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Oct 1 / Dani

Off the Crafty Deep End

I was doing a bunch of little jobs down in the studio today, when I come across a sweater of TJ’s that I accidentally felted a while back. (As a side note – seriously? I am a knitter. How could I not wash that sweater properly?)

So, rather than just throw it out, I thought I would make a handbag with it.

I used an old belt that I had broken to make the handle for it.

For the inside, to keep it stable with all my purse junk, I lined it with some leftover denim I had.

I originally only had the one snap on the knit part, but I wanted a bit more stability so I put a magnetic clasp on the denim part.

I haven’t decided if it is neat or if I have just fallen off the crafty deep end!


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  1. sally / Oct 1 2010

    it’s neat! how did you attach the belt?? what will you use the bag for?

  2. Aven / Oct 1 2010

    I think it’s great! The argyle pattern works really well.

  3. missbedora / Oct 1 2010

    Love it!

  4. Pam! / Oct 1 2010

    Very cool. You didn’t go off the deep end … you had an amazing idea and it came out great. Love it.

  5. Barb / Oct 1 2010

    Love, love, love it!!! I think it looks great! So creative!!!

  6. Dani / Oct 2 2010

    Sally – I used a leather punch to punch a couple of holes in each side of the belt, and then stitched it on with some leftover sock yarn I had that matched the sweater. It seems to be holding alright, but we will see after I use it today. I plan on using it as a regular old purse

  7. julie / Oct 2 2010

    What a brilliant solution!! it looks amazing. I love the belt strap, too!

  8. Renee / Oct 2 2010

    It’s seriously neat!!
    Love it!

  9. Mom / Oct 2 2010

    Totally neat!! But….did you make T another sweater?? Winter is coming!

  10. amanda / Oct 4 2010


    … as usual 🙂

  11. Knitnana / Oct 6 2010

    I think it’s wonderful! The reuse of the sweater and belt is just smart (a great “green” statement)…and it looks terrific with your jeans!

  12. thea / Oct 6 2010

    You have not fallen off the deep end, that bag’s AWESOME!

    And you asked me about Shelter and my Collins – I think it would work – but a swatch will tell more. 4 st per inch, 5 rows on #8s. The yardage I used – I did a 34 – was just about 1300 yds. My size 34 test knitter needs to confirm that, but I’m pretty sure…..

  13. Lynn / Oct 10 2010

    No this is WAYY cool!!! Great save and gorgeous way to fix a mistake.

  14. Kim Budash / Oct 13 2010

    Verrrry neat, I love it!! As I knit and felt ALOT of purses for myself and others, this a such a creative idea to turn something that was a mistake into something so beautiful. Way to go, great job!

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