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Sep 4 / Dani

Great Smokies

Last Tuesday was, quite unbelievably, our 5 year anniversary. In some ways it seems as though I have known and loved TJ my entire life, and in other ways I can’t believe that we have been married for 5 years (together for almost 9, holy cow). We decided to celebrate we would rent a log cabin in the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. A little tour, shall we? (as always, click on any picture to see it larger)

The front door of “Copper Ridge” in Cobbly Knob, TN.

Awesome full kitchen

Living room where we spent lots of lazy mornings relaxing.

Nook with water feature (and an antique yarn winder. That gave me a chuckle)

Pool table. It was sooo great to play pool again. It has been much too long. I love pool, and I am not too bad at it. TJ fondly reminded me of the time we went to the pool hall right after we started dating and I smoked him. He was duly impressed. Someday I will have a pool table of my own, someday.

Awesome bedroom with huge windows and giant beams. Seriously, look at the size of these things! They run the full height and length of the house. (also notice the tile on the right? That was the huge jacuzzi tub. In the bedroom).

Everything in the place was logs. It was quite the thing to see. I would definitely go again, maybe in the fall so I could see the colours. We also spent lots of time in the hot tub out on the big wrap around deck, and in the little screened in enclosure.

We did some touristy things, like shopping the outlets and driving the strip. And mini golf – what US destination vacation spot is complete without mini golf?

Adventure themed mini golf at that. I had my first hole in one, so I was in a good mood. We checked out the upside down building thingy too, cause, well, it was pretty neat.

We did a lovely drive on the Arts and Crafts trail, where I got some Alewine pottery and also my first cola in 8 years. And not just any cola, a Vanilla Coke Float, made with real fountain coke and amazing ice cream.

If you are going to do it, do it right!

After the touristy stuff, we really wanted to explore the national park.

We drove some really amazing mountain roads:

saw some incredible views:

and wished that the camera would do them justice.

TJ mentioned before we left for the trip that he remembered swimming in the mountain streams along the roadside of the park . Once that was in my head I was determined to go swimming, no matter how cold that water was. The first day we swam near a pretty waterfall in a well known swimmin’ hole.

The second day we decided to try out this place we had been told about, that was much more remote and farther into the park.

It was absolutely gorgeous. There were literally hundreds of butterflies all over the place. Flying, landing on you, in big clumps on the ground

We did have a very very scary moment though. TJ slipped on a rock and put his hands out to stop himself, and has he did his wedding ring went flying off his hand into the fast moving, very rocky river. We FREAKED out. TJ was shaking, I just kept saying ‘oh my god, oh my god’ over and over again. I managed to sort of block the flow of the river and flatten out the water so we could see, and after too long searching TJ’s eagle eyes spotted it between two rocks. I dove down and got it – I swear I have never gripped something so tight in my hand in my life. The weirdest part? When I went back up to the car to put in, I looked at the time and realized that it was almost 5 years TO THE MINUTE from when we had said our vows. Isn’t that insane? Good omen that we found it I think.

After that we did take some time to relax and calm ourselves down while snapping some more pictures and having a dip.

The next day we went horseback riding, which was my new years resolution for the year – to ride a horse. Horses sort of make me nervous, so I was glad when they put me on Moseby, this completely relaxed former dinner theatre performer. He was great. We rode all around the trail in the national park and had a great time. There also might have been copious amounts of eating on this trip, including a brownie the size of my head. (Thanks Robin for the recommendation to the Park Grill!)

While all of that was amazing, it was truly made perfect by the fact that I shared it all with my hubby. I love you so much! Let’s do it all again next week, k?


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  1. Mom / Sep 4 2010

    Wow, what a great cabin!! Hot tub sounds good to me right now, as we are shivering! Glad you found the ring. weird about the timing. Mmmm….that brownie looks to die for. Almost as sweet as a very Happy Anniversary!

  2. missbedora / Sep 4 2010

    Great post! But I am disappointed with one thing – no pictures of the hunky (at least in my head) Tennessee cowboy guide?!

    The cabin looks like a slice of heaven. Just wow.

    I am GLAD you enjoyed your first Coke in YEARS…I remember when you quit! That float definitely looked worth it.

    Can’t believe it’s been 5 years. You guys are a great couple, and I know there will be many more anniversaries to come. Just try to hold on to your ring TJ!

  3. amanda / Sep 5 2010

    Great vacation!!! Glad you guys enjoyed it. Happy 5th!

  4. Robin in VA / Sep 5 2010

    AWESOME TRIP….now you see why I love that place so much. Oh, I can do without all the hustle and bustle BUT–it’s so beautiful I can forget about all that.
    Maybe I should get a tour guide job there? I know where to eat ya know!! I run so I can EAT!!!
    Happy Anniversary too you both!!

  5. Jack in VA / Sep 5 2010

    Just love the Smokies, esp. Gatlinburg. So much to see, do, and enjoy. The crafts village is forever. A fantastic trail of the best of Appalachia. Glad you guys were able to celebrate your 5th in such a wonderful place. Congratulations!!!

  6. Lynne / Sep 22 2010

    That looks like a great trip…it sure is different than Toronto, isn’t it?
    A Happy, Blessed anniversary to you.

  7. Renee / Oct 2 2010

    looks like an amazing trip! Happy belated 5th Anniversary!
    The log cabin is fantastic.

  8. Bobby / Oct 29 2010

    Thank you for the wonderful post. I am taking my wife there in March and found your blog to be honest and positive. Do you think 3 days is enough time for Gatlinburg?

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