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Oct 29 / Dani

Pretty and Practical

It’s Whitney’s birthday this weekend, and since she has been such a great boss AND friend over the last year, I wanted to make her something that would be both pretty and practical.

With a full time job, plus the shop, plus a 2 year old (and another on the way) Whit always has lots going on. And I have noticed a number of times how much paperwork she carries with her.

Quite a while back I had seen a hanging file holder that looked more like a purse. It was practical, but definitely not pretty. I figured I could make something that was a little more Whitney’s style. (As always, click to make larger)

It looks like a regular handbag from the side, but inside it holds lots of hanging files.

Inside one of the files I made a coupon that is good for one major paperwork overhaul and filing into her new bag. I like to do that kind of stuff – I find it very satisfying. Cleansing even.

I played around a bit with some new stamps that I was given as a gift (thanks Ellen!) and I created a card that was a little different from any I have done before.

There is something about those square little embellishments that I really like. I don’t know why I haven’t been using them more often.

I think Whitney really liked her gift, and I can definitely see myself making more of these in the future. I am just glad the first one turned out ok!


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  1. Robin in VA / Oct 29 2010

    VERY nice! So stylish…I love it!!

  2. Mom / Oct 29 2010

    What a great idea!! Cute card too!

  3. Geri / Oct 29 2010

    Awesome idea! Tasteful AND practical! Cool! Love the card, too.

  4. sally / Oct 30 2010

    oh my gosh, that is so cool, Dani! Whitney does, indeed rock, and that bag is fantastic for her!!

  5. Barb / Oct 30 2010

    Love it Dani! So useful too. A beautiful creation.

  6. amanda / Oct 31 2010

    Holy moly you’ve been busy! That bag is gorgeous and i LOVE the cake you made in the previous post!

  7. Missbedora / Oct 31 2010

    Wow. That is an amazing gift. I can definitely speak from experience that your organizational skills are probably the best part of the gift!

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