I would make something for her and her husband that they could enjoy for many years to come. As always, click to see larger pictures.

Pattern: Rec Center Quilt
Fabric: Various cottons from the shop, demin from Joann’s on the back
Quilting: Wind Swirls (done on Laura‘s machine)

This is designed to be a big picnic quilt, as the backing is demin. Much more durable and stain resistant than a usual cotton backing

I liked the pattern, but I had one problem with it. The instructions have you cut the red sashing strips longer than they are needed and then it has to you trim them after you sew them on. This is done to avoid having to pin a bunch of little tiny pieces, but what I found is that it caused some of my blocks to be slightly out of square. This is a beginner thing I am sure, but I like having that extra chance to square things up when you are adding more pieces. I would make this quilt again, but I would just adjust the cutting of the strips to be shorter. Does that even make sense to anyone?

The wonkiness added to the overall look of the quilt in the end, and I really like how the quilting shows up on it.

The pattern has instructions for an attached strap, but since I wanted my sister and her hubby to be able to use this on the couch without getting scratched by velcro, my strap was just removable.

And with it all rolled (or folded up) I put it in a cool picnic basket thingy instead of a gift bag for delivery to the wedding.

My sister called the day after the wedding to say that she loved it. I hope they get lots of use out of it! I would love to see it years down the line all worn in and loved.

I wish them both many years of happiness!


  • Whitney

    This turned out wonderful. I hope that they enjoy it and appreciate all the work that went into all that lovely piecing! Great work Dani.

  • Kelly

    I just wanted to thank you again from both of us!!! We absolutely love the quit and can’t wait to put it to use, mind you we may have to fight Kohl to get it back. She has deemed it hers within the first minute of it being out of the picnic basket 🙂

    Thank you everyone, I couldn’t have asked for a better day (or a better husband) 🙂

    Love you


  • missbedora

    I love this line:

    “The wonkiness added to the overall look of the quilt in the end”

    Isn’t that true for so much about crafting??! Gorgeous quilt, and congrats to the happy couple!

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