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Aug 25 / Dani

Colour Study

I think it is probably no surprise to anyone who knows me or has been reading the blog for a while, but I have a love of colour. I love using it in interior design, in quilting, in knitting, in anything. I have a particular fondness for anything with a rainbow of colours (like my colour wheel quilt, my pencil holder, etc).

A while back the group of weavers that I meet with once a month socially decided that we would like to start a study group. I was definitely in on this because I really needed something that was going to force me to sit down at my loom and get over my fear of things not working out. So regardless of what we were going to study, I was in. But when I learned that the first thing we were going to cover was colour? I was SO in.

Our first meeting we had a presentation on colour theory. We studied colour harmonies in detail – split complimentary, hexad, triad, double split complimentary and so on. In our second meeting, we decided on a project. We would all pick two colour harmonies, and we a bunch of samples.

Rather than going with subtle colours, I decided to go all out. And I learned SO much from the process! I started by doing a sample for myself, weaving off with all the colours, with black, white, charchoal. I played with how hard I was beating the weft, I figured out how to fix broken warp threads, it was great. Even the moments that we frustrating were great. It has really helped me get my weaving mojo going.

Now I have a couple of projects in my head that I really want to start. I am thinking about messing with the materials that I use for the warp and then washing it – giving lumpy bumpy texture to the piece. And since the summer is almost over and things are beginning to calm down, I might actually have time to sit at the loom! I also need to do our second project for the group, which I will be planning today.

Where do you get your colour inspiration from? Are you someone who works with subtle colours or loves the bold world? Do you like to combine or work in single colour families? Do you use colour different depending on the craft?


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  1. Knitnana / Aug 25 2010

    I either visit a yarn shop or a fabric store for my inspiration!
    And your weaving is cool – I LOVE your sample.

  2. Mom / Aug 25 2010

    I tend to get my colour choices from my eldest daughter. She is always so amazing and “right on”!

  3. missbedora / Aug 26 2010

    I get my colour inspiration from my best friend 🙂

    I love that photo with the colourful spools. Would look so awesome printed and framed for your studio!! Or someday (*sigh*) my craft room??

    I like the idea you shared with me about taking colours from nature – like all different colours in an apple just naturally working together.

  4. Beth / Sep 9 2010

    Most of my color inspiration comes from Mother Nature. Sometimes I’ll see a color-way in a magazine that catches my eye. Sure wish my schedule allowed for me to take part in the study group.

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