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Sep 6 / Dani

Like a Big Hug

While my parents were here visiting for a few weeks this summer, my Mom was plugging away on a lovely shawl. And lo and behold, it was for me!

It’s a big rectangle, with some seaming up the sides to create sleeves. It allows you to fold over the collar any which way and change the look quite a bit (as a side note, every single time I try to type “quite” I do “quilt” first. Ha.)

Excuse the bizzaro look on my face. My neighbour was looking for me and came around the back of the house to find me with the camera propped up on the BBQ taking pictures of myself. She must have thought I had lost my marbles.

I can see that I am going to get lots of use out of this one, particularily when we are all cuddled up on the couch in the winter. We keep the temp really low (68F) to save on heating costs, but it means when you sit still it tends to get really chilly. It will be just like a big hug from Mom! Thanks again Mom, I love it.


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  1. missbedora / Sep 6 2010

    Nice work Gail!

  2. Julie / Sep 8 2010

    It looks so soft and warm!! what a great item to throw on to keep the chill away. great job!!

  3. Mom / Sep 9 2010

    Sorry you had to do the blocking yourself !! LOL!

  4. Lynne / Sep 22 2010

    Oh, now that is cute.

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