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Rolling Red

It was TJ’s birthday on Wednesday, and he was away all week on business. I thought that I should at least make him a nice cake since he didn’t get to spend his birthday at home. (He did however get to spend it with missbedora and her friends – thanks again for taking him out my dear!).

Hopefully some of you have one of these in the house and can recognize that it is a rolling Snap-on tool box. I couple of years ago I made him a cake that looked like our car, but I thought this one turned out much better. Complete with tools on the top…

…coffee bean wheels…


…and a roll of blue shop towels on the side.

I was worried this wasn’t going to work out well, but I used Wilton fondant and colouring and it was quite easy to work with. I had made the homemade fondant with marshmallows before, but I found it got stiff very quickly when you were working with it. This seemed to stay mailable for quite a while.

Here is a picture of the actual toolbox, in case you have no idea what I am talking about.

He was really impressed, and the lemon loaf that was underneath all that fondant turned out quite tasty too. I would definitely work with fondant again, it was so much easier than icing!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


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